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New Job (Tanqrcraft) by HyperThuder
New Job (Tanqrcraft)by HyperThuder
Kreek is a Piggy pro Youtuber, but when piggy ends, what will he do? Kreek and Kayla had broke up and she took a lot of Kreek's belongings, so Kreek need to find a job s...
Love Is In The Air by Wendy_Rosie
Love Is In The Airby Wendy
The title and a few of the chapter was heavily inspired by a bl Thai movie called "Loveintheair" And a few chapter/scene was inspired from some bl manga i read...
unknown to friends to enemy's to lovers. by byyouridiot
unknown to friends to enemy's to l...by 愛杰克
Ello new book of mine and the. Cover is a random one that I stole from a book so SORRY-
$ecrets || TanqRCraft / KreekCraft x TanqR || by Voiding_Skies
$ecrets || TanqRCraft / KreekCraft...by Sen<3
Not normally do you find yourself scrambling for a groom on your wedding day. But to Kreek, that's exactly the case. KreekCraft and Karl Jacobs run a fashion / modeling...
TanqRcraft story but there's no story line by 3ED72020
TanqRcraft story but there's no st...by Your_local1diot
Idk why I did this, prob not gonna post much This is mainly just prompts so uh yeah This book will contain fluff and swearing Hope you enjoy ^^ Cover not created by me c...
In Another World(A Tanqrcraft Fic)(Discounted) by fridrice_candy
In Another World(A Tanqrcraft Fic)...by fridrice_candy
tanqr ends up going into a random portal, ends up in piggy, and falls In love with kreek.Also there are other piggy players
I DON'T EVEN KNOW [TanqR × KreekCraft][CrackFic] by DeaIsAnnoying
I DON'T EVEN KNOW [TanqR × KreekCr...by #1 BattleBacks Defender
So, my lovely page viewers, remember that drabble (does it count as a drabble? Not really) i posted on my random book? Well, here's a revamp of it. Btw, it's a crackfic...
ASK OR DARE ROBLOX YTS / RBB || Roblox by Voiding_Skies
Are you bored out of your mind? Wanting to bully tf out of RB Battles / Youtubers in the Roblox fandom? Boy is this your spot, because it's all here! Feel free to reques...
Game Traveler : RBLX YT by rentheunepic
Game Traveler : RBLX YTby rennotthewizard
Kreekcraft is just a normal guy who plays Roblox, until he teleported to the game itself. He also seemed to get some power to adapt to any game. As his journey and missi...
enemies to what..? :3  by byyouridiot
enemies to what..? :3 by 愛杰克
a blue haired guy and the guy that has a red and black hat :3
Hanahaki's Disease {RB Battles} by Voiding_Skies
Hanahaki's Disease {RB Battles}by Sen<3
Hanahaki's Disease is a rare, semi-fatal condition in which the victim falls in love and begins to cough out flowers of their lover when the relationship is one-sided. ...
Kreekcraft Wifi Goes Out   by M3wzer
Kreekcraft Wifi Goes Out by Mew🍖🌈/🌙🌸
Wificrsft gone #tanqr #gaymen #kreekcraft #tanqrcrart
Our Rivalry || TanqR x KreekCraft || Highschool AU by snowpawz
Our Rivalry || TanqR x KreekCraft...by snowpaw
TanqRCraft Highschool AU The two smartest kids in the school. One with blue hair, usually wearing a black hoodie and tactical boots. He's not only the top in intelligenc...
reupload but links and other cool stuff by Voiding_Skies
reupload but links and other cool...by Sen<3
hi yea self explanatory this book contains links to my other socials, where "THE" book is reuploading, etc etc
the last one..  or not..? ☯ by byyouridiot
the last one.. or not..? ☯by 愛杰克
hello you might know me as plain techno blade fan and I decided to quit but this is a book I'm ONLY posting on there will be vents. sex, ships and more this might be the...
my 'enemy' by byyouridiot
my 'enemy'by 愛杰克
a enemy called PGHL and Ominous they both "hated" each other but on day Ominous and PGHL work too together..
Anything for you.. by lolImweird1012
Anything for you..by
It was a normal day or was it though...?
Merry Christmas, Love~ (Tanqrcraft Oneshot) by HyperThuder
Merry Christmas, Love~ (Tanqrcraft...by HyperThuder
Kreek: Merry Christmas Everyone! Timmeh: Merry Chwistmas! Tanqr smiles and said: Merry Christmas you two! ^^