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A Leap Into The Future by gabbynadine
A Leap Into The Futureby Avatar Toph
The Gaang finds a portal one day, and is sucked into it! Next thing they know is that they're waking up 70 years in the future? Did someone open that portal on purpose...
Kataang family by itzzz_dumb_girl
Kataang familyby itzzz_dumb_girl
just a little bit of katara and aangs family because they are my favorite ship!
Jinora's Time Adventure by Aangalltheway
Jinora's Time Adventureby Aangalltheway
Jinora gets sucked back in time to the era of Avatar Aang. See through Jinora's eyes how she will find her way back to her present. (this is my 1st story, hope you like...
A crush  by Kataanger04
A crush by Gwendolynn Mascareigne
Modern Kataang : Katara and her family just moved in a new city. There, she meets a boy with whom she develops a crush on, however she's struggling to tell him her fee...
Forward In Time by airbenderwrites
Forward In Timeby Airbender
A new threat comes to the Four Nations. Unfortunately, at the same time, the Gaang is sent forward in time... to the future... seventy years into the future. What they d...
Adult Kataang  by Kataanger04
Adult Kataang by Gwendolynn Mascareigne
Short stories of adult Kataang(One shots) PS: I do not own any ATLA characters.
Trouble Teens by X-Riot4Sonic
Trouble Teensby Dylan_Riot4
Toph and Aang are best friend and both always had there backs whenever the other needs one but soon two new kids came in there Life's to show them that they can also hav...
It's Meant To Be  -Kataang- by yurisleeps
It's Meant To Be -Kataang-by yuri sleeps
After the war ended, the gaang decided to go on a vacation before they will start bringing peace to the world. /I don't own any of the characters or the book cover /It'...
Falling In Love Is Risky by Holaweirdos
Falling In Love Is Riskyby *~💖Tsuki💖~*
Growing up, Aang has always looked up to ice skaters. One day, he meets a professional. He falls in love with her, so pretends to be on her team to impress her even thou...
Modern Kataang high school by AvatarAang2005
Modern Kataang high schoolby AvatarAang2005
Aang is new in school and quickly becomes friends with sokka and Katara (and the rest of the Gaang). Aang developes a crush on Katara but she is dating jet. Soon they Br...
True Love by Holaweirdos
True Loveby *~💖Tsuki💖~*
After being used for being used for being the Avatar for years, Aang finds a girl who loves him for his personality and not his title... Modern AU, All Characters + Ages...
Four Elements High school by octobermango
Four Elements High schoolby octobermango
A high school au of the gaang. Bending is included. Aang has always been home schooled, but he is suddenly plummeted into Four Elements High school, where the easygoing...
Atla High School🌊🌪️🔥🌍 by Holaweirdos
Atla High School🌊🌪️🔥🌍by *~💖Tsuki💖~*
All inspo is to the ones I've read before. All characters are Sophmores-Seniors(15-18) {AaxK} {SuxSo} {ZxM} {Tox?} {TyxAz}
Heart Broken by CoconutBay3
Heart Brokenby Bay45220
The war is finally over but Aang is heart broken after seeing Katara and Zuko together. To avoid the pain, he makes a decision.
Small steps by AvatarStories123
Small stepsby AvatarStories
This story is about Aang, Katara and the gaang in their early 20's
Spending time with you - Kataang  by AtlaNaxture
Spending time with you - Kataang by AtlaNaxture
(A pretty short Kataang Fanfiction that takes place after the imbalance comic while they are still spending their time in crane fish town) Aang couldn't fall asleep so h...
Will You Be Mine? - Modern Avatar the last Airbender college AU by gabbynadine
Will You Be Mine? - Modern Avatar...by Avatar Toph
Meet the Gaang in Ba Sing Se College! (BSSC for short). Zuko is twenty, Sokka is twenty, Katara is nineteen, Aang is nineteen, and Toph is eighteen. Main ships: Tokka...
Life After (Prologue) by Avatars-Love
Life After (Prologue)by Avatars-Love
(Kataang) I've Always Had An Idea About What Happened After The War And I Want To Share It With You Guys
ATLA: Kataang by JordynWitha_Y
ATLA: Kataangby It's Me Jordyn
The world is divided into four nations -- the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and and the Air Nomads -- each represented by a natural element for which t...