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Inflation stories by inflation_scenarios
Inflation storiesby ✨Frosty✨
Stories about inflation, expansion, forced feeding and other stuff of this content, so If you don't like this kind of stuff, I think you shouldn't read this. -Also some...
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+ by Falloutlife32
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+by Falloutlife32
Since there isn't any chubby Avengers stories on here I though,Why Not Make one,I also might do the actors along with probably a few other Marvel movie characters,so hop...
the cow café 🐄 by inflation_scenarios
the cow café 🐄by ✨Frosty✨
emma, a normal, slim, smart girl starts looking for a job once she moved into a new city after finishing university. but when she gets the job a a cow café, everything c...
Body Expansion Stories by Jedifox14
Body Expansion Storiesby Earthly
Random stories about different body parts expanding. There may be more than one part to some stories. I dont know how many chapters there will be. I haven't written a st...
Fat stuff 👍 by iluvholly
Fat stuff 👍by iluvholly
this is like a bunch of mini stories in one. this is not commissioned, i'm writing this for fun! this will only include my oc's mark and ivy. and maybe a new oc i'm intr...
The Forced Belly Expansion by TheoneEstaticWriter
The Forced Belly Expansionby TheoneEstaticWriter
Your boyfriend gets extremely jealous, taking his revenge to extreme measures.
Big Dick Shots and his Mommy by Gotamichi
Big Dick Shots and his Mommyby Gotamichi
One Shot Lemon in first chapter
THATS TOO AMEE by Durararatrash
THATS TOO AMEEby HornyHeretic👀
Amelia Newmann, a woman hiding her enourmous curves due to science incident that makes her...see the future. However there's a BIG twist...she expands every time she see...
Life in Another World with my Increasing Cup Size by gigajules
Life in Another World with my Incr...by gigajules
Ava was just an average college student, until the day she died. After begging for a second chance, she is granted a new life in a world of magic and fantasy. But under...
Kalos League Rematch: Ash vs Astrid by SalexanderWorkshop
Kalos League Rematch: Ash vs Astridby SalexanderWorkshop
The Kalos League started strong, and after Alain and Ash's sweeps, the rest of the Pokemon Trainers have had the drive to reach the finals and eliminate them on their wa...
Three Futas, Multiple Growth Serum by Gotamichi
Three Futas, Multiple Growth Serumby Gotamichi
Just three futa best friends gaining a mysterious product that when consumed, would make their dicks expand along with their assets!
Cycles of growth by cram_central
Cycles of growthby cram_central
I go through these cycles every 6 to 8 months, lasting anywhere from a day or two to months. During these cycles, I get very turned on by food, weight gain stories, and...
Inflation Short Stories by WitchyVibes_2003
Inflation Short Storiesby WitchyVibes_2003
Short stories about getting big and stuffed! I try to update every Monday My email: cassiedaiku@gmail.com
Vicious Vanity by MiguSlime
Vicious Vanityby Migu Lives Here
A childish Bomb gal gets a little too vain, so it's up to a certain vixen to humble her.
Shorts: A collection of short stories by ZFEsco
Shorts: A collection of short stor...by ZFEsco
A collection of short stories I don't feel need their own post. Anything from a page to ten, fifteen, or twenty pages. anything exceeding twenty will have its own post...
The Goddess' Gift by YrsaLleilson
The Goddess' Giftby Eleanor Cooke
A short story, focusing on a cultist as she serves her expansionist temple.
Expanded Horizons: Beyond the Blue by ThetaObelusGamma
Expanded Horizons: Beyond the Blueby ThetaObelusGamma
The world consists of far more than a few people, and far more than just what you see of them now. All characters have a past, a story, some piece of themselves hidden b...
The North Western Expansion by Hnorris16
The North Western Expansionby Hnorris16
The year is 2015, and the North Western Railway has decided to expand its operations... BEYOND Sodor!!! Will Sir Topham Hatt's new plan work out? Or will it be a total f...
Author Games: Brave New World by TheCatKing
Author Games: Brave New Worldby Joe
By 2150, Earth is in decline- but humanity can always look to the stars. The Ark is the first ship of its kind: a craft that will carry a select group of 100 colonists...
She the truth by lushgods
She the truthby {Dior'}🥀
My mom is raising me and my brother and sister on her own and She have a way of me repaying her back and it's not what I would've had in mind