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The Yoga Teacher (boyxboy) by Mr_Perfectly_Fine23
The Yoga Teacher (boyxboy)by Mr_Perfectly_Fine23
Roland growled, a deep rumble coming from his chest, He pulled my ankles up to his shoulders and readied his massive manhood in his hand. Yoga is peaceful. Yoga is natur...
Sweet Revenge by El_author
Sweet Revengeby E
Samantha Peterson has wealthy parents. Her so called friends not only murder her parents, but rob them and become wealthy themselves and soon the richest people in the c...
✔️ Beautiful and seductive sister in period literature by CNovel_Reader
✔️ Beautiful and seductive Kay
Beautiful and seductive sister in period literature (年代文漂亮作精姐姐) Author: Squirrel Drunken Fish [Complete] Su Yan is a small owner of a cake shop. She has the appearance...
The Russian Mobster: Russian Mafia Romance by alekseixx
The Russian Mobster: Russian alekseixx
COMPLETED! (Highest rank #16 in Romance on: 8/28/17) **this book is not apart of the "I Am Not A Prostitute series" ** MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!! -Strong adult t...
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Baby lasagna x reader by gasgasgasiram
Baby lasagna x readerby gasgasgasiram
A romantic, steamy, spicy & erotic story about Marko Purišić, also known as the glamorous, hot & attractive Baby Lasagna
That Woman, Emma. by symhere
That Woman, Yumna
Emma, the girl everyone loves to hate, falls for her married boss, Victor, only to be fired for her advances. Victor, loyal to his wife, resents her. A year later, with...
Mattia Polibio //Case 427 by lethalwriter
Mattia Polibio //Case 427by Bored asf
Read I promise you won't regret it
Maybe by HappiLi
Maybeby Li Dang
He was afraid of the storms in her eyes, but somehow, they were meant to be. [ warning: my writing was a complete disaster in 2013. read at your own risk. ]
Chemistry teacher's navel licking story By Ria 👄💋 by ria6969
Chemistry teacher's navel Priyali Singh
This is the story of a student enjoying the navel of his teacher
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
(Itachi X Kisame) "When I Go" by LuluPunkRock
(Itachi X Kisame) "When I Go"by Lulu🌙
Itachi hides his plans from everyone in the Akatsuki. Kisame notices Itachi acting different. Itachi and Kisame have feelings for each other, but Itachi's plan causes hi...
New Life For The Luna by SunshineY18
New Life For The Lunaby Sunshine Yang
Wylie is a depressed, broken girl with a painful past. She had lost her best friend in one of history's biggest tragic events, and when she was sent to Beaufort, NC to l...
Can Not Decide by Nicole-Tesla
Can Not Decideby Nicole-Tesla
She just wanted to go to university like a normal girl but her university put her in a house with charming twins. She is bad at deciding, so what will happen to her? ~Ba...
The Unexpected Woman (•𝖣𝗂𝗌𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗍𝗂𝗇𝗎𝖾𝖽: 𝗀𝗑𝗀•) by fooxxx_
The Unexpected Woman (•𝖣𝗂𝗌𝖼𝗈� foxxx_
A kissed by accident, turned someone's life that she can't resist. How can you prove that you are in love if she is not even sure about you? ... A beautiful encountered...
That was one hell of a night - 18+ BL  by dlowspiderman69
That was one hell of a night - Spider-Man 🕷️🕸️
18+🔞 gay boy love about a threesome .. short story with a cliffhanger warning ⚠️ Two dominant males and one seductive male Very horny and specific and detailed ig ...
Kidnapped by a Billionaire by NotABoOkWoRm17
Kidnapped by a Billionaireby Angē
Imagine that your friends, family and life is taken away from you... By some greedy bastard. Who freakin' KIDNAPS you. For no effing reason. But you can't imagine it...
~MURDER~ by Vereditx_
~MURDER~by Vereditx_
P.S:swearing, SMUG warning ⚠️, killing, Assault ~if this puts you in therapy I'll pay for your lessons 😭~
My Mate is My Brother And Bestfriend by CrissyZamot
My Mate is My Brother And Crissy Zamot
Its about a beautiful girl who finds her mate but her life went down hill and she doesn't know what to do about it because it just started. And she not use to it,but she...
Royal Elite Academy for Supernaturals by ethereallady
Royal Elite Academy for ethereallady
This is a fabulous and magical love story. Rose, half human-half Fae, a high fashion chick who got all the supermodel looks that captured every eyes when she entered the...
mitch mcconnell x reader by mitchmcconnellstan
mitch mcconnell x readerby mitchmcconnellstan
some of the hot and sexy man himself ;)