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(ARKNIGHTS X THE DIVISION) The Savior by tenderstuff
***NON-CANON FICTION STORY FROM BOTH STORIES*** A story of a man who has amnesia has to become a Doctor who will lead a group of infected people to fight for a better wo...
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Division's Frontline (Male Division Agent X Girls' Frontline) by wr3kl3ss
Division's Frontline (Male wr3kl3ss
The T-Dolls are given a strange, unspecific mission in the middle of a peaceful day. The only details given to them is that they are going to America, specifically Orlan...
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Hidden Saber (OC x Rainbow Six Siege) by lDepressedEspressol
Hidden Saber (OC x Rainbow Six DepressoMyEspresso
I'm a criminal, I'm a lone wolf, I'm dangerous. My past has defined my future all my life, but not anymore. My actions have caught the attention of a counter terrorist o...
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Perifidy by Stupidifed333
Perifidyby Stupidifed333
The White Mask Terrorist Threat is ever rising. Six does something Rainbow has never done before: recruits a spook. Will he be able to meld with the others? Together, ca...
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Rainbow Six: Bloodlines by paul-writes
Rainbow Six: Bloodlinesby Paul Holland
"Bloodlines" is a fan-fiction epic based on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege by Ubisoft Montreal. Spanish authorities in Ceuta request Rainbow's help in dealing...
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highschool dxd x the division (crossover) by andifaiz2
highschool dxd x the division ( andifaiz
Y/N hyoudou twin brother of issei hyoudou is a agent of division that was created if the world in crisis.
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The lords Son VS Remnant by codyanita2002
The lords Son VS Remnantby Russianchicken9000
This is a RWBY fanfic, enjoy comrades. Maks just wanted to live in a happy family, He joins the military in search of his long missing father... Alexsandr Senaviev Tacha...
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Rogue Anxiety: A Rainbow 6 + The Division (FanFic) Crossover by AlexKrad
Rogue Anxiety: A Rainbow 6 + The Alex Krad
Rainbow 6 is experimenting with new gadgets that can potentially change the world. However, Division agents from New York believe the Rainbow squad is inadvertently help...
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Team RWBY's Hunter (rwby x the division hunter oc) by bigfunguschungus
Team RWBY's Hunter (rwby x the bigfunguschungus
(gosh darn it's been a while since i made a fanfic, let alone one with an oc) Note: So I've been playing a lot of Tom Clancy's the division lately and I wanted to do a f...
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Operation Dust Line by DanielWiggins3
Operation Dust Lineby Daniel Wiggins
After the events of Operation Black Ice, the rainbow six siege project deploys a small SEAL team to the middle east to locate and secure valuable intel on the white mask...
Operation Chimera by DanielWiggins3
Operation Chimeraby Daniel Wiggins
A new threat has been born from a strange meteor that has touched down in Nevada, USA. A mysterious virus plagues the nation and threatens security. Alongside FBI SWAT a...
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Hunter and Shadow (Rainbow Six Siege x Readers) by Animegirllover4ever
Hunter and Shadow (Rainbow Six Animegirllover4ever
Six looked at the two profiles in her hand. One was a woman wearing a masked that covered her mouth and the other was a man who wore a mask that covers his entire face...
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Operation Black Ice  by DanielWiggins3
Operation Black Ice by Daniel Wiggins
Following several terrorist attacks on major cities across the world, two highly trained, and heavily equipped Canadian special forces operators are deployed to the Atla...
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The Division x GFL OCs Wiki by LuckyAceHigh
The Division x GFL OCs Wikiby LuckyAceHigh
Just a idea of a crossover between The Division and Girls Frontline. OCs are male T-Dolls. (A/N: You can use my OCs for your work if you want) Disclaimer: The Division b...
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Class 1-A of the Second Wave by Dredgen_Hope
Class 1-A of the Second Waveby The Drifter
Izuku and his friends are secretly Division agents. They're all doing their normal, everyday jobs when they get the call to group up and become a small part of the Secon...
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The story of a soldier who has been to the depths of hell and back who gets offered a job to do what he does best.
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The Hunter( A Rainbow Six Siege Story) by Gipsydanger143
The Hunter( A Rainbow Six Siege Gipsydanger143
Reece 'hunter' parker an ex british solider who goes solo once he realises her true power is his ability hunt and not animals no he is known for tracking down the hardes...
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Spartan: Ghost Recon Fanfiction by sythe100
Spartan: Ghost Recon Fanfictionby SytheGames
While Nomad was in Bolivia taking down the Santa Blanca cartel, Spartan was sent to Russia to learn about an Ultranationalist trying to take over the Russian Government...
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Ghosts Are Real (Twitch X Reader) by Flamma246
Ghosts Are Real (Twitch X Reader)by Flamma246
Ghost Recon / Rainbow Six fanfic While you and your Ghost squad were in Bolivia taking down the Santa Blanca Cartel, you ran a joint op with Rainbow to recover a rogue...
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