The Prodigy and the Genius by Azile_Yuuki
The Prodigy and the Geniusby Yuuki
Miki Linux, a genius at small age that no one can compare, hides her intelligence for her to not attract people with high nobility. Fortunately for her, she's an illegit...
  • manytwist
  • scientist
  • lazyprotagonist
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The Bad Girl's Return by icecreamobsession
The Bad Girl's Returnby Alondra
Kimberly Zanders was the nerd. The one who was always pushed around not only because she was a nerd but because she was chubby. She always kept quiet and dreamed of how...
  • drama
  • revenge
  • arrogance
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His Weakness by ichamayuri12
His Weaknessby Icha Mayuri
Highest rank: 20 in romance on 30/11/16. 52 in romance on 10/02/17 99 in romance on 17/07/17 Hiii everybody , I am so happy that , my first book is successful and this i...
  • revenge
  • indian
  • romance-friendship
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Cruel World by HannaBanna123
Cruel Worldby Hanna Banna
Revenge, Hate and Desire, all of them are very dangerous. But this is what is running in the blood of Theo Grey, since he marry Sarah. He wants to ruin her like she ruin...
  • forced
  • hate
  • force
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The Bad Boys VS Me | ✔ #Wattys2018 by -TanyaWrites-
The Bad Boys VS Me | ✔ #Wattys2018by ᴛᴀɴʏᴀ
" Hey Aspen?" " What?" " Are you ripped?" He looked at her, completely shocked. He never thought she would ask him something like that. &q...
  • humor
  • drama
  • love
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Billionaire's ex-wife #Wattys2015. #newadult by satirelover
Billionaire's ex-wife satirelover
Jack Ryder was one of the youngest billionaires in the US. He had everything guys his age dream on; models in each arm,money & fast cars. When he got married at 23 to a...
  • revenge
  • heartbroken
  • exwife
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MARRIED TO A DEVIL by shambhaviee_13
MARRIED TO A DEVILby shambhaviee
| Highest Ranking |#20 in ROMANCE | | Completed | 04-12-2017 | "Because of you i lost my brother, now i'll make your life a living hell! I promise you that you'll b...
  • modern
  • beautiful
  • suspense
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The New Me by thebarbiegirl95
The New Meby Barbie
High school is supposed to be the greatest years of our lives but so far for me it's been the worst my sophomore year I had only 2 best friends one embarrassed me in fro...
  • teen
  • love
  • romance
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The Sin of Wrath by toukamoon
The Sin of Wrathby Toukamoon
I've been abandoned. I've been bullied. I've been abused. I've been experimented on. For once I just want to be happy, to live normally like the others, to be excepted...
  • darkness
  • ex-mate
  • mischief
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My Bad Boy Protector by Zanzan112
My Bad Boy Protectorby st☆rlover
"He looked at me as if I was the only star in the dark night sky. And kissed me as if I was the air that filled his lungs. I loved him like I didn't to myself. He w...
  • lukehemmings
  • goodgirl
  • highschool
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What You Do to Me by wolfieMK
What You Do to Meby Maui
Tiana has always been the oversized one in her pack. She is being bullied about it. After all what werewolf is fat? Her parents spoil her because she's their only daugh...
  • alpha
  • pain
  • reject
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Sweet Revenge (Book One) ✔ by KnightCF84
Sweet Revenge (Book One) ✔by C. F.
(Completed) Caroline fell in love with her brother's best friend when she was only a teenager. Years later, their paths crossed again. But he wasn't the same man she...
  • brothersbestfriend
  • cheating
  • adultromance
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Revenge by full-of-life
Revengeby cutie-pie
"I will allow you to keep the house." He said standing an inch away from her, "but on one condition." He continued. Hope surged through her system...
  • wattys2016
  • child
  • revenge
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Unloved Wangfei by buckwheatfIower
Unloved Wangfeiby m
Han Daji didn't mind being the second wife to the cold, powerful fourth prince. She didn't even mind whether he doted on her or not. To say she didn't give a single crap...
  • china
  • status
  • chinese
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Vindicta by Feisty_Freak
Vindictaby Feisty_Freak
"Aren't you a feisty little thing?" He chuckled. I stopped breathing at the close proximity, my knees turning to jelly. I leaned back as his blue orbs bored in...
  • arrogant
  • marriage
  • featured
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Evan's Rose(Book 1 & 2) by MissR12
Evan's Rose(Book 1 & 2)by Nilza
[Mature Content] : All that religious and innocent Rosaline Jacobs ever did was apply for a job at Carter Industries. Then how did Rosaline become Evan's Rose? "...
  • rose
  • possessive
  • marriage
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Revenge & Redeem (Completed) by SCARLETTANGEL111
Revenge & Redeem (Completed)by SCARLETTANGEL
Highest Ranking:#3 on (04.12.2017) My wedding night was supposed to be one of the happiest day of my life but it turned out to be the worst day of my life. The night whe...
  • ex-girlfriend
  • revenge
  • love
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Exclusively Mine by sweetdreamer33
Exclusively Mineby Neilani Alejandrino
EXCLUSIVELY MINE [Petrakis Series] When a good boy turned BAD. FINN MARTINS returned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after ten years with a sole purpose, to collect a debt fro...
  • boss
  • neilanialejandrino
  • wattpadstar
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Sweet Revenge by CourageousReader
Sweet Revengeby E
Samantha Peterson has wealthy parents. Her so called friends not only murder her parents, but rob them and become wealthy themselves. Three years after this Samantha ret...
  • wattys2017
  • kiss
  • prison
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The Ðevils Mate (Complete) by doctorwhosarah
The Ðevils Mate (Complete)by sarah
A young 17 year old girl loses her whole family in an accident. To try and contact them she uses a oiji board. But it's not her family that she contacts... "is any...
  • hell
  • war
  • soulmates
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