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Lone Knight (Oc X DMC Character X Date A Live) by DZULD4C
Lone Knight (Oc X DMC Character X...by Raiden Dzul
Arthur,Twin Brother Of Nero Who Just Moved From Fortuna To Japan To See Spirit That Has Been Rumor Around That Take His Interest And At The Same Time,There Is Demon Aro...
Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A One Punch Man) by DiamondHunt61
Date A Live X Male Reader (Date A...by Diamond Hunt
Y/N, the son of the one punch hero Saitama, has teleported to another world after being sucked in by a mysterious portal that appeared. He ended up in a world of Spirits...
God Killer Vegito Male Reader x Date a live by Confate
God Killer Vegito Male Reader x Da...by MkCr
Y/n is a Fan of ArJ's Fan fiction series Ultra Vegito the God Killer But He has died and isekaied to the world of Date a Live. -Disclaimer I do not own Date a live or Ar...
That Nara... | Naruto Fanficiton by 101_classified
That Nara... | Naruto Fanficitonby 101
Shikarei is the eldest of two children of Shikaku Nara and Yoshino Nara. She grows to become quite the famous ninja, but she always sticks by her family and friends no m...
Being the Traveler, literally (Date a Live x Destiny 2 fanfiction) by UppaUppaNo
Being the Traveler, literally (Dat...by UppaUppaWOAH
(Two Week Updates) (First Light - Arc) Shut-in lazy(Hard-Working sometimes) Y/N who still lives with his parents, dies of extreme body fatigue but reincarnates as The Tr...
Arron and Trexx by strawhat_pirate
Arron and Trexxby Straw
Barely escaping alive from a human trafficking ring, Arron finds herself running for her life as her captors seek to hunt her down, either to end her life or to torture...
Second Time's The Charm by Read006
Second Time's The Charmby Read006
Tobirama knew bringing back the dead was possible. He knew that anything was possible in the ninja world. That didn't mean, however, that he ever believed in reincarnati...
Mistaken To Be A Spirit by AnRin05
Mistaken To Be A Spiritby AnRin05
"Somehow I'm in this situation right now......for whatever reason I'm in Date A Live universe... And not only that but they thought I'm a spirit..? And to make this...
The Mirror Spirit (Date a Live X OC) by GerbelZ
The Mirror Spirit (Date a Live X O...by Wh00shy
Wake up, take a shower, go to work, go home, and repeat, that is the life of 25 year old hayashida nao, a man with simple dreams of advancing his career and eat deliciou...
Date a Fortress 2 (Date a Live x TF2 Sniper) by Kazamachi
Date a Fortress 2 (Date a Live x T...by Kazamachi
The Sniper, goes by the alias John Mundy is your average sniper. One day, his friend Jeremy introduced him an anime that caught his interest since all he have done is do...
jjk characters' and their reaction to . . . | jujutsu kaisen x reader by sinumaki
jjk characters' and their reaction...by ! 𝐒𝐈𝐍 ^_^
/: a story filled with scenarios of the jjk characters' and their reactions to . . . [redacted] includes . + oneshots + drabbles + headcanons + scenarios <3
The Void Spirit ( Date A Live ) by _subzero_
The Void Spirit ( Date A Live )by Frost_Zero
Yin is a spirit born into a place where no other living beings exist. A power too great which even the void would shake. What would happen if shido and the other spirits...
Date A Live: Red Crown Chaplain by K_Korvus_Korvac
Date A Live: Red Crown Chaplainby Kelvin K. Korvac
If I was destined to be nothing, why have I been called up for such an ending? The Crown is mine, yet there are none to rule. But if I could bring you back, I would do i...
Date a Live: Date a God  by Karl_Krafft_
Date a Live: Date a God by Mercurius
After protecting the world from Hajun for 8000+ years, Tenma Yato, knowed also as Ren Fujii found his death by the hand of the Eastern Expedition. However, instead of di...
The Eldest Uchiha (Naruto Fan-Fic) by LightWolf46
The Eldest Uchiha (Naruto Fan-Fic)by LightWolf46
My name you ask? It's Umi, Umi Uchiha. Eldest Child of Fugaku and Mikoto, elder sister of Itachi and Sasuke. I don't own Naruto just Umi.
date a live:Invincible Saiyaman.   by Aaronmcfighter
date a live:Invincible Saiyaman. by Aaron j malone
I don't own any digital art but figures I make out of pipecleaners, that goes for all of my fanfics. Shido itsuka, born in a world not only where spirits exists but even...
Mother know best by Mayura_Karin
Mother know bestby Mayura_Karin
A mom knows what her children need. Kushina and Mikoto always get what they want, now they put their eye on Sakura for future daughter-in-law. How far will they go to ge...
Dating the King of Minuses! What could go wrong? by MCPELuisTuican
Dating the King of Minuses! What c...by MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi after so misadventures has returned home in Tengu city. Things were as peacefull as could be with him, until he found out he needs to save tge world by f...
Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A Live) by 21Katerasaur
Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A L...by Yes
Y/N was happy with his life until he died due to an accident. He wakes up and sees a God who gives him a choice. Be an angel and serve under him or be reincarnated into...
The Heroic Spirit (Date A Live x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
The Heroic Spirit (Date A Live x I...by Tired Boi
Izuku Midoriya is now a pro hero and became the next Symbol of Peace but he died on a fight with the new All for One who is known as Tomura Shigaraki. Their fight was ha...