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Dragon Hashira [ Demon slayer Various x reader by Akria_shadow
Dragon Hashira [ Demon slayer 🌊Akria_shadow🌊
Ackerman Kimiko came from a clan full of demon slayers for many years. Her mother and father were the most powerful Harshira in the demon slayer corps, almost r...
veil (Bakugo x Reader) by atolla
veil (Bakugo x Reader)by ami
High school sweethearts Y/N and Bakugo meet again after years of being apart. Only Y/N is the leader of a global crime syndicate and Bakugo is a florist. All it takes is...
[Naruto various x dragon reader] by Akria_shadow
[Naruto various x dragon reader]by 🌊Akria_shadow🌊
I'm Akria or Dune, He can switch to Sandwing dragon to human form, He some how transferred to the Naruto world while He was doing homework. He get to meet friends...
S̾h̾i̾r̾o̾u̾ ̾O̾g̾a̾m̾i̾ ̾x̾ ̾T̾o̾p̾!̾ ̾M̾a̾l̾e̾ ̾O̾C̾ by TanjiroIsAnAngel9876
S̾h̾i̾r̾o̾u̾ ̾O̾g̾a̾m̾i̾ ̾x̾ ̾T̾o̾ °❅..𝚈𝚞𝚛𝚒..❅°
Hiroki Hirohara is a special beast- anima , he is able to turn into a demon-wolf. His father was a rare species, a demon, a drug was attached to him. But unfortunately...
•BNA• Shirou Ogami x Fem Reader by Alicorngal
•BNA• Shirou Ogami x Fem Readerby 💫AnimeBoySimp💫
(Y/n) (L/n) is a black winged Anubis wolf. I basically created the entire character for you, you only get to choose your name. (Sorry, not really, i made you look hot th...
•INANIS• |Bakugo x Reader| MHA by nuuraViolet_
•INANIS• |Bakugo x Reader| MHAby I need ✨coffee✨
"One minute. One measly fucking minute was all it took." ⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖⤖ With a strong blood quirk, it's pretty easy to end up hurting someone. Especially someone...
Insanity-Random-Book by insanity_shows
Insanity-Random-Bookby Kill Tonight
Somewhere I can put down random crap
Baby of the village  by cute-little-tbdl
Baby of the village by cute-little-tbdl
This story is about 3 villagers all different there's Killua who is the baby of the group and Aron who is like the older brother and Kenosha the prankster they go on an...
Heart Break (Naruto AMV) by AngelBlueEye14
Heart Break (Naruto AMV)by Flame Brain
These are a bunch of Naruto AMVs that I found on YouTube. I do not own any of them. All credit goes to those lovely makers. WARNING!!! DO NOT WATCH UNLESS YOU WANT TO DR...
FNAFHS reacciona A fnaf (yo y Fnafhs) by DannyOrozco8
FNAFHS reacciona A fnaf (yo y Bonnie fnaf 2 "conejo roto"
Todos despetara en una especie de Pizzeria. todos estara confundidos porque esta ahi hasta que aparece chica anima, (los animatronicos de fnaf tendra Anima,) y tratara...
Koji Koda x reader oneshots🐰 by sadimast
Koji Koda x reader oneshots🐰by 🌙
Let's see if I could update my stories, lmao jk I can't
sight by sureias
sightby 𝓈𝓊𝓇𝑒𝒾𝒶𝓈
he found his lost self.
Captians Lil Sis (KageyamaXReader) by xxbloodymessxx
Captians Lil Sis (KageyamaXReader)by DJ Bee
3rd year Diachi Sawamura is the captian of the Karusuno Volleyball Club. Diachi's little sister (y/n) spent her middle school years as the unoffical assistant manager. T...
The Trio in Assassination Classroom by Ink_Tamaki
The Trio in Assassination Classroomby Ink_Gemini
Well the Trio is back again they have to face assassination classroom Chloe is Nagisa's twin sister ( both in E class) Avery has to face the horrors of class A Trinity i...
My New Art Book!! by dacringeyfangirl
My New Art Book!!by that one Oblivion NPC
Since my old art book is severely outdated, I decided that I'm gonna make a new one!!
Escape-Thorn by holymoony
Escape-Thornby Luna Stark
Thorn scappa dalla prigione di Cittàcielo poiché diventato un'Attraversaspecchi, ma cosa è successo dalla sua fuga fino all'arrivo a Babel? Ecco, ho cercato di darmi una...
Requiem d'inverno - UNDER THE MISTLETOE by krishaskies
Requiem d'inverno - UNDER THE krishaskies
OS vincitrice del contest natalizio"Under The Mistletoe". COPYRIGHT: TUTTI I DIRITTI SONO RISERVATI La sedicenne Lenora è un futuro Obolo, una guida per i def...