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Who got the power?(English Version)-A Charles Leclerc Story by Mysweety_
Who got the power?(English Mysweety_
Victoria Vettel, 20,younger sister of the 4-time world champion,has a heavy weight on her shoulders,proving that women can race in Formula 1 without being discriminated...
Friendship of Secrets 2 by Amoreigne_25
Friendship of Secrets 2by REGINA
This is the book sequel of F. O. S.
FAIHA(Not edited‼️) by Ummeetarh_
FAIHA(Not edited‼️)by shafaatu
Life Is Like A Book📙📚. Some Chapters Are Sad 😩, Some Happy 😁And Some Very Exciting😂😅. But If You Never Turn The Page📖, You Will Never Know What The Next Chapter H...
Thoughts by itxmemi
Thoughtsby itxmemi
raccolta di pensieri di un'adolescente.
Be Reborn by chrishadike
Be Rebornby chrishadike
Un dolore capace di contorcere lo stomaco e avere allo stesso tempo il bramoso desiderio di vendetta è ciò che vuole Nilde da quella notte di freddo inverno. Nilde Terry...
Me and You❤ - Gabelena Story by Alexandraeyes
Me and You❤ - Gabelena Storyby Alexandraeyes
Elena Castillo Flores, the princess of Avalor, and Gabe Nuñez, the captain of the royal guards. They are best friends but Gabe hides something... For him she isn't only...
𝕃𝕒𝕔𝕦𝕟𝕒: A Missing Piece by colourflames
𝕃𝕒𝕔𝕦𝕟𝕒: A Missing Pieceby @colourflames
Intriguing, innocent, intelligent, and sassy are words you can use to describe Aurelia Hart. A girl who never fails to put a smile on the face of everyone she meets. She...
Maybe it's fate volume 4 by annacapozza1
Maybe it's fate volume 4by Anne
Il 2017 sembra essere un anno pieno di avvenimenti, dopo tanti travagliati momenti, Isabel e Yoongi finalmente giungono a una conclusione e si ritrovano. Ognuno dei bts...
Love in the air P'Payu🌪️and Rain🌧️ by FarfallaBianca85
Love in the air P'Payu🌪️and Rain� Love Boss&Nouel 🦋
Whenever it rains, the sky seems to want to bring Rain and P'Phayu together. The first is a student of the Faculty of Architecture, the second is a mysterious and appare...
For my love, Celia St. James by lovingcelia
For my love, Celia St. Jamesby Debbie
Evelyn Hugo spent her whole life loving a person in the shadow. But now she's ready to scream it out loud: she was and ever will be in love with her wife, Celia St. Jame...
resta con me  by gioxdilorenzo
resta con me by gioxdilorenzo
Marta Politano, la sorellina minore di Matteo Politano, giocatore del Napoli attaccante centrocampista. Marta ha 18 anni, è molto appassionata nella danza, la iniziò al...
ONE ITALIAN LOVE by JoannaKurczak
ONE ITALIAN LOVEby Joanna Kurczak
Love. Amore. Call it what You will. Whatever its name, once You feel it, You know. There is no denying it, hiding from it, or pretending it does not exist. Even if You a...
Il filo che ci unisce| Simone Galluzzo by AliceCal4
Il filo che ci unisce| Simone Alicecalcamo❤️
due ballerini con entrambi lo stesso sogno, riusciranno a realizzarlo? soprattutto insieme?
○ • ○ His Scarlet Eyes ○ • ○ by manhwa_girl_2006
○ • ○ His Scarlet Eyes ○ • ○by Linda Molini
Story ambiented in the manhwa:《The Way To Protect The Female Lead's Older Brother》. This story take ghe original story whit some little changes of my invención, and from...
Sofia è una ragazza normale , finché non s'innamora di suo fratello Noah e il suo migliore amico Thomas . Sofia sarà in grado di scegliere uno dei due ? Qualcuno si intr...
LORENZO MARINOby Daily stories
Warning :sexual content 18+ Also includes: violence , abuse , rape and more ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In my li...
OUR GAME  by Cruzelaaaaa
OUR GAME by shine
'' What if I want to share you to my friend'' Flor gasp, her eyes widen. Shock visible on her face because of what Law said ''w-what'' she said almost whispering ''...
Chaos, You and I ( english traduction )  by _Love_Hessa_
Chaos, You and I ( english _Love_Hessa_
Love never asks for permission, it arrives, it displaces you, you live wonderful moments and then boom everything disappears. Love makes us weak and I had let myself be...