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The Enemies Become Brothers (Eng ver) by Eimume
The Enemies Become Brothers (Eng v...by Eimume
What if your Enemy that you want to kill before, become your sibling in your next life? That thought never crossed my mind and that why I wrote this fic. ( Original auth...
The Demon Lord's Heart by honetbee
The Demon Lord's Heartby honetbee
📌 ONGOING White star tried to summon a demon but instead summoned kim rok soo? Will krs get his slacker life? (no) And why are these people calling him their God? D...
Crimson Thames || TCF/LCF ff by CaleHenituse_totcf
Crimson Thames || TCF/LCF ffby AlbeCale_goDOKidoki💕
Cale Henituse killed White Star. And when he woke up he saw two familiar faces. Cale Barrow and Kim Rok Soo. 'What happened?' Cale did not know the answer.
Wikipedia? What's that? (Trash of the count's Family reaction fic) by EarthernHistoria
Wikipedia? What's that? (Trash of...by Nyx
The God of Death has lost a bet. Now the cast are being forced to reveal their secrets via Wikipedia. Cross posted on Archive of our own under EarthernHistoria
The Other Side of A Coin by Maselant
The Other Side of A Coinby Maselant
A past life forgotten. They will feel love again under a tree. Isn't it wonderful? " I'm Cale Barrow!" " I'll give you my mask. Give me your necklace.&quo...
Fuck Our Fate [TCF/LCF Fanfiction] by Yingsen
Fuck Our Fate [TCF/LCF Fanfiction]by Senaria
A story in which our beloved main character and villain were stuck in a time loop and decided to make the best of it by traveling across endless worlds as twins while fu...
Of Roses... And Blood? Wait What-? by Naberius_Amon
Of Roses... And Blood? Wait What-?by Naberius Amon
It's a typical TBOAH meets TCF fanfic. But except there's no reaction involved, TBOAH goes to TCF world instead! Misunderstandings here and there. Oh boy. Buckle up your...
Papa cale has another child by diirex
Papa cale has another childby diirex
after the death of white star during an accident cale found an infant in the middle of forest of darkness and decided to took care of him. who is this child? where are h...
Getting You Back (And Closer) by KacyPatterson
Getting You Back (And Closer)by Kacelikesbooks
During a battle with White Star, Cale gets taken right in front of his friends and family. How will they react? More importantly, will they reach him in time? Spoilers...
Is This Hope Still Attainable...? (The Birth of a Hero Reacts to TCF) by Stranded_Weeb
Is This Hope Still Attainable...by ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ_ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡɴs
I'm really new to writing fan fiction let alone reactions so please bare with me! Updates will most likely will on be like once or twice a week as I'm not use to writing...
Who is what????? by Silencelover335
Who is what?????by A.d xxd.
So what if Cale was a God. Not just any God but the God of Gods, the Supreme God, the God of Everything, The teacher of GoD, GoW, GoS and God of Despair, the ruthless Co...
Who was she? {HIATUS} by AnimeFanficsSimp
Who was she? {HIATUS}by I love trash💵
When Eruhaben was still young, he met lady that stayed in his heart for all of the years he lived. Searching for her all over the continent, when his live was coming to...
Our Crimson Fate by BlackSakura377
Our Crimson Fateby Hei Yinghua
When everythings going to end. Cale Henituse now have a path he decided to chose to be with. A path, where no one could hold him down. Not a single one shackle him agai...
To where exactly?? [ORV x TCF] by ShioLadra
To where exactly?? [ORV x TCF]by ShioLadra
"Explain." "..........𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒍.." . . . "Hey guys" "what?" "Wanna kill gods?" "I may be a wannabe-god but I hella...
How to end the war: based on observation [TCF/LCF Fanfiction] by Yingsen
How to end the war: based on obser...by Senaria
There are several things Cale has observed whenever they are up against the Arm Organization. First, the Arm Organization is vicious and merciless Second, the members of...
Didn't know where else to go by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Didn't know where else to goby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Go check out the fanfic "Didn't know where else to go" by Aoi Asteria or @Lucathy4life this is basically its continuation
The Trash that Those Villain Loves by Bitter_Choco1603
The Trash that Those Villain Lovesby [Za]
What Gonna Happened If the Villain on Tcf/Tboah became obsessed with Cale Henituse A.K original Cale Henituse Or should I say Cale Von Ejellan? And what if Kim Roksoo...
Sacrifice For The Despair. You Or Me? (Tcf Oneshot) by Lucathy4life
Sacrifice For The Despair. You Or...by Aoi Asteria
Was the redhead crazy? Did he go crazy due to war?! No, why was the other redhead acting in a similar manner?! His long life made him crazy too!! **** *Embarassed author...
TCF/LCF Fanfiction | Why me..? (Eng ver.) by Eimume
TCF/LCF Fanfiction | Why me..? (En...by Eimume
Who would have thought that just falling asleep after reading the novel "The Birth Of The Hero" and then wake up, 'Kim Rok Soo' would be in the body of a trash...
White Star/TCF!Cale songfic react by CaleBarr0w
White Star/TCF!Cale songfic reactby C.Barrow
Crack? Yes. Angst? Yes. Songfic? Yes. Reactfic? Yes. (Includes enemies, allies, human!APs) - No OCs - No Timeline, just go with the flow - No Henituse family (They exist...