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Jhope x Reader  by can_you_not124
Jhope x Reader by Lia 🖖🏻🥺
Hey you do you like smut well I got it for you 😳✌🏻
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A Need For Love by imastupididyut
A Need For Loveby imastupididyut
She had been kept in the dark as the youngest in the family. She never knew that there was someone else who had come into their lives and destroyed the only home that s...
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Sun ( HinaYachi) by namjoonownsmyass
Sun ( HinaYachi)by namjoonownsmyass
HinaYachi!!! (lol I still ship KageHina tho)
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How To Be Human by MADcreations
How To Be Humanby MAD
"I have been shot at by people today, been chased around by people wearing hazmat suits, I overheard my boss saying he wants to kill me, and I'm now stuck with a va...
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You light me up by sabrinaroosevelt2020
You light me upby sabrinaroosevelt2020
This is a story about 17 year old Sandra Hart starting her last year of high school. She meets her new math teacher Ms. James who seems laid back and cool. Sandra loves...
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XLand (An Amusement Park for Adults) by Jane-Link
XLand (An Amusement Park for Jane-Link
Readers must be 18+ Content for Mature Audiences With the hectic lifestyle that comes with owning a business, Britta hasn't had the luxury of a vacation in years. Howev...
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This book contains brainteasers, rebus puzzles and other puzzles that will make you really think.
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Amusement (Garrett watts x female! Reader) by Authentic_watts
Amusement (Garrett watts x :)
Highest rank: #756 in fanfiction #1 in chipotle #13 in shane dawson You meet a man in the parking lot of what seems to be a podcast building. You both become friends...
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Where a sick birdie is. by ThaliaGrayson0531
Where a sick birdie Thalia John Grayson
When the team goes on an undercover mission from batman, what will happen their youngest member gets sick in the South pole and gets hurt. Small amount of birdflash. Enj...
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I work at an amusement park: Oneshots, ships and the Like by cHaoTIcNUetRal
I work at an amusement park: cHaoTIcNUetRal
I'm writing this for me, though it's great if other people enjoy it and if you do thanks for popping down. I've been a fan of this series for a while and really enjoy a...
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EDGE by MassiveWaves1
EDGEby Meerah
Yawning, i got off the couch walked into the kitchen, thrashed the candy wrappers and dragged my self upstairs. i kept yawning and this made it look like i was crying. ...
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48 Hours is All We Need {S.M.} by Rainy_Sky_Eyes
48 Hours is All We Need {S.M.}by Rainy_Sky_Eyes
If you would break the rules to find freedom, would you? Would you take the risk, if it meant your whole world would change? Would you spend 48 hours chasing after a dre...
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Hibiscus Portfolio by _Yumarine-
Hibiscus Portfolioby Roma!
My graphics portfolio part 2! Cause I reached the limit of chapters in the previous one ^^; Disclaimer: I don't not own any of the art I use in my graphics. Credit goes...
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This One Time At Band Camp {A One Direction Fanfiction} by 1DHGandHP
This One Time At Band Camp {A 1DHGandHP
When seventeen year old Valerie gets the opportunity of a lifetime to go to a prestigious band camp 4,500 miles away in England, all for free, she is in for the ride of...
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First time ko po magsulat ng story but maikli. Hindi ko po kayo pinipilit na basahin to. ENJOY!
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Short stories by cassfl0bro
Short storiesby cassfl0bro
This is a collection of random non related short stories.
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Kongklus by KyaTmy
Kongklusby KyaTmy
16th story Once there was an evil wizard. The king ordered his knights to capture the wizard but they were not successful because he hid somewhere.
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Gray, Jealous?!!?! (Gruvia Love-Story) by ShipWriter_Forever
Gray, Jealous?!!?! (Gruvia ShipWriter_Forever
Gray and Juvia start to go on jobs together and hang out a lot. Suddenly, Juvia gets an idea to make Gray jealous to see how he will react. She asks Lyon for help which...
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Vagispree League-Series by KyaTmy
Vagispree League-Seriesby KyaTmy
10th story-1st series The global soccer administration had announced the Vagispree League. The winner of the tournament will be known as the "Vagisphere Legends&quo...
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Boy X Boy One-Shots by _SilentSanctuary
Boy X Boy One-Shotsby Shuuichi
Just multiple random Homosexual, Erotic, Funny, Fluffy and Maybe Smutty one shots. Writing them in my spare time Doesn't have gore in it but it will have feels and trig...
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