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AoT: Titan Puberty Remastered by Durararatrash
AoT: Titan Puberty Remasteredby HornyHeretic👀
The newest version of Titan Puberty! This story was a my best one in my opinion!!
Vampire Expansion by Sanrol999
Vampire Expansionby Sanrol999
A story about a vampire girl who has a special ability. Her sucking causes certain body parts to grow. This story contains breast and butt expansion/inflation. Cover art...
Fat stuff 👍 by iluvholly
Fat stuff 👍by iluvholly
this is like a bunch of mini stories in one. this is not commissioned, i'm writing this for fun! this will only include my oc's mark and ivy. and maybe a new oc i'm intr...
Alien Tech by Monkeydluffy8489
Alien Techby Monkeydluffy8489
Girl sees a object fall from the sky and goes check it out when she gets a surprised of a life time with cool ability's to do to herself or others.
Growth by Secret_Author_12
Growthby Secret_Author_12
Callie's been down on her luck lately, low on money she decides to be tested on for a pharmaceutical company. Things go crazy when side effects begin to change her entir...
Christmas Candy Cane Expansion  by bigtitbitch69
Christmas Candy Cane Expansion by bigtitbitch69
A couple get a very special gift from Santa and mess around
An Accidental power by Zuelle7
An Accidental powerby Zuelle
This is a fetish novel, so if you're not into fetish you're welcome to move on ;) I decided to give this one a storyline along with the etchy stuff that happens along th...
Ballsy (Experimental) by txtbxtch
Ballsy (Experimental)by TXT BXTCH
NSFW One of what will soon be many extremely experimental and kinky short stories. Read at your own risk, they will only get more extreme.
Hyper Virus by Quadhouse
Hyper Virusby Quadhouse
Amber has come down with the hyper virus. She's in denial. Science Fiction story challenge entry.
Male reader x various female monsters by MonsterKing8760
Male reader x various female MonsterKing8760
This story is about a guy called Y/n, kind of mysterious guy that has weird bloodline. Kind of a problem. Especially several female sci-if monsters are after his love! N...
B.E.V.S by ChounyuuChan
B.E.V.Sby ChounyuuChan
Breast Expansion Video Simulation a strange game that appeared on the 'innocent' gamer's P.C however the game slowly gets a bit too real. Realer and realer. Bigger and b...
A story based on various fetishes and it takes place in an issekai type universe where a human character transforms into his overpowered video game avatar.