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Baby boy - Sanders Sides Age Regression (Discontinued) by DontBeSuchASnek
Baby boy - Sanders Sides Age ThatOneGayWriter
Virgil is secretly a little, he's been hiding it his entire relationship with Logan. He's afraid of being judged, or broken up with. What'll happen when Logan walks in o...
Sanders Sides One Shots / / Logicality & Prinxiety  by PanicAtThe3verywhere
Sanders Sides One Shots / / Voiceless
This is just some one shots for Logicality ship and Prinxiety Ship and I might do Jon Cozart x Thomas Sanders in this if you all want me to Smut as well... And fluff
Knives -Prinxiety- (Rewritten, this is old) by Trash-Can-
Knives -Prinxiety- (Rewritten, Wot
--I SHIP THIS NOW SAVE ME KMS-- "Virgil! It's t-" "...." "I-I can-" "WHAT ARE YOU DOiNG?" //no au// //Started 13/8/17// //Enjo...
Sanders Sides One Shots by DontBeSuchASnek
Sanders Sides One Shotsby ThatOneGayWriter
Family friendly one shots! It's all fluffy ships and cute bois and happy chapters and sometimes angst. Logan, Patton, Roman, Virgil, Janus, and Remus, all being their be...
Morally Grey by FellowTryingAuthor
Morally Greyby FellowTryingAuthor
Logan is having... irrational thoughts . He's been having them for quite some time- does Thomas even need him anymore? After all even without Logan he will still have hi...
Princess, not Prince.  by Xx_Quillz_xX
Princess, not Prince. by Xx_Quillz_xX
Roman Sanders feels uncomfortable in his own skin, but as he experiments, they find that She fits much better.
We meet again. by WowieJai
We meet Wowie ✨💕
The sides have all gone off to college in different states, leaving Virgil still in their hometown, going to a community college. It's been a few years since they last s...
Pure Imagination- Short Logan Sanders fic by Ana_is_a_baker
Pure Imagination- Short Logan Varian
After receiving multiple stress inducing new responsibilities in the mind palace, Logan decides to accept Remus offer to 'de-stress him', forgetting to ask for further d...
Thomas Sanders Sides  OneShots by sharethedragonclaw
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShotsby share the dragonclaw
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots with all ships and i do requests!
The Soul Necklace by Janusdeceitsanders_7
The Soul Necklaceby Janusdeceitsanders_7
The soul necklace helps you find your soulmate. It starts out silver and has the nickname that you refer to your soulmate as. Once you meet them then it turns from silve...
Life isn't Musical by ihasmagma
Life isn't Musicalby Lesbian furry demon
[A huge crossover of different musicals, fandoms, including Deh, Bmc, sanders sides, Hamilton, gravity falls etc] Welcome to Westerburg High schools, where people have c...
Sanders Sides Fic Ideas by HouseofWritersBlock
Sanders Sides Fic Ideasby House Made of Writers Blocks
A multitude of Sanders Sides fanfiction ideas. I have trouble continuing any fanfiction so I thought I'd post my ideas here.
Phones by IceTheWight
Phonesby IceTheWight
Just your average trash Thomceit Mermaid AU oneshot feat. Mermaid Janus.
| Words Hurt | ~ Prinxiety [DONE/UNFINISHED] by BrotherLeon
| Words Hurt | ~ Prinxiety [DONE/ Leon 👌✨
Prinxiety!~ I'm taking a little twist on this story... So here it is... :::::::::::::::::::::: Everyone always focused on Virgil... Patton always calling him his son and...
anxiety pills by cloudycoffeebean
anxiety pillsby raccoon
!slight angst! ever thought of... what if instead of anxiety pills making virgil die...maybe it just makes him seems drunk and high or something? !CHARATERS NOT MINE!- f...
Learning Something New by WittyKitty0987
Learning Something Newby WittyKitty0987
As you can probably tell from the title this is an AU where Thomas' Sides go to school. You won't need to know the sides of Thomas Sanders but if you don't know them I s...
Neko Neko Guest?!  by zeTollAshbean
Neko Neko Guest?! by :3 Dork :3
One day Thomas and The sides are Visited by a Neko guest from the future, here to show them something amazing-
see? (lamps) by gothboyagain_2
see? (lamps)by gothboyagain_2
"looking back at it.. I don't think it mattered to them as much as it did me.." Virgil paused to take a drag from the cigarette between his fingers. (lamp)
Going To Detroit (Sanders Sides/Dbh Story) by MaxIsChaotic
Going To Detroit (Sanders Sides/ Maxilicous
This is just for a short story contest ^w^