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Remnant's new army (Ghost Recon x RWBY) by Autistic_Kasrkin
Remnant's new army (Ghost Recon Autistic Cadian Kasrkin
A world wide earthquake has occurred on Remnant and suddenly everyone aura has weakened to point of being useless. But there is one thing that also came with the earthqu...
Ghosts Are Real (Twitch X Reader) by Flamma246
Ghosts Are Real (Twitch X Reader)by Flamma246
Ghost Recon / Rainbow Six fanfic While you and your Ghost squad were in Bolivia taking down the Santa Blanca Cartel, you ran a joint op with Rainbow to recover a rogue...
Rainbow Six X Ghost recon Male reader by TheMonstr1775
Rainbow Six X Ghost recon Male Monstr
I know I know, I should finish one story before starting another one. But just hear me out, I got bored alright. I will try to finish the other books in time but work ea...
FALLEN ANGEL (Grimmified!Reader x rwby) by Redhoodfan1
FALLEN ANGEL (Grimmified!Reader Redhoodfan1
Alexander Pierce was the best student in Beacon. He beat Pyrrha Nikos. So when Beacon is attacked, Alex fought back. Almost took them down, too. But, a sword through che...
Project Titan(A Ghost Recon Breakpoint Fanfic) by Izzys_hide_out
Project Titan(A Ghost Recon Church At Edens Gate
After the death of walker another ghost team that's on auroa has to deal with the titan project on golem island but everything goes wrong when someone they once trusted...
Agent 174 by HanzoHamada
Agent 174by Mr. Lonely
Follow the story of what happens when a young new agent of the government must respond to a crisis in Manhattan that's killed many and will soon spread across the world...
The ghosts of rement by HunteroftheUNSC
The ghosts of rementby Admiral Fallen Angle
( This is my hand at trying to make a male reader x rwby but of course I will be in the story because I love rwby and hopefully it turns out good) After killing The bos...
A Ghost and Heroines by SPETSNAZ2020
A Ghost and Heroinesby SPETSNAZ2020
MHA girls X Male Ghost Recon Breakpoint Wolf Reader Y/N is a member of the Ghosts who has been sent to the archipelago of Auroa. There, he is on a mission, to take down...
I FELL FURTHER FROM GRACE (Vigilante!Reader x rwby) by Redhoodfan1
Right, so this goes on a major AU from the show. Everything's normal up until the FOB (Fall of Beacon). Phyrra survives,, because Cinder showed mercy, only taking her ne...
Spearhead (A Rainbow Six Siege Fan fiction) by Yaboi1234510
Spearhead (A Rainbow Six Siege Yaboi1234510
A MARSOC Marine gets the chance to join the elite antiterrorism task force known as team rainbow
Project Athena by RCN-1138
Project Athenaby Not Imposter
once there was a tragedy that cause a 100 children to be cast out as orphans the man who was responsible for the disaster took the children under his care and went dark...
The Arbiter (Redsteel!Bullied!Reader! X rwby) by Redhoodfan1
The Arbiter (Redsteel!Bullied! Redhoodfan1
Jacob Scarlette, Hunter-in-training prodigy, part of the Scarlette bloodline. They weren't quite as wealthy as the Schnee's, but they were big rivals. Scarlette Dust Com...
Maximum Ride: Ghost Recon by Deathwarrent0118
Maximum Ride: Ghost Reconby Deathwarrent0118
Ghost: In traditional terms a ghost is a manifestation of the dead. They remain in the physical realm to avenge, help, or punish the living. Wings au Fang joins the mi...
The ghost and the wolf           Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Breakpoint.       by shadder38
The ghost and the wolf Carter Payne
A Ghost Captain and a Elite Wolf are forced to work with eachother to survive. I cant really explain so your gonna have to read to find out. This isn't part of the...
The League Of Heroes by Raythedude_1
The League Of Heroesby Raythedude_1
After 13 year old pop star Jacob Saggytits rules the world, it's up to the hackers at DEDSEC, the bat family, and the avengers, Spider-Man, deadpool, Trevor Phillips, Mi...
The Ghosts of Bolivia (A Ghost Recon and SU crossover) by SPETSNAZ2020
The Ghosts of Bolivia (A Ghost SPETSNAZ2020
A small group of gems are taken captive by humans from Bolivia, they are then rescued by a mysterious human working for a tactical organisation with intentions go bring...
Bolivian Ghost by TheGrimFate
Bolivian Ghostby Manic Velocity
I am planning on continuing this once breakpoint drops in another book.
The Predators by CharlieShort1212
The Predatorsby CharlieShort1212
The newest recruit of the United Nations elite organisation, known as The Predators, Taylor "Cold-Heart" Winter was deployed into his first battlefield in Mexi...
The islands  hero//CW// by POnline05
The islands hero//CW//by POnline05
aroura, sentinel took it over by Jace Skell the skill tech Owner,now it's Normad/Roxy's job to protect Aroura from ColeWalker, who she crushes on ever since they were p...
the gaurd//CW// by POnline05
the gaurd//CW//by POnline05
Roxy Barnette ,a ghost who is known as 'Nomad' is doing another mission to take down her friend but she falls for him each time she gets captured by him and wants to be...