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Until I Met You by emmaroseszalai
Until I Met Youby emma rose
For Jessalyn and her mom, moving to the small town of Avondale, California seemed like the perfect decision; they wanted the new scenery but what they really needed was...
Safe Place  by anonymously_mii
They fight battles everyday, would they eventually find their safe place? Read to find out.....
Love and where to Find it (Draco x Reader) by Keidiwrites
Love and where to Find it (Draco x...by Barlee Dans
Draco Malfoy was raised to believe that true love never existed. What happens when he meets a mysterious transfer pureblood student from Ilvermorny. How does she know of...
Collision (Mature) by Thewastelands
Collision (Mature)by Fair Wyoming
Vivian Dash and Micheal Phoenix. The two had always been rivals in everything they did. Growing up together, Vivian and Micheal often fought over things such as gpa's...
Blood Floweret by Mintessla
Blood Floweretby Josie Marie
Part Two of Blood Burden [Book 7] ||| ❝It was her pain that brought more strength than she could imagine.❞ ▫▫▫▫ ▫▫▫▫ ▫▫▫▫ She knew life wasn't fair. Life was cruel. S...
Or So I Thought. by Sarah_A_Self
Or So I Thought.by dragonloversas
They say don't talk and drive, and now I know why. Although, not for the reason you might think. I accidentally hit my alpha mate with my truck. Bet the insurance won't...
The Aftermath by JoeyCal7
The Aftermathby Joseph Callanan
Several years ago, nuclear warfare was enacted upon the world which resulted in many of casualties. The lucky ones were able to be placed into bunkers. People had to lea...
⛹🏻‍♀️Catch It🏀  <ongoing> by WeirdDudeStuff
⛹🏻‍♀️Catch It🏀 by WeirdDudeStuff
Basketball was all fun and games for Anandi until the limit was crossed by the guys. Riya is the only sane person with her. Neel, a new guy enters her life and turns i...
The Rejection || Wattys 2017 by shygirlreads
The Rejection || Wattys 2017by shygirlreads
Kairi Samuels, a young college student and werewolf just waiting to meet her mate. In the meantime, as the alpha's younger sister, she's taken on the role of acting Luna...
Life in Color (Lesbian) by inadistantworld
Life in Color (Lesbian)by Nikolai
Ashley O'Daire was just a Junior in high school waiting to get out of her hometown. Everywhere she looked was another reason to leave. But for a couple months now she's...
Loving My Alpha Mates by GlaciaGirl
Loving My Alpha Matesby GlaciaGirl
"The GREATESET thing in life is finding SOMEONE who knows all of your MISTAKES and DIFFERENCES and still finds you absolutely AMAZING" ----------------- Why ar...
Double Trouble | 18+(R- Rated) by Nieci_d
Double Trouble | 18+(R- Rated)by BeingMe
"Do you under stand what we are saying Gabrielle" Alexander asked his minty breathe was doing my no justice from Dimitri lips. Unable to form words I just nod...
Over-action or Overcoming by QueenSky199
Over-action or Overcomingby Q.Sky
In life we go through several hypotheses, and at certain times we have to make several decisions, we just don't know which ones are the right ones to make. We have to de...
Victorious Endurance by marilynbj
Victorious Enduranceby Dr Marilyn Bouniu
How to overcome the endurance test of life
Immortal || ONC 2021 by BBiel27
Immortal || ONC 2021by Belen Bielaski
Marcus, a young farm boy with few expectations in life finds himself suddenly intertwined with a powerful race of immortal warriors destined to watch over mankind, as he...
Trauma by AnneShirleyFan
Traumaby AnneShirleyFan
18.07.13 #1 in Trauma. ※ EDITED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON KINDLE + SMASHWORDS One life-changing event. Will she be able to overcome her trauma? Elizabeth Walters...
Breaking The Great Prophecy. by Sarah_A_Self
Breaking The Great Prophecy.by dragonloversas
Sequel to Or So I Thought I highly suggest you read the first book before this one or you will be lost...
Happy Papy by CandyThePuppy
Happy Papyby Candy
It's been years since he changed from his dark ways and started helping others instead, but still no one has forgiven him. He hasn't been able to forgive himself either...
Selfless by Tsuyaki
Selflessby Liv
Heroes are prevalent in Izuku Midoriya's day and age, and he certainly wants to change the world. However, there are other ways to do so. --- START: 4/6/2020 Fanfic base...
Words Can't Describe by BelieveInHisLove
Words Can't Describeby BelieveInHisLove
Christopher has it all, right in the beautiful state of Montana. A great family, best friends, good grades... Not really a care in the world. When his family whisks him...