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The Blind Vampire Slave(on hold and a rewrite) by bikergirlforlife
The Blind Vampire Slave(on hold an...by Lunaleon
(On hold for a rewrite and people this is 5 years old writing was different then! I was just going with what my mind came up with while I started working. No one is perf...
UNLOVED ( undergoing editing + rewriting ) by lusteful
UNLOVED ( undergoing editing + rew...by lusteful
Isn't it often said that the smallest among us should receive the greatest love and care? In this agony of what he claims as existence, it seems that this sentiment is a...
The Forgotten Sister by Bloomie404
The Forgotten Sisterby Bloomie
Two sisters..twins. One kidnapped and one forgotten
The Alpha's Promise (1st Book of The Alpha Wolves) by BraveAngelGirl
The Alpha's Promise (1st Book of T...by Angelica
Marielle Heartifillia was banished from her pack by none other than her one, true mate. Love was a rarity in her life. Her parents were long gone, leaving her to fend fo...
Won't he consider me Ever? (Completed)  by FlowerVine98
Won't he consider me Ever? (Comple...by Anonymous Writer
Have you ever tried to make something just to get a certain someone's attention? Well everyone would have done at certain points. Maybe a lots of times too. But have yo...
Above Them All by GabbyAddison1
Above Them Allby GabbyAddison1
The Malfoy's daughter is unappreciated and sent away as much as possible. She spent lots of time with her aunt Bellatrix, but not even Bellatrix likes her. But one day s...
Abandon Sister  by deep457
Abandon Sister by khani love
A girl who doesn't know what her mistake. why her family don't want to her. Why they always ignored her . Why she can't live the life like her other siblings. Why she i...
How to Punch Soren McKinin | ✓ by Chatachino
How to Punch Soren McKinin | ✓by ❅ Mignon ❅
Soren McKinin; the disappointment of the family, the child his parents wished did not belong to them, the type fathers warned their daughters not to date. Anger issues...
Suicide Mate by trippin_trep
Suicide Mateby Hannah
I tried I really did, I just couldn't do it, he was supposed to love me... Instead he broke me He ignored me, yelled at me, and sometimes he gave me a bruise. He never...
Lovelorn by sk_chirag
Lovelornby SK Chirag
For those Unlucky in Love, here's a poetry book exclusively for y'all.
Unloved by DARKMCH
Unlovedby DARKMCH
"Unloved: Another Chance for Love" is a captivating collection of narrative poetry by DARK that delves deep into the complexities of human emotion and strength...
The Unloved | BeamForth by CrackerWrites
The Unloved | BeamForthby sunel
Being unloved for the whole life, Beam finds peace in his husband Forth... But what happen when he feel the betrayal.. "I was just using you" Forth "But...
Dear bully (COMPLETED) by sugercube1068
Dear bully (COMPLETED)by Suger
As the time goes by her smile does too. A constant frown is its replacement. Tears. Hurt. Pain. Words. Is that her only fate ?
the morden draupadi by AshnaKar
the morden draupadiby Ashna Kar
**Title: The morden Draupadi : The Story of Sana** **Description:** The morden Draupadi : The Story of Sana" is a poignant and gripping biography that delves into t...
The Wolf Girl(Twilight Fanfiction)(Embry Call) by MissKaterina
The Wolf Girl(Twilight Fanfiction)...by Jo
Mia Swan is the complete opposite of her sister Bella. She has light brown curly hair, blue eyes and her skin is slightly tanned. Mia also used to be captain of the chee...
~Depressing poems 3 by ShanaOfficial
~Depressing poems 3by Shana Van Belleghem
Hello! this is my 3th book, you can also read my 1st and my second book if you want (: i would really appreciate it if you would, and i'm sorry if there are some mistake...
A Gem, A Lili, and destiny by Gemmystic
A Gem, A Lili, and destinyby Gemmy
This is the story of how Jack became Lili and the process in between. As Jack is hanging out with his friends in his house one day with his friends his little sister com...
Too broken to be fixed (a kakanaru fanfiction) by CryOffical
Too broken to be fixed (a kakanaru...by Safe place!
Complete Naruto is a sad and depressed boy who was hated by everyone in the village and because of that he had no friends. Naruto was always alone and even after he left...
Being the Girl by unendingly
Being the Girlby Brittany
Danni Parks best friends are all guys and she is perfectly fine with being the girl. She can't stand hanging out with girls who gossip and are so judgmental. She loves d...
My Fake Boyfriend (Complete) by narcissusflower
My Fake Boyfriend (Complete)by Azho <3
#6 in BOOKS and #33 in CHICKLIT(highest ranking )---- Jessie is hopeless about finding love, after asking out the fourteenth guy she had a crush on, and being rejected...