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To Love a Hunter (Reader x Caveira) by kyloren24
To Love a Hunter (Reader x Caveira)by kyloren24
Y/N "Eir" L/N is a new recruit of Rainbow, and catches the eye of everyone's favorite Brazilian Huntress
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male Spartan Reader by Jackal2Guud
Sierra: Rainbow Six Siege X Male S...by Jackal2Guud
After accidentally traveling back in time, Spartan Y/N joins Team Rainbow in their fight against the white masks. HALO X RAINBOW SIX
The Scars of the Past by Silver_silas
The Scars of the Pastby Silver_silas
A vigilante with a friend, if they can be trusted. After going through some horrific things, it was think to put the past where it belongs, in the past. But from that ca...
Sparks | Jäger X Bandit | Rainbow Six Siege | FanFiction | Book 1 | (Completed)  by touchitjord
Sparks | Jäger X Bandit | Rainbow...by ✨Jordan✨
Jäger & Bandit had been working as counter-terrorism operators with the GSG 9 for many years together. They were often placed on the same squad for their miraculous team...
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The other Dr of Rainbow by Wolfs_Pack
The other Dr of Rainbowby Maximilian
You are an psychologist of team Rainbow and analyse the other Operators with your skills as an Psychologist.While taking of Pressure of the other Operators you are also...
Rainbow Six: Operation Devil's Dance by KingKittyXOXO
Rainbow Six: Operation Devil's Dan...by MeowToAll!😸
When Six is finally given permission to reactivate Team Rainbow, she needs more operators to lead the charge in the fight against the White Masks While searching for wor...
American Muscle: A Rainbow Six Siege Story by KvnN8ionArmy
American Muscle: A Rainbow Six Sie...by Fir3fly
I hope you enjoy this story, because I worked hard on this. I do not own anything. Man, I simp too hard for fictional characters bro.
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic] by TheMaximus2K
The New One [An R6-Siege FanFic]by Max
Lethal. Hidden. Most of all, Silent. These are words that describe *******, a renowned freelancing "operator" whose works and skills have peeked the interests...
Scanned (IQ x Male Reader) by kyloren24
Scanned (IQ x Male Reader)by kyloren24
Y/N "Blade" L/N is a U.S. army soldier who transferred to the Spartan Corps to wipe out terrorism. During a mission, however, he looses everything, leaving hi...
One-shot, Two Kills  [A Rainbow Six Siege Fanfiction] (Discontinued) by -Aziel-
One-shot, Two Kills [A Rainbow Si...by Newbie_Writer
Y/n L/n, The Best Sniper that The UN could offer. Have more than 300 confirmed kills and 99% of them are headshots. Right now, he secretly works for Six to keep her oper...
The Crook And The Soldier(Zofia X Reader) by Lollerflock
The Crook And The Soldier(Zofia X...by Lollerflock
(Some changes to her backstory) When a simple mission turns into a secret heist job for a criminal organization gets discovered, Y/n discovers Zofia had left to join Rai...
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia Bosak X Male Reader X Ela Bosak by bastionmain4890
The Wasp And Two Flowers - Zofia B...by Generic Name
My take on Zofia's husband. You are a very close friend to the Bosak sisters since young. With them as company,you got the dream to help others.Attraction takes a long...
Rainbow six siege nokk x reader by thepoopcollector
Rainbow six siege nokk x readerby thepeacekeeper
Y/n who is a former Jaeger Corps operative is called upon rainbow. There he meets an old "friend" both have been given a second chance and it must be taken. I...
Not my world. by Mudkipfam
Not my world.by Mudkipfam
Y/n was a Sayain, but in the middle of his fight with his rival he gets sent to a different world. The new world was not like his, it looked the same but different. They...
Female operators reaction by JustAnotherR6player
Female operators reactionby L3N4
Female operators reacts :D
The Other Bosak by Wutthefreck
The Other Bosakby Wutthefreck
Y/n was always looked down upon. He was always was the person no liked or cared about. His father always abused him and was forcing him to join the military. Y/n's only...
A Web of Lies, A Rainbow Six Story by ViperWolf32
A Web of Lies, A Rainbow Six Storyby Riley Nash
He has stolen. He has killed. He has been hunted across Europe. Now, as he returns home, his past will finally catch up with him. Only this time, it's not going to play...
Rainbow Six: Phantoms by LaVieEnRouge_2018
Rainbow Six: Phantomsby Ours Is The Fury
John N/A works for a private organization known as the Phantoms. An ally of theirs, is the White Mask. As time moves John finds things that he didn't know about himself...
Rainbow Six Siege Male Reader X Ash by Roadrunner71
Rainbow Six Siege Male Reader X Ashby R
I do not own Rainbow Six Siege or any of the art used. This is my first fan fiction as well as reader insert so please let me know where I can improve now on to descript...