ATLA highschool AU
By saltysoy
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In a benderless modern world, the characters of ATLA go about their everyday lives. there are no tribes but there are different groups of students that don't really merge together. families usually keep to themselves as their parents encourage them to keep away from others who aren't friends of family. In this AU all characters are a couple years older, so they're more mature then the age they are in ATLA, in this they're late teens, so no creepy kid stuff I promise. until a new kid (aang) arrives at school and changes many things for most of his classmates and the school. resulting in enraging the headmaster Ozai. I know this story seems pretty basic but I'll try to make it more interesting with many different romantic opportunities and potentially some dark and emotional twists. if you love ATLA and some of the ships then you should give this a read. I'll keep working on it, I'm sorry if I'm a little slow. this is just for my own enjoyment to be fair and hopefully everyone who reads it. please don't be harsh. Enjoy :)

spring begins

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ATLA high...
by saltysoy