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Sojourn ♣ JiKook|VMin by propertyofjimjams
Sojourn ♣ JiKook|VMinby Jeon Jimin
One day he came back, but it felt like he was a different person. Jimin's tears fell, heart racing as he let go of Taehyung's hand, he stepped back eyes filling with tea...
Howl In Agony by hearttoheart2
Howl In Agonyby heart to heart
"TOY" thats what you are "TOY" thats what i am this is the only warning im giving you. it won't be any warning in the chapters warning ⚠️ jikook duh ...
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LoVe StoRy by Soezinnyein
LoVe StoRyby Serendipity
ချစ်စရာကောင်းတဲ့ ပုံပြင်လေးတစ်ပုဒ်ပြောပြမယ်........။
Later. || Jikook by aidajikook
Later. || Jikookby A
The idea was that Jimin spends a quiet last year of high school in this new town. Maybe make a few friends, nothing more nothing less. Yet the group he found himself bef...
Inner Child by Ggukie_Tokki
Inner Childby 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jungkook has a headspace that he calls his "inner child".
Alive  by Ggukie_Tokki
Alive by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jeon Jungkook of Bangtan University, goes missing after a party. The whole school thought he just went to a different high school, but then a news spreads around, sayin...
Jikook (Jikook Being a mess ) by BornToStanBTS
Jikook (Jikook Being a mess )by Kheliyesh 💜💛
Just read and find out! New readers the first three chapters are not in chronological order after the Intro chapter they are 3 2 and 1 so make sure to check em before r...
Your Turn to Cry by CalicoAngel13
Your Turn to Cryby Cutie Minnie
'In order for you to be close to Taehyung, why don't you court his best friend? As far as I know, he has a huge crush on you ever since the first day of school..' Namjoo...
💔နှလုံးသွေးဖြင့်တိုင်တည်သောသစ္စာ 💔 by ChitThuLay706
💔နှလုံးသွေးဖြင့်တိုင်တည်သောသစ္စာ...by ChitThu Lay
💔💔​နောင်ဘဝဆိုတာရှိခဲ့ရင် ​မောင့်အတွက် အသွေးအသား သာမက အသက်ကိုပါပေး၍ ဖြည့်ဆည်းပေးနိုင်မဲ့ ပါရမီဖြည့်ဖက်ကောင်း တစ်ယောက်ဖြစ်ခွင့်ပြုပါမောင်ရယ်💔💔 #Start Date-11/11/2022 #...
Fangs • Jikook Vampire AU (Discontinued) by My_Mochi_Jiminie
Fangs • Jikook Vampire AU (Discont...by 𝕁𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕚 ⁷
Set in a world where Vampires and Humans live amongst each other... except one species is always trying to kill the other. In which Park Jimin - an adorable high school...
♡Hyung's cute baby boy♡Jikookff♡ by Mingguk_forever
♡Hyung's cute baby boy♡Jikookff♡by Ninah Msibi
this is a story where jungkook is 10 years older than Jimin but they were both born on the 13th of October, Miss Park was raped by his boss at work and after she found o...
Too Clingy  by chubbyproblem
Too Clingy by least blessed
Jimin was in love with the maknae since for ever....so he put up with everything Jungkook throw his way..Jungkook never really hated jimin but he was too clingy and alwa...
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Hyung is Mine (Completed) by Hohnsy5813
Hyung is Mine (Completed)by Still with you
ဒီကောင်က တစ်ကယ့်ငတုံးပဲ Park Jimin ငယ်လေး Jeon Jungkook #Jikook
One Love For You (Jikook) by naeulshim
One Love For You (Jikook)by Im Naina
Jimin is tired chasing jungkook. jungkook thought he loves taehyung. he did. but that feeling is not there anymore. jimin moved on, but jungkook couldn't. jimin is happy...
A Mission To Find The Truth [Jikook] by Ggukie_Tokki
A Mission To Find The Truth [Jikoo...by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Detective Park Jimin sees ghost, and it sometimes helps him with finding out the truth. But a case from 7 years ago happened to be opened again and he's assigned go fin...
My soul mate. VMINKOOK by Jemmalov60
My soul mate. VMINKOOKby Jemmalov60
Taekook are dating. Vmin are soul mates, and jikook are complicated, they are as happy as they can be given that they are all hiding a secret from each other, what secre...
Bangtan's Little Babies || Maknae Line by ChimchimzKookie97
Bangtan's Little Babies || Maknae...by ChimchimzKookie97
A Story in which, Hyung line taking care of their little babies. #1 Jikook || April 13, 2020
Careless Words by Debdon59
Careless Wordsby Debdon59
Jimin had a crush on jungkook, fans loved it when Jimin played up to Jungkook on stage but what about the maknae
I Got My Enemy's Brother Pregnant!! [Jikook] by Ggukie_Tokki
I Got My Enemy's Brother Pregnant...by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Yoongi and Jimin are business rivals. They had the most successful companies in South Korea. One day, they had a meeting and Yoongi's brother, Jungkook happens to accid...