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Fallout X Reader One Shots by GreenEyedPan
Fallout X Reader One Shotsby GreenEyedPan
This is a series of one shots from Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. I do not own any of the characters, of course. All One Shots are in alphabetical order fo...
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Misery Blues by xtoni4nn
Misery Bluesby Tonii
Veronica 'Roni' Blues hides her bruises behind her baggy clothes and long hair, she hides her feelings behind her witty comebacks and sarcasm. She lives with a man that...
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My 50's Playlist by storiesRrandom
My 50's Playlistby Cracking Time Travel
50's music Lyrics are from google And I'm throwing in some 30's, 40's, 60's, and even 50's inspired music too! But generally focused on the 50's If you have any music I...
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The day I had you (Book 1) (A sad story) <Completed> by MichelleMabini3
The day I had you (Book 1) (A MichelleCute22
Jack and Elsa broke up because of a misunderstanding and they always fight about it. Elsa could not take it anymore. She left and he let her go. Years later. Jack regre...
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Midnight Blues by asteriamint
Midnight Bluesby C
Saudade #1 Louisianna Dawn has always been a risk-taker. She's loud, jolly, and sometimes a little bit crazy. In short, she's untamed... until Damon Hayes came.
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Phoenix Knight [A Bad Boy Story] - Editing by nkf350
Phoenix Knight [A Bad Boy Story] florence
[COMPLETED] [EDITING] [BOOK 1 OF 2] "You OBVIOUSLY think that just because I offer you my time of day then we are ‘friends’ or something but, listen to me, Barbie...
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My Net Savior. by EnzanorBlues
My Net Ijuuin Enzan
I know. Lame title. This the first story I've ever written, just warning you. Okay, quick summary... You and your operator, Lily Rose, have fallen for the famous netbatt...
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Even The Lamebrain Ponders by L_A_S_S
Even The Lamebrain Pondersby lililiria
Endless travail in this Sphere.
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𑁍︎Bʟᴜᴇs Gʀᴀᴘʜɪᴄ Sʜᴏᴘᵒᵖᵉⁿ by jmeowxx
𑁍︎Bʟᴜᴇs Gʀᴀᴘʜɪᴄ Sʜᴏᴘᵒᵖᵉⁿby itsmejuls
❝BLUES ; a Graphic Shop that serves you a Pastel-ish and Tumblr-ish Styles❞ 053020
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🅑︎🅨︎🅒︎ 🅜︎🅔︎🅣︎🅟︎🅘︎🅢︎🅔︎🅜︎ by Hunterowiec
🅑︎🅨︎🅒︎ 🅜︎🅔︎🅣︎🅟︎🅘︎🅢︎🅔︎🅜︎by So fuckin' what
Metpis to ja - mała, wredna menda z głębokim gardłem i zdartymi palcami, nie mogąca zdecydować się pomiędzy stylem metala, punka czy hippisa. Będą tu przemyślenia muzyc...
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Enzan's Instagram  by EnzanorBlues
Enzan's Instagram by Ijuuin Enzan
My Instagram. Just pictures of the latest I guess. Wait, why am I even doing this? (I DO OWN ANY OF THE DRAWINGS)
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My 50's Playlist Continued by storiesRrandom
My 50's Playlist Continuedby Cracking Time Travel
What the title says ❤️
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||Wehikuł czasu i Wolność|| - Cz. II by Hunterowiec
||Wehikuł czasu i Wolność|| - So fuckin' what
Witaj na dnie Twoich snów To sekretny jest szlak... Druga część. Już czas!
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Forbidden by hockeyhockeyavs
Forbiddenby hockeyhockeyavs
Jo is coming home from her freshman year of college. She's really excited because all other trips home she hardly got to see her brother. Mostly because he was on the ro...
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Mermaid Blues by Calitheax
Mermaid Bluesby Calitheax
Being an 18-year-old mermaid is never easy...Serena Cyania's world has been turned upside down. First she gets separated from her younger sister in the ocean, and the n...
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Moonlight : Once In A Blue Moon (Josef Kostan/OFC fanfic) by DebraJay
Moonlight : Once In A Blue Moon ( **Permanent Hiatus**
They say true love comes along just once in a blue moon. But they also say lightning never strikes the same place twice. When singer Caitlin Echolls is the victim of a...
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Blue's Birthday Wish (Blue x Reader) by SonGokuSan12345
Blue's Birthday Wish (Blue x Y/N L/N
You've known Blue and her friends for a long time, but you did have feelings for her. You just never had the courage to tell her cause you were nervous. But, you have a...
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Şarkı Önerileri by HilalLZM
Şarkı Önerileriby ⭐️BENDİS⭐️
Kelimelerin sustuğu yerde müzik konuşur... 🎵
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Reunited once more by Tinaykris707
Reunited once moreby Kristina Delarosa
Prog:After the war and the defeat of the formal commander of The Maverick Hunters sigma, peace have returned between the reploids and the humans.The planet it's was comp...
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Heal my Blues by chzroll
Heal my Bluesby queen of disaster
Maverick Ian Santos is an overachiever engineering student of a prominent university in Manila. He lowkey admires their substitute professor who happens to be Ashley Elo...
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