Fuck Our Fate [TCF...
By Yingsen
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A story in which our beloved main character and villain were stuck in a time loop and decided to make the best of it by traveling across endless worlds as twins while fucking with the other characters. They're basically messing with fate and doing whatever they want while an obsessed and devoted Choi Han and Ancient White Star pursue Cale through various worlds. Cale, who keeps on getting kidnapped by different supposed-to-be-dead mothers, has had enough of everything. Barrow, who is vying for the next Pope position, wants to foster peace and love. P.S Because English is not my first language, please accept my apologies if it is poorly written or contains errors in grammar. The characters aren't mine; this is a fanfiction based on the novel Lout of the Count's Family / Trash of the Count's Family. This work has already been published on archiveofourown, so if you prefer to read on that site, you may go ahead and check it out. Just search for the user Senaria

Chapter 1

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Fuck Our...
by Yingsen