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destruction | shim jake by renniesm
destruction | shim jakeby ren
❝You really think you can survive with that temper of yours?❞ Smirking at him, I eyed the guy in front of me as his flaming blue orbs started coming back to his normal e...
Moving in with the Davidson boys by innocentlyafloat
Moving in with the Davidson boysby ✨
Arabella Keller grew up with her grandparents but it all took a turn for the worst when her grandparents went on holiday leaving Arabella with her alcoholic parents. She...
Counting Stars by Naivelydreams
Counting Starsby * B e c c a *
Jessica Grayson comes back from a summer in Europe for her senior year and learns that the incident that almost got her sent to Juvie the previous year is still the topi...
The Great Bandit by RDHayes
The Great Banditby R.D. Hayes
After years of pulling heist, the Great Bandit is caught. The judge discovers something different about her, and gives her an opportunity that most criminals would only...
Izuku's secret and god hiding in U.A by Izukuwithstando
Izuku's secret and god hiding in STANDOPAWOH👊
Well this is my first story and I'm not good at english so please do judge me Oh and I forget izuku don't have one for all cause they didn't met after the sludge villai...
OBSESSIVE by neptunesstardust
OBSESSIVEby ❤️ ns ❤️
i always loved you, skye. i had to destroy them. but skye, please, i never, not once, intended to- >•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•>•...
HIS GOD COMPLEX | under construction! by -sunflowerperks
HIS GOD COMPLEX | under 𝒿 𝓂𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎
Ariel Ripley has always believed that a cushy waitressing job in a dingy coffee shop, in a shitty small town would be all she was set up for in life. But everything chan...
Forgotten Memories  by Shamyah321
Forgotten Memories by Shamyah
Olivia. A young, naive, shy girl that somehow always saw the goodness in everyone... Well, more like someone. Angelo. Olivia's best friend for as long as she could rem...
Pyaar Ki Kahani | Requested Short Stories | 2nd Book | by Ufaq_I
Pyaar Ki Kahani | Requested Nefelibata
Second Book of Short Stories Laughters, tears, frustrations, anger, anxiety, excitement, pain, impatience and love You'll feel all these emotions while reading this book...
Perseus Jackson: A New Order by Bombardier143
Perseus Jackson: A New Orderby Bombardier143
Sequel to Perseus Jackson: A New Purpose His job was to keep balance on the Earth and make sure the gods grow up, along with the Warriors of Chaos, who he rarely sees. N...
Betrayed Loyalty (Percy Jackson) by EXMoonChild
Betrayed Loyalty (Percy Jackson)by MoonChild 🌙
You made me this way. My fatal flaw was Loyalty. You changed that. You killed Percy Jackson. All that's left of him is this beast. Whats my new fatal flaw? Kille...
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Enchant Academy: School of magic and abilities ( COMPLETED ) by zhynndreamer
Enchant Academy: School of magic Ai Baluya Quinimon
Zecchea Zachariah is an orphan enchantress. Hindi nya nakilala ang mga magulang nya simula pagkabata ang tanging nag-aalaga nalang sakanya ay ang dalawang matanda na sya...
Silent Weiss (completed) by NewDeath01
Silent Weiss (completed)by Death
Weiss x male reader Weiss dates a mute male reader and shit happens
Beauty In Disguise: The End Of The Mortal World   by RadheyPanchaali
Beauty In Disguise: The End Of Niki
In the future, the world has become a hell, with no righteousness existing in the world anymore. Concepts like religion, marriage, women education, human rights have dis...
Destruction by I-am_trash
Destructionby I-am_trash
Destruction. That seemed to be all he ever caused. No matter how hard he tried, everyone and everything would be destroyed because of him. Izuku Midoriya was a happy bo...
Epsilon and his Army of Chaos (Watty's 2013) [COMPLETED] by MissMythoMagic
Epsilon and his Army of Chaos ( [ON SEMI-PERMANANT HIATUS]
I took one last, longing glance at my former home over my shoulder. I wished I could stay, but what was there to stay for? Annabeth deserted me, my father hated me and t...
•Shackles of Time• by MiecoDeecy
•Shackles of Time•by Mieco Deecy
On normal circumstances, no one would even give this option a single thought. The risk was far too great. However, for a certain blonde and his raven companion, there wa...
Ultramar's finest Part 1 (RWBY x Warhammer 40k) by MrBlue2806
Ultramar's finest Part 1 (RWBY x Blue the madman
"Where there is uncertainty, I shall bring light Where there is doubt, I shall sow faith Where there is shame, I shall point atonement Where there is rage, I shall...
Kingdom of Love and Destruction by Annabel876
Kingdom of Love and Destructionby Annabel Johns
Throne of glass fanfic, set 10 years after KoA. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ ALL OF THRONE OF GLASS * It's been ten years since Aelin Ashryver-Galathynius and her c...
Bonds of Destiny by EscapeYourMisery
Bonds of Destinyby MJ
"Chaos is coming, my child. You must change it and so you must be ready. You need to be prepared..." A dream changed everything for Skye Anderson...