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Weight Gain and Vore Fanfics Because I'm Extremely Horny by EmmyBlubonic
Weight Gain and Vore Fanfics Becau...by Emmy
More horny but with le gas now
Luis by ifeellikechicken
Luisby ifeellikechicken
Luis, a very tall guy with a desire to not be, finds himself an ad to possibly making him shorter. Giving it a go, he is surprised to see that it works, but he's loving...
feedee diary by chubbyacid
feedee diaryby chubbyacid
hi! I'm back and willing to get soft and chubby! feel free to comment or hit my DM!
Magic WG oneshots by WgAuthor
Magic WG oneshotsby WgAuthor
A collection of magic and unrealistic WG onshots I will be updating frequently.
Soft by deviantmusings
Softby deviantmusings
A couple of months after Justin starts a new desk job, his girlfriend Blaire begins to notice him getting softer around the middle. Having a fat fetish that Justin is un...
Xavier's Weight Gain by ifeellikechicken
Xavier's Weight Gainby ifeellikechicken
16 yo health-controlled Xavier waves up one morning and realise he had a slight belly below. Crazed over it, he hits the gym immediately. Little does he realise, this fa...
CurPowder (Weight Gain) by WeightObsessed
CurPowder (Weight Gain)by WeightObsessed
"BUY NOW CURPOWDER! MAKES ALL YOUR FOOD TASTE BETTER!" An evil CEO of a company wants to rule the world. Create the world to make it better for himself. Lot...
High School Weight Gain by Queenie79Tae
High School Weight Gainby Queenie79Tae
Issei has a secret fetish. But 3 girls have discovered it. They started to become his type of girl. Which girl at the end will become his girlfriend?
Changes by KpopFFs15
Changesby KpopFFs15
(YN)s Leben stellt sich Kopf, als sie an Vollmond versehentlich in einen Werwolf verwandelt wird. Als Jäger nach Seoul kommen geht sie in eine WG aus 6 Jungs, die sie au...
Feederism One-Shots by LittleMissBlankface
Feederism One-Shotsby LittleMissBlankface
First time writing kink stuff, yay. Please be gentle, and hmu if you wanna rp any of this kind of thing~ Also, gonna be adding to this over time, can't promise regular u...
Be my girlfriend again by Queenie79Tae
Be my girlfriend againby Queenie79Tae
It is a small story about a girl who was once your girlfriend. But then, both broke up and hoped to meet again in the future. After many years, you met her again. She h...
Cycles of growth by cram_central
Cycles of growthby cram_central
I go through these cycles every 6 to 8 months, lasting anywhere from a day or two to months. During these cycles, I get very turned on by food, weight gain stories, and...
Weight Gain Roleplay by catqueefer
Weight Gain Roleplayby alex :)
A little book of weight gain roleplaying ;) All plots are written Feedee/Feeder and gender neutral, and I try to add new plots regularly! Any art I use for the headers i...
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Tanya and robin : my fat love  by 1975_pulp
Tanya and robin : my fat love by 1975_pulp
Tanya was a arty outsider at her school with no friends right until robin a chubby English transfer student joins her class Will Tanya ever tell robin how much she has...
ted and max <333 by axouu9
ted and max <333by axouu9
Heart-Shaped Pizza by LucyMintLeft
Heart-Shaped Pizzaby LucyMintLeft
Beth works at an italian restaurant to support her bachelors degree in physics and is fine just being single and focussing on that, with occasional flirts here and there...
The Family's Appetite by ehehub
The Family's Appetiteby ehehub
A story about a family of four becoming fat gluttons. All of this will be in the Imperial System.
Tubby Toby by TheoneEstaticWriter
Tubby Tobyby TheoneEstaticWriter
Ronnie was everything that Toby wanted to be: outgoing, spirited, and unbelievably fit. But, at an insecure 240lbs and 6"4, he was seemingly invisible to the girl...
Weight Gain Stories by Writer_Milo
Weight Gain Storiesby Criminal Cat Milo :D
This is stories of weight gain, if you don't like that, don't read it! I find it interesting.