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classroom of the elite || Random Reaction by lldeepll
classroom of the elite || Random R...by lldeepll
It is random reaction fic and nothing You ain't any good if you think me as none good You are creep? Always waiting for cote's stuff? Whatever
Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Remus Hisahoshi
Guess who's back Back Back Back again Again again All joking aside hello my favorite little victims! Or as you prefer to be called: Readers. My name is Evangeline Hisah...
One Line Wattpad Rants by fallen_angelinluv
One Line Wattpad Rantsby medha
Psst...DO NOT read this book if you get offended easily. The rants written in it are some things that annoy me on Wattpad. DON'T READ IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE...
Picking up flowers for u // Rindou Haitani by erichinchinn
Picking up flowers for u // Rindou...by rinnie
- i saw you under lights reflecting my bifocals. amidst ruckus, you came to me - • tokyo revengers ff • rindou haitani x fem! reader note: i do not own any character...
Mr&Mrs...Whatever! by background21
Mr&Mrs...Whatever!by Neetha Sai
Meet Usha Mehta, sitting there calmly on the wedding stage looking as beautiful as ever in that red sari. But observe clearly her face in all the chaos of the few people...
Lost in Love - COMPLETE by whateverrr004
Lost in Love - COMPLETEby e
PROLOGUE #3 How long must I wait for you? - Cole Brian Evangelista and Desiree Jennielle Bartolome's story. Date Started: October 6, 2020 Date Finished: May 6, 2022
Forced Marriage - COMPLETE by whateverrr004
Forced Marriage - COMPLETEby e
PROLOGUE #2 A fanfic for Ricci Rivero. Zoey Hernandez is a student-athlete from De La Salle University. The moment she saw Ricci Rivero -- a basketball player, her heart...
It's whatever - bwwm by kf7w89uq6yprivaterel
It's whatever - bwwmby kf7w89uq6yprivaterel
It's a good storyline so yea. Read it ig?
Mr.Whatever (COMPLETED) by UcanDreambig
Mr.Whatever (COMPLETED)by Scarzy
Whatever is his favorite word to use. He pushes people away, yells at anyone, not afraid to speak his mind But that all changes when he meets her. #174 in teen fiction...
Capturing the Heart [a pokemon fanfiction] (boyxboy) by ZanaBean
Capturing the Heart [a pokemon fan...by Pansexual Idiot
Ash has been captured. Captured by Giovanni. Ash had come so close to taking team rocket down, one more base, one more city. Giovanni however had had enough and was now...
Late Night Thoughts  by annes_avOcados
Late Night Thoughts by ☁️🫧🌱
Things that keep me awake every night. Things I am afraid to say. Things that are better left unsaid. Things no one will ever read...
🄻🄸🄻🅈 🄿🄰🅁🅃 🄸🄸 by ms-lily
* bila aku dh start nak merepek meraban... * aku tny, aku ckp, aku tulis, benda apa yg aku nak ...
Hamilton Reacts To StuffStuff [DISCONTINUED] by Enby_ous
Hamilton Reacts To StuffStuff [DIS...by Helk
ok so...my writing sucks Just bare with me!! This is the first time that imma gonna write a Hamilton book cause I'm bored as heck... ⚠Warning this book contains⚠ A lot o...
Levi x male reader by _Blue_diamond_
Levi x male readerby _Blue_diamond_
This is my first AOT story and Guys there will be Out of character moments Like a lot because I Have only seen Three episodes And have never read the manga So enjoy...
LONG_LOST...[✔] by GlossFics
LONG_LOST...[✔]by Digi Dorky
Our very own lone wolf has a not so lone part of his past... will he really be able to relive his happy self and learn to love ???Read to find out... My first story sooo...
Forever Yours.. by Hxi13y
Forever Yours..by Hailey:)
Not only has it been several years since they have seen each other, Killua and Gon, but they've been through quite some interesting stuff in the several years apart. It'...
Shït Håppĕnş (Diabolik Lovers x Male Reader) by ThatOneFreakyBitch
Shït Håppĕnş (Diabolik Lovers x Ma...by HolaBitch
♤Reiji see's me pervin' he be hating♤ ♤Patrolling, he tryin' to catch ridin' dirty♤ BoyxBoy~A.K.A~yaoi Viewer discretion is advised ♤ ♤Oh, and you dominate in this, sorr...
What's Unkown (A Demi Lovato and Niall Horan love story) by bookgirl7
What's Unkown (A Demi Lovato and N...by bookgirl7
Demi Lovato and Niall Horan are best friends. When Demi leaves to tour in America they're separated. Being away from Niall makes Demi realize her true feelings for him...
Nothing but a reject by Alicia_Lovelyy
Nothing but a rejectby Alicia
"Why do they hate me so much?" Talisha Mahon would cry herself almost every night asking that question. Her pack and own sister have bullied her ever since she...
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A Giant Hiccup (Reader Insert) by SuperNinjaDragon7
A Giant Hiccup (Reader Insert)by FangirlSNTD
All seemed to be perfect. The Edge was safe, the Dragon Hunters gone, all was perfect. But then an unexpected incident will change one young Viking's life forever. (HTTY...