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Kenshi, The Spirit Swordsman by gogeta0702
Kenshi, The Spirit Swordsmanby Gogeta Saiyan
An OC X Date A Live X Sword Art Online fanfiction After Westcott's death, everything has returned to normal. Everyone have their normal life again, despite they're still...
The Origin • Tensura X Date a Live by NIGHT-R0SE
The Origin • Tensura X Date a Liveby NIGHT-ROSE
The Creature who Created all of Existence Decided to visit the World the It created what will happen when It Arive.
The Ultimate Cry [Date a live x Devil May Cry] by XD0010Bigfan
The Ultimate Cry [Date a live x MeganekkoSenpai
This is a re-make story from my depressed male reader book. I hope you guys enjoy it. [I don't own any photos of the characters or etc in this story, they belong to thei...
Date a Live Fanfiction (The Rise Of The Emperor) by MajinHotTuna
Date a Live Fanfiction (The Rise MajinHotTuna!
"Oh Shido . . . Faced with many decisions while the world forces you to choose . . . God's don't choose, We Take!!!" The sealed power within Shido begins to gr...
So I'm Shido Itsuka? by Oramudadora
So I'm Shido Itsuka?by Oramudadora
A man who was just about to take the first steps into adulthood, has found himself dead and reincarnated in a new world. Soon finding out he was in the anime world, Date...
"Spirit of Distraction" • Tensura X Date a Live  by VOID-KING
"Spirit of Distraction" • VOID-KING
Rimuru Want to go to another world but on the way he meets the Spirit of Origin What will Happen To their Encounter.
Shido's Frustration by Creeperleap
Shido's Frustrationby Creeper
Managing several girls with literally explosive emotions can be extremely stressful. Shido knows this better than anyone and decides he needs a break. So with the help o...
Spirit Friend (Date A Live x Male Reader) by undertalecharisk
Spirit Friend (Date A Live x 星が輝く夜 🌌
(Y/N) (L/N) is a normal highschool boy living his life peacefully in tengu city with his best friend itsuka shido. (Y/N) peaceful life fade as he get involve with supern...
date a live x  Depressed male reader by XD0010Bigfan
date a live x Depressed male MeganekkoSenpai
i not good making description, just read my story,I'm just inspired to make this story If you like this story, vote this story or follow me  Credits= XD0010 Xd0010Bigfan
The Void Spirit ( Date a Live ) [ ZETA ] by subzero127
The Void Spirit ( Date a Live ) [ Frost_Zero
Yin is a spirit born into a place where no other living beings exist. A power too great which even the void would shake. What would happen if shido and the other spirits...
Date-a-live: ーSpiritual Kinshipー by Red-woodstorm
Date-a-live: ーSpiritual Kinshipーby Red-and-Storm
Syouji- Shidou's twin brother, has been living with the Itsuka family together after being abandoned by their birth mother. In this world, disasters known as Spatial qu...
Calamity of Date a Live by NekoNep
Calamity of Date a Liveby Faker of Fakers
Meet our boi, Kuro Itsuka. 17 years old and adopted by the Itsuka's with his (not-so) twin brother Shido. He is your everyday teenager. At least on the surface.... &quo...
A Song for You (Miku x OC) by keishirogane08
A Song for You (Miku x OC)by Kei Shirogane
"It doesn't matter how many fans I have, as long as you are listening to my songs, that is more than enough for me." "Don't worry, I will never get tired...
The Harbinger of Justice (Date A Live) by RealSamannej
The Harbinger of Justice (Date A Samannej
In a world of evil, who will stand up to deliver justice and restore the balance? New chapter release every Mon-Wed-Fri! Journey with Shido Itsuka and your beloved cha...
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Indra Otsutsuki x Date A Live by jasonmakoni54321
Indra Otsutsuki x Date A Liveby Jason Makoni
Indra has been transported to date a live universe what tale shall unfold.
Date A Live: Alternate Chronicles by SupremeSaiyanGod
Date A Live: Alternate Chroniclesby Colossal Saiyan
After Season 3 of Date A Live, an unknown individual makes it into their world. They are unsure of his origins or what is goals are being there. Is he the first male Sp...
Kamen Rider Evil/Live in Another World (Kamen Rider Evil/Live x Date A Live) by pcgaming22
Kamen Rider Evil/Live in Another NguyenHan59
Y / N after being hit by a truck suddenly wakes up in another world and at the same time the briefcase has a belt, will he be a hero or a villain.
Miserable Life in DAL by Albababa23
Miserable Life in DALby cracen 569
Ok, so a man died and then he transported into another world. [oc in the cover]
Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A Live) by 21Katerasaur
Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A Yes
Y/N was happy with his life until he died due to an accident. He wakes up and sees a God who gives him a choice. Be an angel and serve under him or be reincarnated into...
Transcendence: A Ren Amamiya x Akechi Goro Short Romance (Persona 5) by acuphoria
Transcendence: A Ren Amamiya x acuphoria
You just managed to save Akechi from an impending doom inside Shido's Palace. Now, out of worry and care for Crow, you convince Sojiro to take him in. But living with th...