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An Innocent Spark [Zukka] by Dhskcjdiwjdkf2
An Innocent Spark [Zukka]by Dhskcjdiwjdkf2
Two months have passed since Zuko was crowned fire lord and it has been more difficult than he could have imagined. When he invites Sokka and Katara to the fire nation...
i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) | zukka by kotlctdp
i carry your heart with me (i suki
COMPLETE Mondays used to be Zuko's least favourite day of the week. Until the boy with the ponytail starts coming to The Jasmine Dragon (Zuko's Uncle's tea shop) every...
Two Lovers Forbidden from One Another ZukoxSokka by StrayyDog1
Two Lovers Forbidden from One Billie
Follow Zuko and Sokka as they grow closer, forbidden to ever be together.
Your Beautiful- Zukka by storiesbylily2
Your Beautiful- Zukkaby Lily
This is a modern au where the gAang is in highschool, when a new boy transfers he catches Sokkas eye. (there will be no smut but it will still be 13+)
Not Equal To by ive_bean_around
Not Equal Toby Sophie Nickerson
Zuko lay staring at the ceiling while Sokka lay peacefully beside him. Is this real? Zuko thought. He heard Sokka moan softly in his sleep and felt him turn over to face...
Burn a little brighter (Zukka - Soulmate AU) by odioWP
Burn a little brighter (Zukka - odioWP
❝They used to say repeated dreams were a sign your soulmate needed your help. Do our soulmates need us?❞ ❝You're just quoting Gran Gran,❞ Sokka grumbles. ❝We don't have...
I'll Love You Tomorrow - Zukka by ZukkaNation
I'll Love You Tomorrow - Zukkaby Zukka Nation
An untimely death. Parental abuse. Insecurities. Some of the issues that haunt Sokka and Zuko, two very different boys who form and unlikely friendship through United Na...
fire and water (zukka/azutara AU fanfic) by -lonelybxtch
fire and water (zukka/azutara AU sleep deprived
zuko runs away from his abusive family and moves to ba sing se, where he meets a gorgeous boy with dreamy blue eyes. but what will happen when his sister comes back into...
(there'll be) peace in the valley by turtledux
(there'll be) peace in the valleyby ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. hello .:**:.☆*...
Sokka helps autistic!Zuko come down from a meltdown. They're cute and in love!! modern au w no bending <3 (the title is lowkey a completely random choice from my play...
Water can calm Fire  by erenyeagersmain
Water can calm Fire by wall_mafia001
Sokka and zuko have had relations in the past. Due to insecurities and complexity of their feelings they decided to end the relationship. Some months go by and sokka is...
Iroh's Gourmet Teas and Teapots by nonbinary_nightmare
Iroh's Gourmet Teas and Teapotsby Nico
What if Zuko hadn't spent so long searching for the avatar? What if he had settled down and helped Iroh open a tea shop? What if the moment he stopped looking for Aang...
A love between fire and water by Tokyotitans
A love between fire and waterby TokyoTitans
DISCONTINUED Fire lord Zuko has a new born daughter named Izumi. Mai is her mother, but she died in childbirth. Leaving Zuko to raise her in his own, but his friends he...
That One Time Zuko Let Sokka Stalk Him by Just_Call_Me_DJ
That One Time Zuko Let Sokka DJ
Sokka thought the day was going to be good... until he got to the tea shop and saw a certain Fire Nation prince. In a desperate act to not be thrown in jail for the rest...
The School of Ba Sing Se (Zukka Highschool Au) by froggit_
The School of Ba Sing Se (Zukka froggit_
This is a modern au focused mainly on Zukka. There is no bending in this au. i do not write smut, so there will be none of that in this story.
ATLA: When Worlds Collide|| Zuko x Sokka Highschool!AU by _Love_lee
ATLA: When Worlds Collide|| Zuko _Love_lee
Zuko's life may be a mess, but he'll be damned if he lets some pretty boy get away with laughing at him on his first day at a new school. Even if the term 'pretty' doesn...
That's rough buddy (Zukka) by thesearebadfanfics
That's rough buddy (Zukka)by Gayass Lesbian
Sokka and Zuko become closer and closer until they become too close. They don't know how to handle their emotions and pent up feelings for each other but they don't know...
New Adventures, A Zukka fanfiction by TopHexideStudent
New Adventures, A Zukka fanfictionby Amity Blight
The world as they know it is on the precipice of change. A fire of passion. Someone just has to start it. Soon the gaang will have to make difficult choices, face new ch...
Close Quarters (Zukka) by ElijahM212
Close Quarters (Zukka)by ElijahM212
Zuko has just joined the 'gaang' at the Western Air Temple, which is where he formally meets Sokka. The two quickly become good friends since the age gap is so small, bu...
from the beginning (zukka modern au) by kamdynne_leanne
from the beginning (zukka modern kam le
they started out as friends, but it took them years to realize that their soulmate was right there in front of them (lmao look at me w shit descriptions) obviously this...
Leader(ship): of Embers and Swords by KitGodric
Leader(ship): of Embers and Swordsby Kit Godric
Takes place maybe 5-6 years after ATLA arc. Aged up. Edit: Zuko doesn't have the best people skills, or leadership skills to be honest. But guess who does? It may take...