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The Servant's Prince by jus_a_random_fan
The Servant's Princeby jus_a_random_fan
TW: mentions of sexual assault and rape Sokka is captured by the fire nation and is taken by General Lee's request to the palace, where he runs into Prince Zuko. Zuko cl...
Division by Fire [ATLA FANFICTION] by PyroMillie13
Division by Fire [ATLA FANFICTION]by PyroMillie13
[DISCLAIMER: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender or its characters. And, that INCREDIBLE cover was not made by me.] Team Avatar's last fight, to put it lightly, was a...
fire and water (zukka/azutara AU fanfic) by -lonelybxtch
fire and water (zukka/azutara AU f...by 🦎
zuko runs away from his abusive family and moves to ba sing se, where he meets a gorgeous boy with dreamy blue eyes. but what will happen when his sister comes back into...
Zukka One Shots (Zuko x Sokka)  by zukoars
Zukka One Shots (Zuko x Sokka) by Mars
One shots of Sokka and Zuko being homosexual messes for eachother. 🏳️‍🌈All Characters are not mine🏳️‍🌈
Iroh's Gourmet Teas and Teapots by nonbinary_nightmare
Iroh's Gourmet Teas and Teapotsby Nico
What if Zuko hadn't spent so long searching for the avatar? What if he had settled down and helped Iroh open a tea shop? What if the moment he stopped looking for Aang...
Trust | Zukka by tropicalsolace
Trust | Zukkaby ☾
The solar eclipse is over. The invasion troops have been captured by the Fire Nation. Sokka is determined to embark on a solo mission to rescue his father and the others...
Scarred Avatar by Ben_Fakename
Scarred Avatarby Satan
This is an au where Aang died with the other airbenders. The avatar had reincarnated, but they never knew they were the avatar. Zuko is searching for the avatar. Though...
avatar gc  by chicklenms
avatar gc by 😐
ty lee adds zuko, katara, aang, toph, azula, sokka, suki, and mai into a gc just bc she misses all of them
Leader(ship): of Embers and Swords by KitGodric
Leader(ship): of Embers and Swordsby Kit Godric
Takes place maybe 5-6 years after ATLA arc. Aged up. Edit: Zuko doesn't have the best people skills, or leadership skills to be honest. But guess who does? It may take...
we are all just stars that have people names by splendidlyximperfect
we are all just stars that have pe...by splendidlyimperfect
Sokka finds out how Zuko got his scar. Title from '93 percent stardust' by Nikita Gill Cross-posted on AO3 and fanfiction.net as splendidlyimperfect Find me on tumblr a...
Burn a little brighter (Zukka - Soulmate AU) by odioWP
Burn a little brighter (Zukka - So...by odioWP
❝They used to say repeated dreams were a sign your soulmate needed your help. Do our soulmates need us?❞ ❝You're just quoting Gran Gran,❞ Sokka grumbles. ❝We don't have...
My cup of tea by takingrequests
My cup of teaby takingrequests
a sokka x zuko smut
Zukka - Oneshots by Labyrinthstar
Zukka - Oneshotsby Labyrinthstar
A collection of the short fics I've written for Zukka. Feel free to send requests if you'd like!! Archive of our own: Trashmouth_nerdd Tumblr: Trashmouth_nerd
The Royal Avatar ~ON HOLD~ by pringlekaatje
The Royal Avatar ~ON HOLD~by pringlekaatje
The Airbender avatar died when the fire nation attacked the air temples and in the 100 years, the war has been going on the next two avatars both died, not knowing their...
ADORE YOU ━━ zukka oneshots by keoghans
ADORE YOU ━━ zukka oneshotsby -
❛ zuko? just some angry freak with a ponytail who's tracked us all over the world. ❜ [ AVATAR: THE LAS...
Home Life- Zukka fanfic by Clove_queen
Home Life- Zukka fanficby Sunny Clover
Modern high-school/ coffee shop AU Zuko has always been known for being grumpy to everyone, no one knows why he acts like this though, and he never seems to hang out wit...
Rating characters and ships by kotlctdp
Rating characters and shipsby 🔫
Mostly just a place for me to rant about stuff (ships, characters, random things). Fandoms included in this book: miraculous ladybug, avatar the last airbender, keeper...
The Jasmine Dragon - Zukka AU by isitgoosesorgeese
The Jasmine Dragon - Zukka AUby isitgooseorgeese
Zuko has given up all hopes from restoring his honor ,and he decides to start a quiet life with h̶i̶s̶ our Uncle Iroh at Ba Sing Se. Little do they know, the gAang was...
A:TLA One-Shots by ASAckerman
A:TLA One-Shotsby HistoriaFritz1
These are my Omegaverse Zukka One-Shots. All stories are Omegaverse unless said otherwise. Omega Zuko x Alpha Sokka Sorry for unpublishing this so many times, I just wa...
A little rainbow [ZUKKA] by zukkasfanatic
A little rainbow [ZUKKA]by Zukka
a year after the final fight with Ozai, the gaang are living a peaceful life in Ba Sing Se, until Suki has to go back to her island, so she breaks up with Sokka. is this...