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dolan twins imagines by umanyways
dolan twins imaginesby umanyways
stories to fuel delusional teenage minds ©umanyways
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We're Dallas They're Dolan by Teen_Dolan
We're Dallas They're Dolanby Dallas Dolan
Nessa Dallas is Cameron Dallas Little sister. She is as famous as Cameron. She always has her brother and her best friends the Dolan Twins by her side. Read the story to...
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FAKE [ Ethan Dolan Fanfic ] by Kickurass
FAKE [ Ethan Dolan Fanfic ]by Kickurass
"I want you to be my fake girlfriend." Ethan said. "No" I said and rolled my eyes. "I'm not getting Involved in your stupid boy problems"...
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Rude // Grayson Dolan fanfiction by loveisagift
Rude // Grayson Dolan fanfictionby haley
Lauren Conrad- dancer, artist, complete geek. Grayson Dolan- rude boy, popular, bad. What will happen when these two find common interest in eachother?
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Saved by the Dolans (Grayson Dolan fanfiction) by 5sosem
Saved by the Dolans (Grayson Em :)
One day something horrible happens to Emily. She gets kidnapped. She becomes very confused. That is until 4 boys save her. Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan, Jake Paul, and...
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Life of love by geekyl0v3
Life of loveby geekyl0v3
Ever thought love was hard? It harder when you have 3 boys that like you who will kiara choose will she choose 1) Brendon Urie 2) Ethan dolan 3) Grayson Dolan Will sh...
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s m u t || Magcon Boys & Omaha Squad & Dolan Twins by smokeykisses
s m u t || Magcon Boys & Omaha s h a n
Requests are open❤️
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Exploring My Options -A Fanfiction  by dolansup
Exploring My Options -A Fanfiction by dolansup
Addie and Lexi two teenage cousins are sent to live with their grandparents due to different reasons, they are both forced to handle growing up and exploring their opini...
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Imagines by MiXeDFaNdoM
Imaginesby MiXeDFaNdoM
Imagines about Supernatural, 5quad, wifive, Dolan Twins, Once upon a time, G-Eazy, just ask for anything else and I'll tell you if I can. That is a kinda weird mix up bu...
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The Dolan Twins Imagines and preferences by crazyydolans
The Dolan Twins Imagines and crazyydolans
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Dirty Dolans by DolanxBabies
Dirty Dolansby Dolan Babies
I hope you enjoy our fan fic.
*The Basement* G.D. by knockoutdolans
*The Basement* knockoutdolans
We sat there huddled on the cold basement floor. We heard footsteps coming closer as the man twisted the rusted doorknob. I don't know why we took us. I don't know if he...
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The elevator by CourtneyDolan
The elevatorby CourtneyDolan
When 16 year old Thalia meets Grayson and Ethan on a plane then gets stuck in an elevator with one of them what happens next? Read to find out *thalia has long bleach bl...
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Love hate- Dolan twins fanfic by MadiAndSky
Love hate- Dolan twins fanficby MadiAndSky
Annabelle was a 14 year old girl who moved to New Jersey when her parents die.She becomes close to two twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan. Grayson helps her with the mistero...
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Rival Romance (Dolan Twins) by jessdolan05
Rival Romance (Dolan Twins)by jessdolan05
"Look Taylor, I know you don't like Grayson, but you just have to put up with him for this trip." Ethan said. I groaned and nodded. The only reason I came on...
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memories by dolandreaming
memoriesby dolandreaming
Charlotte has grown up with Ethan and Grayson Dolan by her side 24/7. That was until the Dolan twins vines got popular over summer. Will Charlotte ever get the friendshi...
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Grayson by BeMyBaeGrayy
Graysonby Demi Dolan
So there's this new kid at school his name is Grayson, read to find out more :)
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From Brothers To Lovers by Larryisaliferuiner
From Brothers To Loversby Larryisaliferuiner
Ethan confesses his love for Grayson. Will people accept him? And does Grayson feel the same towards Ethan?
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Moving Next to the Dolans by tropicxlgriier
Moving Next to the Dolansby tropicxlgriier
You'll like it :)
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