The Mafia Girl Goes Undercover by deep_side_love
The Mafia Girl Goes Undercover by deep_side_love
Sarah without the surname is an eighteen year old criminal. Sarah has grown up with everything that has with fighting and crime to do. However, what happens when she's o...
  • lifechanging
  • badgirl
  • criminal
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A Journey with the Devil Himself by Noretakes
A Journey with the Devil Himself by ~M a i c a~
Rania and Maaz. Two people who can't even stand in the same room without bickering every two seconds. But what happens when one mistake leads to both of them on an insa...
  • love
  • lost
  • hatelove
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Fixing What Fell Apart by SoSadityy
Fixing What Fell Apart by CareFreeBlackGirl✨
It's been 5 years since Journey moved back to Atlanta. Mature and wiser she has a four year old son, a handsome man and the support of her crazy friends. From afar her...
  • kenya
  • shaud
  • abuse
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Fin's Claim by Whiskeyqueenn
Fin's Claim by Whiskeyqueenn
This time around the story concentrates on Fin and Victoria and their ill-fated mate pairing. Unaware of Fin, Victoria suffering under a father who hates her very exist...
  • dominance
  • love
  • heat
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Reincarnated as the Fated Villain by Palastine_Chroma
Reincarnated as the Fated Villain by P-Chroma
After falling from a tree, the 8 years old Aerra suddenly recovered her past life's memories. But as she wondered how significant it is to have such consciousness, her p...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • kingdoms
  • romance
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Under The Bridge(Chresanto August) by Hailey_Michele
Under The Bridge(Chresanto August) by Michele
Sixteen year old, Chresanto August, is all alone on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. He left home, fed up with his parents behavior. When leaving, he only brought wha...
  • roc
  • drama
  • struggles
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Manan - Monster's star by manantales
Manan - Monster's star by Sunayna Menon
Manik and nandini are the complete opposites of each other, where on spreads happiness to anyone she touches or meets, the other sets fire to the world. How can love blo...
  • kaiseyehyaariyan
  • hate
  • journey
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StarFall by RSRtheWriter
StarFall by [̲̅R̲̅][̲̅S̲̅][̲̅Я̲̅]
How far would you go to find yourself? Adeline Summers didn't believe in fairy tales, until she got caught up in one. Now, in order to save herself she must find herself...
  • adventure
  • femaleprotagonist
  • heroine
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Origins(GirlxGirl)(Forth Book of The Master's Pet) by TheMoonlightPoet
Origins(GirlxGirl)(Forth Book of T... by Luna
There is always a true beginning to every great story. Before Hatspehut and Belle were in Saryia's life it was just her and Jamie. This is their epic and long journey th...
  • romance
  • 4book
  • journey
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SAMENESS {COMPLETE} by renesmeewolfe
/// SAMENESS, WHAT WE STRIVED FOR SO LONG TO ACHIEVE. BUT WHAT IF YOU'RE DESTINED TO BE DIFFERENT? \\\ Nine months of Hibernation, three months of being awake--that's ho...
  • forced
  • weikel
  • newadult
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Cowboys & Englishmen by shewritesromance
Cowboys & Englishmen by shewritesromance
Sammy can't get anything right. So when she's asked to save her sisters wedding, she jumps in with both feet, determined to prove herself more than just a clumsy oaf, a...
  • mystery
  • wattys2014
  • love
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His Little Princess | completed  by kinktress
His Little Princess | completed by tiana
Bad boys: people view them as unfit fathers. Why? Well, their bad boy lifestyle of course. That's where Asher Cain comes in. Throughout his whole high school life, he wa...
  • dad
  • princess
  • love
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ENTWINED BY FAITH... by sparkleofnight_22
15 YEARS DOWN THE LANE. LIFE CHANGES IN FLICK OF A SECOND BUT ONLY WHEN WE LET IT TO CHANGE... Co-authored by very amazing sister of mine @amoremarine.... HIGHEST RATING...
  • faith
  • ishqbaaz
  • journey
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Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete) by sophie9630
Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete) by Sophie
Abbie has never been what one would call a typical lady. Trying to keep up with England's rich and powerful is far too much work, and Abbie has never enjoyed the endles...
  • africa
  • england
  • wattys2017
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The Warlock (boyxboy) by Mysty-Nyx
The Warlock (boyxboy) by Just Monika
Logain is dying. He knows that he won't be around for much longer because of his illness and his life has been more than unsatisfactory. He hasn't done anything worthwhi...
  • royalty
  • adventure
  • warlock
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Memory Documentation [continuing soon i promise] by treblehearts
Memory Documentation [continuing s... by jess
From a rough past to a sheltered present, Darcy Howard is content spending most of her time within the walls of her father's café. She sees nothing wrong with the way sh...
  • relationship
  • adopted
  • teenfiction
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Eclipse Child |COMING SOON| by world_joy_
Eclipse Child |COMING SOON| by World Joy
|Coming Soon| -more details inside- Copyright: ©Joy (world_joy_) All rights reserved
  • growth
  • eclipse
  • moonchild
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Villainous by sambalazs
Villainous by Samantha Balazs
A princess with nothing. A king with everything. One bargain to change the world... The brave hero always wins, and the wicked, cruel villain is always defeated. We kn...
  • evil
  • magic
  • ambition
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The Flower Shop  by brightlights101
The Flower Shop by brightlights101
She saw him in a rehab facility. He saw her in a flower shop. ... Her name was Daisy Levingston, twenty two years old and lives on her own with a feline named Seb. Dai...
  • orphan
  • jealousy
  • adventure
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Talon the Black by addicted2dragons
Talon the Black by Melissa Mitchell
What would you do if a dragon fell from the sky? Claire Evans is a small town gal from Indiana who is faced with exactly that! After one hell of a night bartending...
  • heroine
  • wattys2017
  • historical
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