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baby boy [zustin mieber] [book 1] by rendezvousboy
baby boy [zustin mieber] [book 1]by donny
there just aren't enough zustin books. #13 in #supergay as of 8/28/18 #34 in #zustin as of 10/9/18 #2 in #mieber as of 2/12/19
Drunken Accident - Zarry/Zustin by Grape_Baby0
Drunken Accident - Zarry/Zustinby Grape Baby
He got him pregnant. How? Well, aside from the obvious fact it was through sex, he doesn't even remember doing it but apparently baby daddy does. They do know that it's...
half a heart  » zustin by babydoIl
half a heart » zustinby k a l i
❝I'm half a heart without you.❞
My Savior «Zustin Mieber» DD/lb by MrsBieberLynch
My Savior «Zustin Mieber» DD/lbby Hailey
"You're okay, I promise I won't hurt you," Justin coos to the boy laying on the ground. Zayn whimpers as he moves away from the EMT. "Hey, you're going to...
Pursuing Mr. Bieber || zustin au ✔ by gvnsandtvmblr
Pursuing Mr. Bieber || zustin au ✔by joseph. 🥀
In which a small town Boy named Zayn moved to California in order to pursue his dream in art, starting off as a art teacher. What he thought of being a piece of cake tur...
JB One Shots 2.0 [Zustin] by HopelessRealist
JB One Shots 2.0 [Zustin]by madina
A continuation of my first one shots book. Featuring my infamously creative and inconsistent Zustin one shot series: 1.) 27 Tuxes (slow updates, mostly spontaneous upda...
There Will Be Blood by flatlinehabitauhl
There Will Be Bloodby flatlinehabitauhl
Justin Bieber, 25, the son of a Chicago mob boss. He is second-in-command, cold and dangerous. Zayn Malik, 18, small town boy who has just enrolled as a freshman at Nort...
Text Me Later ?! by ZeeLyNA
Text Me Later ?!by The Book Girl
Hey Zee, got Ya number what's up? ! Delivered 3:54 pm Who is this?! 9:02 pm You don't know me. 9:03 pm Then why are you texting me?! 9:07pm Or Where Zayn Malik begi...
Runaway Prince ( A Zustin Mieber Fanfiction)  by ZeeLyNA
Runaway Prince ( A Zustin Mieber F...by The Book Girl
He is criminal I'm a prince He misses his family I ran away from mine ..... In which Zayn Javvaad Malik a prince falls in love with Justin Drew Bieber a world wide want...
His Way (Zustin Mieber AU) [Slow Updates] by Zayn_Loving
His Way (Zustin Mieber AU) [Slow U...by MusicLover
Hi I'm Zayn Malik. I'm a homeschooled student whose mom one day finally decided I was capable of handling a public school, but only with my older brother's care. With se...
zustin manips by asIanjade
zustin manipsby ㅤ
zayn + justin manips
Just in love ( Zustin ) ( Sloww Updates) by jaztynbae
Just in love ( Zustin ) ( Sloww Up...by M. M.
Zayn Malik (25) is a Hindu- Muslim man who lives in India with his Sinhalese- Canadian husband Justin Bieber-Malik(24). Living in India as a gay couple, of course the...
soul mates 》zustin by rearviewz
soul mates 》zustinby ♡
soul marks. every person is born with a soul mark, this mark signifies your soulmate; the person who you are to be with for the rest of your life. zayn thinks it's bulls...
he don't like the lights ♡ ziall/zustin/jiall au [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
he don't like the lights ♡ ziall/z...by alex!!
"i know you're with him, but i gotta know, zayn. you love me, right?" "you gotta believe me. i love you, niall." [started 5.23.16] - - - or the one w...
Insta High (Zustin X Sharlie) + Other Ships  by ZeeLyNA
Insta High (Zustin X Sharlie) + Ot...by The Book Girl
Insta High, A dream high school?! Or nightmare?! P. s #SocialMedia and texting pretty much
Zustin || Oneshots by gvnsandtvmblr
Zustin || Oneshotsby joseph. 🥀
zustin one shots by yours truly.
Fifty Shades Of Zayn by zaynpsyco
Fifty Shades Of Zaynby Ally
One shots With two main guys with anyone I put up Zayn with someone else=zarry,ziam,zious,ziall,zustin hell anyone even if its with u Gay or straight request are open t...
It's Our Little Secret (zustin) by Damari13
It's Our Little Secret (zustin)by Damari13
"It's like he wants to protect me, it's like he knows I want him, it's like . . . He's not even . . . Human" Justin always loved the mysterious badboy Zayn Mal...
Insta High : The Aftermath  by ZeeLyNA
Insta High : The Aftermath by The Book Girl
"I love you. " That was the last thing they said to each other, and that was five years ago. Now Five years later, Zayn has no speck of happiness in life...
Hallucinations (Zustin) by sapphicblues
Hallucinations (Zustin)by cliffsedge
[completed] In which Zayn, an upcoming author, has Justin as a neighbor who never fails to kill his patience. "I need to work!" Zayn exclaimed. "Go ahe...