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Mine (Z.H) by rainberryslover
Mine (Z.H)by 💘
you knew i loved you but you hurt me anyways. The one where Niall is just an innocent & naive 16 year old and his boyfriend Zayn is possessive over him.
When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l.s.) by thighhighlarry
When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l...by -
'I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck' https://www.instagram.com/thighhighlarry/ Copyright 2014, thighhighlarry. All Rights Reserved.
The Evil Boss- L.S by Tommoy
The Evil Boss- L.Sby Monica
Louis is the new secretary for the famous CEO Harry Styles, who has had a record for breaking hearts. Almost instantly, Louis hates the man yet lusts after him all toget...
I Hated You First ➸ Larry  by guardianzayngels
I Hated You First ➸ Larry by guardianzayngels
[COMPLETE | AU] With some demons haunting him from his past, Harry is excited to start college to get a relaxed escape from his home life, but stress is only added on hi...
Let Me In (Larry Stylinson AU) by larryisreal_92813
Let Me In (Larry Stylinson AU)by Pearl ♡
Harry has been selectively mute since past trauma with his best friend. He moves into Doncaster with his mother and sister because people bullied him too much since he w...
Lets Cross The Lines We Lost {L.S} (Not My Work) by 70sglitterrock
Lets Cross The Lines We Lost {L.S}...by Zee
Louis lives a not so quiet life on a not so quiet street. Starting university was supposed to be easy, that is, until he realises his new neighbour is Harry Styles, and...
The Rematch (Ziall Horlik)AU M-Preg by BriannaLynnC98
The Rematch (Ziall Horlik)AU M-Pregby Brianna Lynn C.
(Sequel to The Fighter) You can take the fighter out of the fight, but you can't take fight out of the fighter. Niall was a happy, stay at home father of two. He loved t...
How Deep Is Your Love [ ziallsmut ] by nhoranz
How Deep Is Your Love [ ziallsmut ]by N
The best ziall smuts, in my option. Don't read if you don't like boyxboy, gay smut or sex. But good reading moments. With All The Love - Me, XD.
Something Great-(Ziall Horlik mpreg.) BEFEJEZETT by Tomlinsonsprincess00
Something Great-(Ziall Horlik mpre...by 🌸E🌸
"Csak szeretni akarta őt. " FIGYELEM: -Niall ebben a sztoriban nem énekes -férfi terhesség -ha ez a két cucc nem tetszik akkor menj innen
Niall Centric One Shots by PRAYFORMYWRITING
Niall Centric One Shotsby PRAYFORMYWRITING
Short stories about your favorite boys :) I only write boyxboy. Generally long updates. Niall Centrics. Zayn is included. Feel free to request, my inbox is always open o...
iT's YoU (z.h) by horny-for-horan
iT's YoU (z.h)by ziall almighty
Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction, he and the boys haven't been keeping contact. That is until Niall Horan shows up at one of his concerts.
The Comfort Of No One (Ziall Horlik) ~(BoyxBoy) by MyOtherDays
The Comfort Of No One (Ziall Horli...by Sam
"Not All Scars Show Not All Scars Heal Often We Don't See The pain someone feels" "The Worst Kind Of Pain Is When You're Smiling Just To Stop The Tears...
His For A Price |z.h| by xxNikita1dxoxo
His For A Price |z.h|by ~ Nikita ~
Once upon a time, and far away, Niall Horan found himself the ultimate prize in a dangerously high-stakes card game. When the last hand had been revealed, the knowing cu...
Our Loves An Asylum z.h Book 2 by bloodhazetaegukk
Our Loves An Asylum z.h Book 2by schizolarryia
*Sequel to Nightmares* "You went out every Night but baby thats alright I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side, cause Imma ride or die."...
Our omega  by SunshineCj9
Our omega by SunshineCj9
Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis are looking for their omega. They have no idea about how he looks like or how even looks like. But what the do know is that their omega is...
Nightmares (Ziall) Book 1 by bloodhazetaegukk
Nightmares (Ziall) Book 1by schizolarryia
"How can I sleep if I dont have dreams I just have nightmares." Zayn is a well known killer, but nobody really knows his face because he always wears make-up t...
Lilo texts (boyxboy) by smd_fangirl
Lilo texts (boyxboy)by narry.
"Guess who's hot ;)" "Me of course" "Bitch you wish" Lilo texting because who wouldn't love to see these. (Fake texts of course. All made...
Bondage |•| L.S. by twooghosts
Bondage |•| L.S.by twooghosts
Louis is the leader of a pack of 31000 members. Louis wants an omega. He wants Harry as his omega. (Louis kinda unstable in this) •Alpha Louis •Alpha Liam •Alpha Zayn •...
Bedtime Stories ♡ Ziall/Larry/Lirry AU [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
Bedtime Stories ♡ Ziall/Larry/Lirr...by alexis
"Daddy, can you tell me a story? Please?" A fic in which Harry and Louis have a four-year-old son, Niall, who likes to hear bedtime stories from his daddies. *...
Fire Away (Ziall Horlik) AU by DolansMonkey
Fire Away (Ziall Horlik) AUby Misty Hope
Niall doesn't have the best life and his mind is always telling him the worst will always happen. What happens when he befriends the varsity football team captain? Will...