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What if W(h)en by AhnRieJin
What if W(h)enby ❤️Fungus🤍[Closed❌]
Closed What if... Wen Ruohan received news that his bestfriend Cangse Sanren had died and infront of him right now was her son. A thin and dying boy who was being carrie...
Dropped in a Fanfic by dimmetoverday
Dropped in a Fanficby dimmetoverday
Fanfictions are the lifeblood of active imaginations. And in a galaxy far, far away, a Star Wars fan can get lost in tales that play with the threads that mark canon's b...
The Tamed by Freya179
The Tamedby Escheria
5 years ago, Xiao Zhan filmed 'The Untamed'. A lot of things happened since then. He woke up one day at a rather familiar place with some familiar faces. It was the day...
Wasted {Frank Adler} by kimmyiewrites
Wasted {Frank Adler}by kimmyie writes
He knew the minute his mother showed up, his quiet life with his niece was going to be ruined, but he wasn't expecting to see the woman he gave up in order to give Mary...
"Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (also called Omniscient Reader and often abbreviated to ORV) is an apocalyptic fantasy fiction webnovel, written by a Korean author d...
•AMBROSIA• W•T•M by BonBonBontastic
•AMBROSIA• W•T•Mby BonBonBontastic
Gods blood is the sweetest nectar And I am the foolish mortal Who'll bind you to me For I am addicted to your kiss And I wish to swallow you whole And when I kiss you Re...
home is where the heart is (and you hold mine) by acrazyslytheringhost
home is where the heart is (and The Insane Slytherin Writes
Something unexpected happens (and wasn't that expected) and Harry is struggling to find Voldemort. He needs to find him Why? Because he was pregnant with the man's child.
Unity (Zutara) by Missxcocoa
Unity (Zutara)by Missxcocoa
Long ago, the four nations were engaged in war. But everything changed when the Fire Nation splits in half. With Fire Lord Ozai slain, Prince Zuko now takes the throne a...
Over Again - TVD AU by bexmikaelsons
Over Again - TVD AUby 𝖒.
In which Rebekah Mikaelson is sent back in time to save her family as her dying wish. Rebekah Mikaelson was dying. She was alone and dying. The only family she had was h...
Through the Pensieve - Jegulus by 0mime0
Through the Pensieve - Jegulusby Micka Melon
Basically, James Potter and Regulus Black team up to take down Voldemort while also falling for each other. It's the summer of 1979, the height of the war, and Regulus i...
The afterlife of a huli jing by mavenschizo1998
The afterlife of a huli jingby Prismatic nacre
After dying at the burial mounds Lan zhan and wei ying transformed into fox spirits. Or Two foxes fell in love, while raising a child with an angry grape of an uncle.
A Trio of Serpents by onyxjay
A Trio of Serpentsby Sage
"A Potter, a Weasley, and a Muggle-born in Slytherin. That's a pretty odd combination, don't you think?" Amazing cover by Khabootea
Trash Falling In Love: Which Trash? by Mugen24
Trash Falling In Love: Which Trash?by Mugen24
There are no Rules in falling love. This was the first time that Claude met a man who was more attractive than any other man or woman he had ever met. His reddish-brown...
Granger family reunion *Dramione* by harrypotterfan0310
Granger family reunion *Dramione*by Hailey potter
this may be just a typical granger family reunion story or it may not be read on to find out. the characters all belong to J.K Rowling and i only own the grandparents th...
(Zutara) Hold it Gently; My Heart Burns For You by WritersWayOfLife
(Zutara) Hold it Gently; My Rue Bullock
A complete Cannon rewrite starting from Book One; novelisation of each book, focusing on Zuko and Katara, and featuring canon-divergences, aged-up characters, mature the...
EVENSTAR ✶ Anakin Skywalker by saturnsokas
EVENSTAR ✶ Anakin Skywalkerby hope.
can you see right through me? anakin skywalker / prequels © saturnsokas, 2022
The Little Esper Hero [mha/bnha x mob pyscho 100 AU] by JHStories101
The Little Esper Hero [mha/bnha Jenna is Writing Is On Hiatus
Yuuma Kageyama is the descendant of Mob, now living in the age where quirks exists. He ends up inheriting his ancestor's unique and destructive psychic abilities. He wan...
ℒove always wakes the dragon (Aemond x OC) by lauraneedstochill
ℒove always wakes the dragon ( lauraneedstochill
She is Daemon's daughter but she wants nothing from him, rides a dragon and doesn't shy away from a fight. She also hides a dangerous secret and has her own reasons for...
Grande Amour by AhnRieJin
Grande Amourby ❤️Fungus🤍[Closed❌]
๑Closed๑ Wei Ying roamed the streets of Yiling. Desperately calling for his mother and father as the blood on his arms drip. Bumping into a trash collecting Gege and his...
Bite Me Harder -Sterek AU- by HPTF2Love
Bite Me Harder -Sterek AU-by Inactive
What if Stiles was bitten that night, not Scott? What if his life changed course the way Scott's did but with all more...Stiles-ness and Sourwolf? My AU of Werewolf!Sti...