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Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+ by Falloutlife32
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+by Falloutlife32
Since there isn't any chubby Avengers stories on here I though,Why Not Make one,I also might do the actors along with probably a few other Marvel movie characters,so hop...
the cow café 🐄 by inflation_scenarios
the cow café 🐄by ✨Frosty✨
emma, a normal, slim, smart girl starts looking for a job once she moved into a new city after finishing university. but when she gets the job a a cow café, everything c...
Inflation stories by inflation_scenarios
Inflation storiesby ✨Frosty✨
Stories about inflation, expansion, forced feeding and other stuff of this content, so If you don't like this kind of stuff, I think you shouldn't read this. -Also some...
Ava's Strange School Day - WG Story by lobbobstuff
Ava's Strange School Day - WG Storyby lobbobstuff
Ava was your average girl until her teacher learn't about DNA modification her life was changed forever and for the better. Note: This story contains weight gain, inflat...
Ballsy [Experimental] by txtbxtch
Ballsy [Experimental]by Duckie
NSFW One of what will soon be many extremely experimental and kinky short stories. Read at your own risk, they will only get more extreme.
The Forced Belly Expansion by TheoneEstaticWriter
The Forced Belly Expansionby TheoneEstaticWriter
Your boyfriend gets extremely jealous, taking his revenge to extreme measures.
Overhaul x Inflatee!Reader by milkymikashake
Overhaul x Inflatee!Readerby Mika
This was originally going to be my first oneshot but I wanted to *ahem* e x p a n d on the story
Puff-Puff Poifect~ [INTERACTIVE] by GloatingForABloating
Puff-Puff Poifect~ [INTERACTIVE]by Big Boy Enjoyer
A project inspired by Yesagainextra's "Stuff Her, Inflate Her" (Link:https://www.wattpad.com/story/282448470-stuff-her-inflate-her-a-videogame-like-book) How t...
Inflation and weight gain imagines by PlanetSizedRoundy
Inflation and weight gain imaginesby PlanetSizedRoundy
Not for the faint of heart, be warned that if you do not like this stuff, I suggest not reading. I do take requests, but may not be able to make them quick.
You are the hero your city needs (Miss Malleable Reader/Infation/Weight gain) by Fatgirlstudio
You are the hero your city needs (...by Fat girl studios
You were once a normal person, in till one day. An accident suddenly happen as you suddenly into a massive batch of super toxic radioactive waste. As it wasn't just any...
To Overcome by GurrenLaggan80
To Overcomeby Gurren Laggan80
Grey has experienced the worst earth has to offer, his family hated and abused him, his school life was nothing because his brother, who was far more popular, lied about...
Vicious Vanity by MiguSlime
Vicious Vanityby Migu Lives Here
A childish Bomb gal gets a little too vain, so it's up to a certain vixen to humble her.
Expanded Horizons: Beyond the Blue by ThetaObelusGamma
Expanded Horizons: Beyond the Blueby ThetaObelusGamma
The world consists of far more than a few people, and far more than just what you see of them now. All characters have a past, a story, some piece of themselves hidden b...
Author Games: Brave New World by TheCatKing
Author Games: Brave New Worldby Joe
By 2150, Earth is in decline- but humanity can always look to the stars. The Ark is the first ship of its kind: a craft that will carry a select group of 100 colonists...
Black Clover: Brighter Than Anybody Else (Asta x Noelle) by Kidonthemoon15
Black Clover: Brighter Than Anybod...by Kiddy Moon
Two best friends whose paths crossed due to similar circumstances are threatened by uncharted territory. Is it a miracle? Is it fate? Be that as it may, when words becom...
Coming Into The Light by Bloodmoon_Demura
Coming Into The Lightby Bloodmoon_Demura
An octo expansion fanfic with agent 3 x agent 8 involved
Miyoko Hōjō Blueberry Inflation by NinjaWarriorJude2021
Miyoko Hōjō Blueberry Inflationby Jude Imagination Crossovers
Miyoko Hōjō is doing greatat the Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election to try to win this thing to be the best at cooking!, but a mistake takes her for a allergic reactions, ye...
Dervata by ZiolaBleu
Dervataby ZiolaBleu
The history of a planet flooded by overpopulation, pollution, and poverty. The Bible being that complete history, a project which purpose is to warn of the consequences...
Lion's First Inflation  by _Ball00nLi0nWrites_
Lion's First Inflation by Lion
Lion tells of how he got intrested into inflation. You also find out a little about his story and who he is. Contains: Air Inflation Popping Furry
Brothers in Arms by bluebellwren
Brothers in Armsby Bella
It had been ten years since the United States had been left in ruins. The military was the only family that the Walker boys had besides each other, and the war against t...