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my mask...(DISCONTINUED)(but new improved version up) by Threebirds3
my mask...(DISCONTINUED)(but new i...by Heybrunch
This is a story were naruto hides his real emotions under a mask,I'm going to like it but I don't know about you.(CONTAINS YAOI!!! You've been warned,NOT SMUT THOUGH!) E...
Product of an Affair by playdirty_
Product of an Affairby playdirty_
Charli wasn't popular she was a nerd in a bad girls body that's just the was she was .she moved from her home in Arizona to live with her mothers boyfriend and his son s...
Bullied by magcon by alexis_cosme
Bullied by magconby Alexis:)
This is a book about a girl who is bullied by 9 boys, yes the Magcon boys. She wants to die but she doesn't know if she should try. The boys pushed her to far. Then it'...
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by AnjaKay
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed*by anjanique🍭.
Amelia is a 17 year old girl with a father who is a drug lord of Atlanta.. she always gets bullied by these 3 guys Lucas , Antonio & Mikey.. one day the bump into eachot...
Hidden Love by rainbowlover9695
Hidden Loveby Namjin's Forgotten Child
To everybody Tae, he's well a nobody but a gay who gets bullied by his ex-bestfriend Junkook and his so called " friends" , Tae has no friends until he meets a...
My Little Mute [TodoDeku] by ThatAnime4life
My Little Mute [TodoDeku]by That 1Anime
Shoto Todoroki meets a cute green haired boy who dosnt speak and rarly wears a smile. Todoroki decides to make it his goal to get this boy his smile back. maybe he'll ge...
Nerd to Badass by clarissa_olivas01
Nerd to Badassby rose_martinez
olive is a shy chubby girl. she had been bullied by her twin brother -kyle- and the whole school ,ever since her parents died in a freak accident. after a jock and plast...
Symbiotic hero: sick Venom by meliodasshinigumi
Symbiotic hero: sick Venomby Meliodas&Bon
Izuku was quirkless, useless, unwanted... He... was chosen? When izuku was born without a quirk he was forgotten because people cared for his two sisters Izumi and Iren...
ထာ၀ရ အတြက္ပါ ရိွန္း < Forever Shane > by nikochan065
ထာ၀ရ အတြက္ပါ ရိွန္း by Niko Chan
ငါက ႏွလံုးသားနဲ႔ ရင္ခုန္သံေနာက္ကိုပဲ အ႐ူးတစ္ေယာက္လို လိုက္ခဲ့မိ႐ံုေလးပါ ။ ငါ့ႏွလံုးသားနဲ႔ ရင္ခုန္သံက ေယာက်္ားတစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္သြားတာ ငါ့အျပစ္မွ မဟုတ္တာဘဲေလ ရိွန္း ရယ္..... ။
L O S E R by ivyspassion
L O S E Rby Ivyspassion
Alex was the fat and nerdy girl that nobody liked. After years of bullying, she runs away from home to New York City, leaving her older brother's heartbroken. She leave...
My Nerdy Little Secret by Gay_AF_2000
My Nerdy Little Secretby Gay_AF_2000
Blythe Jennings is the popular cheerleader and daughter of a famous actress. She must do whatever it takes to keep hers and her mother's reputation going but will Quinn...
Practice Perfect [bxb] by IlamMalik
Practice Perfect [bxb]by WEABOO
Sitting far at the bottom of the school food chain, Arlo avoids the spotlight. At least in the eyes of everybody but a particular group of horrible Silver Spoon bullies...
band AU  dream X reader ❗ smut ❗ by ashaskmemypronouns
band AU dream X reader ❗ smut ❗by ash he/they
i swear no does this au anyway fanart isn't mine
What if I could change the past? by Multishipper64689
What if I could change the past?by Multishipper lame creative
Izuku Midorya is a middle schooler at Aldera High, he is a quirkless child with a amazing talent to create machines but this wasn't important for the population, for peo...
my half omega half alpha. (Bakudeku) by vanpirewolf
my half omega half alpha. (Bakudek...by vampirewolf
when izuku was born people could tell he was going to be an alpha because he was really strong even know he was only young but when the test come to see if he was an alp...
Sweet dreams small one( child error and monster nootmare) by I_WANT_DA_FLOOF
Sweet dreams small one( child erro...by That_weird_person
Error was a small child, people liked to torcher him, Nightmare protected the small bean
Marinette and the Gods by moonlightstar64
Marinette and the Godsby I love reading Maribat au! He...
What happens when Marinette and her class take a trip to the Roman museum. Images used in this story aren't mine. They are found online or on Instagram if anyone is look...
She Took My heart - Heart Series BK 1(Lesbian Story) by KiraKoala
She Took My heart - Heart Series B...by K
Book 1 (COMPLETED) Tami is an invisible nobody. She'd rather spend her days being antisocial as hell and wouldn't care. Actually. Take that back. She would shyly say sor...
Our Omega (My Hero Academia) by vanpirewolf
Our Omega (My Hero Academia)by vampirewolf
Todoroki, Kirishima and Bakugo are already dating but they are also in love with Midoriya. Midoriya loves them to. Uraraka and Iida are dating and are Midoriya best frie...
Dancing with my bully (Riren) (Omega-verse)(bxb) by very_tall
Dancing with my bully (Riren) (Ome...by tall person