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Mine Love VMINKOOK by NiniKim58
Mine Love VMINKOOKby NiniKim58
"You are a cheater Jungkook. I hate you" Jimin said. "Don't leave me Jimin. I really love you" JK cried. ................. "You hurt me Jeon...
Min family (strict mother of 3 trouble makers) by sunshine22879
Min family (strict mother of 3 tro...by sunshine
disclaimer-this is originally a bts fan fiction so don't take any word serioulsy thank you so the story is about min yoongi and his family include his wife min Yuna (im...
Dilemma 2 || Vminkook by bts_shipper3
Dilemma 2 || Vminkookby Angel
[COMPLETED] Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin has been married for nine years. One faithful day, Jungkook found out about Jimin's big secret and got very angry so he left to...
🖤Empire JI🖤ဧကရီ ဂျီ 🌼🦋 [ complete ] by minnora33
🖤Empire JI🖤ဧကရီ ဂျီ 🌼🦋 [ compl...by 🦋 诗 琪
"🦋ကိုယ္ တို႔ရဲ႕ ကံၾကမၼာ ကို ျပန္ျပင္ေရးမယ္ဆို ဘာေတြ ဖစ္လာမွာလဲ? ♡💔️🌼 "🦋ကိုယ် တို့ရဲ့ ကံကြမ္မာ ကို ပြန်ပြင်ရေးမယ်ဆို ဘာတွေ ဖစ်လာမှာလဲ? ♡💔️🌼
One Alpha Two Omegas : Vminkook by CutieSexyLovelySweet
One Alpha Two Omegas : Vminkookby Cutie Sexy Lovely Sweet
"We share the same blood Taehyung, why can't we share the same Alpha?" Jimin asked mockingly. "Stay away from my husband". Taehyung warned.
Just a Wifi Password | SOPE by SAVAGINITY
Just a Wifi Password | SOPEby SAVAGINITY
Min Yoongi was a pornstar. Jung Hoseok was addicted to his videos. One day he was out of WiFi to watch Yoongi's videos. So he planned to use his neighbour, Jimin's WiFi...
THE FOREST OF BLOOD by Jiminfinallyparked
THE FOREST OF BLOODby magical world
If someone dares to cross the forest of blood then they are daring the hell If someone goes inside of it then they are gone forever and even if they come back it will o...
The King's Lovers by Kheliyesh
The King's Loversby BornToStanBTS2
Read to find out 😉 For Pictures credits to the real owners, I just made the cover by combining them! No cheating ------- Originally Written on my old account @BornToSta...
Savage Heart  by Vlovers19
Savage Heart by Vlovers19
Kim Taehyung known as the ruthless crime lord and vigilante V lives his life only to get revenge on the powerful and influential Park family for the death of his parents...
Infliction by koofears
Inflictionby may
In which Kim Taehyung - a rookie detective - get's a case. He didn't expect to meet Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook. He for sure didn't expect to meet them.
Colorless Rainbow | Sope by SUNKlTTEN
Colorless Rainbow | Sopeby 👾
Yoongi and Hoseok hate each other They really do That is until Yoongi receives an unknown message Textfic | crack
Second chance // Vmin // by Butterfly_her
Second chance // Vmin //by
Park jimin married Kim Taehyung in exchange for saving his mother's life even though Kim Taehyung already had a lover. "I will give you what you want the most in ex...
Our Llittle bunny. by Btsarmy_ot7_78
Our Llittle bunny.by BTS ♡
In this story taehyung and jimin is married and have cute baby jungkook.. Further you will know in the story. Hope you will like it. Ignore my mistakes. Don't copy my wo...
I WANT TO BE HIS LOVE (Completed) by Mochi_EiJinnie
I WANT TO BE HIS LOVE (Completed)by SnowCosmos
This is my first fic. အထီးကျန်နေတဲ့ကျွန်တော့်အတွက် ...လက်လေးကမ်းပေးပြီးမှ ဘာလို့ပြန်ဖြုတ်ချခဲ့တာလဲ Jeon......။ ကျွန်တော်သိလိုက်ပါပြီ.... ဒုတိယဟာဘယ်တော့မှပထမမဖြစ်နိုင်ဘူး...
Bangtan House by minjimin0000
Bangtan Houseby Min V
The story is about the two couples that live opposite to each other and were friends scene high school... Things started when friends fall for each other their friendshi...
Insecurities ~ Vminkook ff by Bunbao-BTS
Insecurities ~ Vminkook ffby Bunbao
Everyone has there own insecurities in life, maybe it's their looks or maybe it's something they lack. But in this story three boys meet and try to love each other with...
Hurtful Love by DeunlStpa
Hurtful Loveby Kim DeunlStpa
ဒီ Fic လေးကို တခြား acc တစ်ခုကနေ Intro တင်ထားပါတယ်နော်။ အဲ့ acc ကလည်း Deunl ပါပဲနော်။ အခုအဲ့ acc မသုံးဖြစ်တော့လို့ပါ။ VMinKook fanfiction လေးပါနော်။ ပထမဦးဆုံး Fanfictio...
Take it by Crystal_K-pop
Take itby Anti social writer
Taehyung always worried that he wouldn't be good never for his mates making him miserable! His mom and dads take matters into their own hands helping to never be found...
HUSBANDS by candymicheal
HUSBANDSby candymicheal
a cold hearted and troublemaker joen jungkook, Fuck boy Kim taehyung, and a spoiled rich brat park jimin what happened when their fathers forced them into unwanted marr...
The Elite Friendship🌈 by wild_loveee21
The Elite Friendship🌈by Yashvi
This is a happy story of two Bangtan couples with their adorable kids💗 Watch these mischievous and innocent kid's life with their parents. ⚠️Tons of fluff ⚠️Smut in som...