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Touched (My rape story) by butterfly_babyy
Touched (My rape story)by 🦋
Highest rankings: #1 rapestory #1 stop #1 touched #1 means #1 notsafe #1 almost-rape #1 lifechanging #1 cry #1 shortchapters He was supposed to be my cousin He was sup...
The Kind You Stop (Winter Soldier/Bucky x Reader) by zombiepunkrat
The Kind You Stop (Winter Who-Will-Save-You-Now
You had powers, you were an Avenger, and you had Bucky. But when you become unstable will your powers become more than you can handle, more than anyone can? (This is pa...
Baby Don't Stop by danigoldaron
Baby Don't Stopby danigoldaron
Ten and Taeyong are best friends, but what Taeyong doesn't know is that Ten is gay. What would happen if Taeyong found out? What happens when the whole world finds out...
The Timbers by marilyn_writer_4ever
The Timbersby Marilyn Blanco
(Completed) Alana timbers lives with her 4 brothers and her 6 cousins... All boys and all immature! Her parents travel around the world for their job so they are rarely...
IT preferences||| loser club||| by Imaverylonelygirl15
IT preferences||| loser club|||by I write shit fanfic
I really don't know anymore also it's all in the title
Mutated Mate [it will be some point in my life, doubtfully] by everyday_imstumblin
Mutated Mate [it will be everyday_imstumblin
Adrian figures his life was over before it began due to the fact of how he looks. His mutated features is what separated him from everyone, his differences only got him...
Bad boy and the undercover kick ass street fighter  by maddisoncw
Bad boy and the undercover kick maddisoncw
hi I'm ruby I'm 16 I have 2 brothers one is my twin we are all street fighters our dad owns arenas around the world but we started fighting when our mum was murdered by...
Across Enemy Lines by haynich07
Across Enemy Linesby Hayley
Everyone must navigate through life with the cards they are dealt. For seventeen year old Nia Ward this includes being the Alpha’s daughter, having a protective older br...
Stop // VxBTS by Kimmytaesuga11
Stop // VxBTSby tae
(Not good in description but here it goes) Taehyung is a really bright person and really like smiling and this is what the fans really wanted- I mean dying to see but th...
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stop ➺ lashton ✓ by dreamshaded
stop ➺ lashton ✓by ♡ rae ♡
[complete] "Cause I was hurting on the inside so I hurt myself on the outside too, but then came you and begged me to stop, please stop" |inspired by Dalton Ra...
headcanons nobody should read pt 2 by BasketKase2306
headcanons nobody should read pt 2by kasee
just book one but different headcanons
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
Love is Sweet - Tom Riddle by Lauralilypotter23
Love is Sweet - Tom Riddleby Lauralilypotter23
She was the moon He was a star when they came together they lit up the entire sky. The boy who lived didn't vanquish the dark lord it was someone else a dark hidden sec...
headcanon oneshot book 3 by BasketKase2306
headcanon oneshot book 3by kasee
yeah just another headcanon oneshot book think idk
Headcanons No One Should Read by BasketKase2306
Headcanons No One Should Readby kasee
just random headcacons i come up with. Book two is started withmore headcanons Most artwork in any chapter is not mine
Emotion and Color (Pdh x Reader) DISCONTINUED by ShadowPig
Emotion and Color (Pdh x Reader) Piggles 2.0
*cover made by @Taylah-San* **DISCONTINUED** Y/n had been abuse mentally, pyshically, and emotionally since she was very young. She had been so abused and mistreated tha...
My Hyung Is a Mafia Leader!? by Baby_Girl_Of_Namjin
My Hyung Is a Mafia Leader!?by Namjin's_baby
"Y-You're a M-Mafia Leader?!" "You love me?" "I'm a little" Jimin X Yoongi Taehyung X Jungkook Hoseok X Sandra Namjoon X Jin
My Daughter  by LutwidgeSparrow10
My Daughter by Lutwidge Sparrow
Nakapagpatawad ka na ba? Pero maalam ka ba talaga magpatawad? Saan ba dapat magsimula ang lahat? Saan din naman dapatmatapos? Dapat ba may nahihirapan pa? Dapat ba nagpa...