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Little Do You Know | BAEKHYUN by kimchijan
Little Do You Know | BAEKHYUNby blair
Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on Kim Taeyeon, a senior in the same school he's attending. He doesn't know how to approach her, so he asks help from Nam Hyora. She agree...
The Hostages by keepcalmandyehet
The Hostagesby Mikayla Tyler
Eight SM artists are kidnapped and held prisoner by a man who never shows his face. Will they make it out alive?
The Verse of Us by fireflysyah
The Verse of Usby 「 syah 」
˗ˏˋ let them hear, make them listen. 'ˎ˗ when a collaboration project unexpectedly reunites them, old wounds are reopened, and the lines between personal and profession...
Mafia stepsiblings -BTS   by Luna1haneul
Mafia stepsiblings -BTS by Zade
Choi Y/N, 22 year old girl spent her 16 years in Korea with her father, whom she loved and cared the most. Unfortunately after his death she became cold and didn't talk...
Atonement by username_0t9
Atonementby username
Story owned by The Donkatsu
Perfect Stranger by agdys38
Perfect Strangerby agdys38
Kim Taeyeon-a taxi driver-is fall in love with one of her passenger.
Don't need to return my love by himulgokizary
Don't need to return my loveby 물고기자리
Kim Taeyeon and Jessica Jung marriage was arranged by their family. Kim Taeyeon is the child of Mr. Jung childhood friend. Jessica is famous with her icy aura and she is...
I want you by juanoktaviani
I want youby juanoktaviani
this story belongs the owner http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1023751/i-want-you-taeny
Secretly Married by rinnah_grace91
Secretly Marriedby rinnah_grace91
Taeyeon was forced to marry Tiffany due to his fathers wishes. She hates every bit of Tiffany. How will their marriage work?
still you | baekyeon by FourthCharm
still you | baekyeonby Charm IV
"Because after all these years... it's still you... Kim Taeyeon." - Byun Baekhyun
Playgirl by dailytaeny
Playgirlby jellytaeny
In which Kim Taeyeon found it's odd to fall in love with her own employer, or known as Tiffany Hwang, the playgirl.
Kpop Idols and You Imagines [K.I.Y.I] by xavvvvy_
Kpop Idols and You Imagines [K.I.Y...by Yours.
📌UwU let's explore your imagination with the idols you love. 📌Let's get into it I will allowed Request,so hit m...
The Pillar Of Peace ( I Can ) || Twice X Reader by mintzuwi
The Pillar Of Peace ( I Can ) || T...by c.miyeon's
"Just because you're weak now doesn't mean you can't get stronger" Weak, scared and alone. That was how everyone described Y/n L/n, the school's main target fo...
✔𝙈𝘼𝙍𝙍𝙔𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙈𝙔 𝙀𝙓 | JENLISA |  by daebakiee_jjang
Jennie had an unfortunate accident resulting for her loss of memory. Lisa, her ex husband, reverted being her husband because she has been suffering from amnesia, to hel...
Requiem - Michaeng [ENG] by Luuh493
Requiem - Michaeng [ENG]by Luna
Myoui Mina is a multi-millionaire heiress who, after being pushed out of her life against her will for an entire year, manages to return to New York to make things right...
Who Are You? by baepriya_29
Who Are You?by Limario
Irene is a famous idol but there's some people who want to harm her. Lisa became her bodyguard but she couldn't see her full face. Who are you?
secret pain | baekyeon (on-going)  by FourthCharm
secret pain | baekyeon (on-going) by Charm IV
"Of all the things you had to hide from me... why did it have to be my own son?" - Byun Baekhyun
Saw your heart/ (vincenzo, jang hanseo, jang hanseok)  by bubblemoonz
Saw your heart/ (vincenzo, jang ha...by bubblemoonz
√√completed√√ kim so yeon, her another name must definitely be "pulling all the red flags in heart shaped" since she some how ended up pulling hearts of danger...