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Johnny Depp Memes  by CatrionaTodd
Johnny Depp Memes by Athaleyah + Scar = Cara
Johnny Depp Memes To Make Your Day 😉😉😘😘
Wonka's Wife by YeetusFleetus69
Wonka's Wifeby YeetusFleetus69
*10 year age gap* 20 years ago Willy Wonka closed his factory gates, 10 years later and he met her. Now another 10 years later and they're opening their factory gates fo...
{You Came Back...} Willy Wonka x Reader  by Kyliecharm
{You Came Back...} Willy Wonka x Kyliecharm
{Willy Wonka and You have been childhood friends for the longest time. Running away together to start a candy company. As the company grew so did your love for each othe...
Princess Delphine Ainsley was never in line for the throne, hence being shipped to Port Royal when things in her kingdom go wrong. However, after years in Port Royal thi...
Cassie's Love •Willy Wonka•  by thatbrainlessbxvh
Cassie's Love •Willy Wonka• by thatbrainlessbxvh
"Mr Wonka is staring at you, Cassie." I'm Cassie Bucket. Charlie Bucket's older sister. Over my years in this wonderful thing called life I develop a celebrit...
The Becoming | Sweeney Todd by Horroryas
The Becoming | Sweeney Toddby Plot Finder
She watched him become somebody she grew to fear. The man helped her escape from prison, and yet imprisoned her next to him. ❝A thrilling story that could make you hate...
Love On Tour (A Johnny Depp Love story) by Grindelwaldscookie3
Love On Tour (A Johnny Depp Love Grindelwaldscookie3
Granddaughter of the famous rocker star of the 50s, 60s and 70s Bruce W Havoc and daughter of the famous singer of the 70s, 80s and 90s Wayne Havoc, Shania Joanne Havoc...
Johnny Depp smut 😗 by babybillye
Johnny Depp smut 😗by babybillye
Imagines about Johnny Depp and some other characters he has played 🤍 Ps. some of the stories I write myself and some I don't Thank you
The Chocolatier's Rose {Willy Wonka} by RogersWater
The Chocolatier's Rose {Willy RogersWater
Rosalie Bucket is the eldest child of the Bucket family. She works hard, serving as a waitress at a small restaurant, to help support her poor family. When things don't...
I'm A Depp (A Johnny Depp Fanfic)  by BlueMoonWolves
I'm A Depp (A Johnny Depp Fanfic) by BlueMoonWolf
Skylar is just a young orphan girl who lost her "parents" to a fatal car crash at just 1yr old. Unfortunately, she was placed in an orphanage ran by the woman...
Sweeney Todd X Reader : Love Can Kill by Pandalion23
Sweeney Todd X Reader : Love Can Pandalion23
Inspired by the 2007 Tim Burton directed film 'Sweeny Todd : The demon of fleet street'. I dearly enjoyed that movie and the songs were amazing! I fell in love with the...
Kitsune. A Gellert Grindlewald Fanfiction by arileesan
Kitsune. A Gellert Grindlewald ari san
you guys asked for it and I delivered ♡ A Kitsune is a Japanese fox spirit - a shapeshifter. they possess magic, seduction, loyalty, power of illusions, and represent th...
Sweet Love by javerylarson
Sweet Loveby Avery Larson
What if Charlie Bucket had an older sister named Jane? What happens when she goes with Charlie instead of Grandpa Joe? Jane falls for the candy man himself Willy Wonka w...
Sweeney Todd x reader by Mkhags
Sweeney Todd x readerby Mkhags
This is a story where you are the reader and the movie version of Sweeney Todd(Johnny depp). You live in London with your husband Judge Turpin. But you soon meet a charm...
Loyal till the end ➢Gellert Grindelwald X Reader by eekhoorntje112
Loyal till the end ➢Gellert C.E. Lestrange
When you find yourself joining the well-known movement the Greater Good, you keep getting distracted by its infamous but strangely attractive leader, Gellert Grindelwald...
His Tulip | Willy Wonka (2005) by sebs_loves
His Tulip | Willy Wonka (2005)by M.N
Emalyn Barenett, sister to Hellen and Aunt to sweet little Charlie Bucket. Her power in the world, was not only her imagination to paint whatever took her fancy or to s...
Sixteen  by chillandread_
Sixteen by chillandread_
TW⚠️ about drugs, might trigger some. also involves overdose story High schoolers turn 16 and they decide to rebel, smoking pot, doing coke, and getting drunk every we...
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Male OC Insert by joplinslilbaby
Charlie And The Chocolate Dayton Cahill
What if there were six Golden Tickets instead of five? Based on the 2005 film adaptation of the beloved children's novel by Roald Dahl, this Wattpad book follows young C...
Sunshine's kisses by willywonkasfairy
Sunshine's kissesby oli
"The mysterious man thought that Felix was the most adorable and pretty person he has ever seen. His long, blond hair, chocolate eyes, kissable lips, cute freckles...
Johnny Depp Character Imagines  by zoomingatzoom
Johnny Depp Character Imagines by Simp for Johnny Depp
Imagines revolving around Johnny Depp's characters! Requests are currently closed :) A Nightmare on Elm Street Edward Scissorhands Cry Baby What's Eating Gilbert Grape ...