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His Undoing by HaveSomeCommonSense
His Undoingby China
Dylan Robinson is not someone to play with. With a bad past trailing behind him, Robinson is on the run, homeless and destitute with police running after him. After a ma...
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MY THOUGHTS  by imapatatoehoe
MY THOUGHTS by imapatatoehoe
My random ass thoughts that are probably gonna get me killed and also memes
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Shadow Of My Pain by akachaannichi
Shadow Of My Painby akachaannichi
Sadness and loneliness are slowly killing me, the pain is too much. That i could'nt even think i will turn like this, into a miserable one.
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The life of a mom 😘😘😘 by Andiechi
The life of a mom 😘😘😘by Andiechi
All anout my cray cray life sisters and brothers!!
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Growth by midnightlonerr
Growthby Nyashadzashe Nyanhanda
The heart bleeds but never stops beating. Pain is a necessary part of growth and bleeding simply means you are not dead. So keep on fighting.there is a better day tomor...
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Empty.(BTS Jungkook and Reader ff).      ongoing  by HiIhaveJiminsJams
Empty.(BTS Jungkook and Reader ff) Y/n
Y/n is a nerd in her school and is bullied by everyone ,especially BTS,the kingkas of the school...𝚝𝚢𝚙𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚕 𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢 She has a secret no one knows Her bullying a...
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My Life Story Up Until Now by _aly_ram_
My Life Story Up Until Nowby Alymram
just read the damn thing ok
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THE BLEED SEQUENCE : beautiful ✎ by broken-statues
THE BLEED SEQUENCE : beautiful ✎by ɥɐɹɐs
• FIRST BOOK OF THE BLEED SEQUENCE • "tess thought luke loved her" *extended summary inside* updates twice a week!! Copyright © 2020 broken-statues
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The wolf pack  by swaggy_beans
The wolf pack by @slytherin_goddess
This is were the story really begins
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Loving Me by imagination1124
Loving Meby [ J. A. Z ]
Meet Adelynn Chen. Scarred for life with memories and events that she wished had never happened. She goes through boys like paper burnt up in forest fires. But, does it...
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The Not So Clique Chick by Heather10115
The Not So Clique Chickby Heather H.
High school junior, Misceline Mendoza, isn't the kind of girl to do a hair flip while walking down the hall, or to attend extra curricular events. That just was never he...
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"Help block hate accounts by roleplaying" started: June 25, 2020
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A Say on Bullying  by pragathi_luna
A Say on Bullying by Luna Jean Poppins
This story is on Bullying Awareness and Suicide Prevention. When I was in 7ᵗʰ grade,a teacher gave me this proverb "Kind words will unlock an iron door" and to...
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True story of Jasmine Smith  by tylerhess19
True story of Jasmine Smith by Michael_Tyler_hess
This story is about a girl name Jasmine Smith and she gets bullied all of her life and She also has problems at home.
Stop Being Mean On The Screen: Tips of a Safe Online Environment by shreezie
Stop Being Mean On The Screen: Vedashree ✰
I have been cyberbullied, even on Wattpad, sadly! But here are some ways you can stick up for yourself. This book is also for the tormenting bullies on Wattpad. You know...
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This Is Real Life (ONGOING) by GatoKitten
This Is Real Life (ONGOING)by K. M. Taylor
9 students - all with dark secrets that cannot be sequestered while in the halls of Ravenwood High. ___ Jada Williams hates that people are accusing her of murdering som...
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Miss Grim Reaper by Skinny_Jeans_2038
Miss Grim Reaperby Skinny_Jeans_2038
One day, Hayden was walking through the corridors of the school and suddenly he heard a scream. Startled, he got curious since it's the first time he heard a panicked sc...
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Enough is Enough  by Erin32858
Enough is Enough by Erin32858
A sad story about a girl whose life isn't easy and struggles from her anxiety and depression. This story is to send awareness as the events in this story are very relata...
To Avoidth the Clichè  by TwilightElementixs
To Avoidth the Clichè by Twilight Elementixs
The Adventures of an Anti-cliché believer . . . Three truths and a lie: Riley is a frictional character and she knows it She lives in a cliché world where everyone looks...
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