Game Traveler : RBL...
By renthewizard
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Kreekcraft is just a normal guy who plays Roblox, until he teleported to the game itself. He also seemed to get some power to adapt to any game. As his journey and mission to go back to Earth is seemingly possible yet difficult... he finds more and more pieces to the confusing puzzle he's in. On this adventure, he is alongside a selectively mute guy he named Ping, and iBella, who is an angel in a hunt for a demon who escaped the final stage of hell : The Tower. However, it seems like the three gods of Roblox Battles does not like any travelers, so they send many people in pursuit to stop Kreek, Ping and Bella. Would they survive? - - - - - created by : crystalception, idea based off some ideas while I was showering. Started : May 10, 2023 Finished : Never (PERSPECTIVE USED : 3RD PERSON LIMITED)

~ Author's Note

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Game Trav...
by renthewizard