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Kotlc Role play by 8gtberry
Kotlc Role playby #𝕄𝕣.𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕜𝕝𝕖𝕋𝕨𝕚𝕟𝕤✨
Hello, welcome to Kotlc Role Play. In the first few pages there are characters, pick a character if it's not already taken. Every now and then I will request you write a...
Little Briony [DDLG] by Afirelove1
Little Briony [DDLG]by Afirelove1
17 year old Briony has decided to leave home and find a new lifestyle in the city. However, things don't seem go exactly how she planned. Pretty soon she finds herself i...
Kid Face Claims by FangirlCrossing
Kid Face Claimsby Blackbird
For me particularly I find it significantly hard to find quality gifs and face claims for children. So here is another archive of face claims for children. All children...
My Musical Note ( Luka X Reader ) by Booberry23
My Musical Note ( Luka X Reader )by Luna Evans<3
y/n had grown up in Ontario almost her whole life, had a small group of friends, but never exactly fit in with others. She has always loved the guitar and tends to sketc...
-GASSED UP- (Zane X Kawaii~Chan) by Piece0fPaper
-GASSED UP- (Zane X Kawaii~Chan)by Pieceofpaper
"Tell me why I can't date him, Zane give me one good reason!" "Because...Because I'm in love with you okay!" Zane Ro'meave. A well-known high school...
IT preferences  by richies_hoe
IT preferences by Richies_hoe
IT preferences comment ideas !
The Kitten (BDSM) by robotdog326
The Kitten (BDSM)by robotdog326
Taken and hypnotized, Laini's life can never be the same.
Are we friends?||completed|| by Lay_Nhyoe_Maen
Are we friends?||completed||by Lay Nhyoe Maen
လူတိုင္​းက အခ်စ္​ကို အဓိပၸါယ္​ ဖြင္​့ဆိုပုံျခင္​း မတူဘူး​ေလ! ဒါမဲ့ အားလုံးရဲ႕ စိတ္​ထဲမွာ​ေတာ့ အခ်စ္​ဟာ အခ်စ္​ပါပဲ~ခ်စ္​ပုံခ်စ္​နည္​းကြာမယ္​~ ခ်စ္​မိပုံျခင္​းကြာမယ္​~အခ်စ...
Warrior cat role play (Open)  by Casual-Loneliness
Warrior cat role play (Open) by Howdy there
This is a warriors role play. Here you are able to make your own destiny.
~My Illness Called Love~ (Zane X Kawaii~chan) by Piece0fPaper
~My Illness Called Love~ (Zane X Pieceofpaper
(Zane~Chan) "Just promise you won't leave me.." "I promise." She has an illness... He is the cure... Zane and Kawaii Chan are only acquaintance...
profiling 101 ➞ multifandom by -presley
profiling 101 ➞ multifandomby 𝘗 𝘙 𝘌 𝘚
a book in which you and presley roleplay different fandoms together .
profiled ➞ oc book by -presley
profiled ➞ oc bookby 𝘗 𝘙 𝘌 𝘚
a book in which presley shows you her original characters .
Percy Jackson and The Olympians Roleplay by TravelingAngel
Percy Jackson and The Olympians TravelingAngel
Join the world of half bloods and monsters roleplay inspired by the Percy Jackson series. This book allows smut! (It is a semi literate roleplay. Meaning no One line re...
Learning- Ranboo and Techno (platonic fanfic) by gogyfrog
Learning- Ranboo and Techno ( gogyfrogy
Based on the dsmp where Ranboo is learning from Techno. This is my first fanfic so like don't expect much lol- I don't ship Dnf or Skephalo but I might add in those shi...
ITSFUNNEH: The Magic Within Us by NikkyMouse_
ITSFUNNEH: The Magic Within Usby ⁂ Nikky/ Nikki ☽
𝓪𝓷 𝓲𝓽𝓼𝓯𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓱 𝓪𝓾 - - ☄︎ - - The Krew are ordinary students. Or as ordinary as people who go to magic school can be. In this world, the Krew attend Mystic Mag...
profiling 202 ➞ individual by -presley
profiling 202 ➞ individualby 𝘗 𝘙 𝘌 𝘚
a book in which you and presley roleplay different characters together .
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𝐻𝒶𝒾𝓀𝓎𝓊𝓊 𝓇𝓅 ( Haikyuu Rp) by Suna_sunflowers
𝐻𝒶𝒾𝓀𝓎𝓊𝓊 𝓇𝓅 ( Haikyuu Rp)by 🌙Suna’s BabyGirl🌙
Haikyuu rp ; This is Akaashi_sunflowers my account got deleted so here I am!