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Sonic X x Male Reader by blueworrier
Sonic X x Male Readerby Bluedragon
The Sonic and friends went to the Eggman Fortress where the evil Dr. Eggman had a hostage and all seven Chaos Emeralds, but nothing could have prepared any of them for t...
sonic characters react to him by giyuufan98
sonic characters react to himby screen
yeah its what the title says
𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂, bradley rooster bradshaw by J0ANOFARC
𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂, bradley adi <3
⤷ in which, snake returns to top gun with a new purpose. ❝flying is more than a job. it was my life.❞ [ rooster x fem!oc ] [ top gun: maverick ]
The Mark of Goldwyn by GokuStormOfficial
The Mark of Goldwynby Goku Storm
Shadow has a mishap on a mission and is sent into a medieval world. (To skip the non-con just don't read chapter four.)
SUPERNOVA ⋆ peter parker by favouritecrimes
SUPERNOVA ⋆ peter parkerby <3
Nova is an enigma, an explosion, and she's going to blow everyone away. favouritecrimes © 2021.
Sonic the hedgehog: me against the world  by Sihlobisile
Sonic the hedgehog: me against Sihlobisile
Instead of Nicole being blamed sonic is the one because the iron queen framed him of not finishing egg man and it didn't help that sonic turned into his dark form and al...
The Heroic Saiyan Hedgehog Of Hope [Union Academy x Crossovers Harem] by Kuroki_Tomoko24
The Heroic Saiyan Hedgehog Of Tomoko Kuroki
Kenji Shinryu was just a normal teenager, enjoying his life to the fullest. He was a big nerd for anime and a sucker for video games. His favorite anime was Dragon Ball...
Cigarettes and alcohol  by _lanas_girl
Cigarettes and alcohol by Ruby 🍒
Beth Murphy has always wanna be a model from a early age, she always knew her looks would get her places and she knew how do use it to her advantage Beth grew up in a i...
Change of Pace by GalaxyIllumimation
Change of Paceby Atlas Fernsby
Sonic's friends all move away... Even his little brother Tails. With no one with him anymore Sonic soon has an idea. He would usually push this idea away but not that it...
Rating sonic ships becuz I ship sonic characters by SiennaBone
Rating sonic ships becuz I ship SiennaBone
Basically if their is a sonic ship like shadow x Amy I will rate that as like "5/10" or "1/10" basically?
The Broken Emeralds by macllynn1677
The Broken Emeraldsby macllynn1677
After a big fight with Eggman Sonic gets injured and somehow sent back to chris' world who is now 23 and moving in with Helen who is turning 23 in just a cuple of days...
The Story of Sonic's Forms by Scourgefan12a
The Story of Sonic's Formsby Scourgefan12a
These is not true it's just a guess
Broken Promise by MelGamingPlays
Broken Promiseby Melissa
'All I wanted is to protect you. Nothing more, nothing less. And yet you still said otherwise.' This is a story of a certain blue blur. With a lot is at stake, how far c...
Sonic Harem x Male Reader by JosukeHigashikataDIU
Sonic Harem x Male Readerby Josuke Higashikata
When an unknown Hedgehog Mobian burst out of a zone where time and space distort and warp beyond comprehension, will he rise like a true hero or raise hell as a supervil...
The life of Fleetway by DaffySoot
The life of Fleetwayby DaffySoot
In this book, you'll discover the life of Fleetway in a Diary style... note: I still dont know how many chapters there will be
Mario & Sonic: Crossover Collision by Digilord64
Mario & Sonic: Crossover Collisionby TroopaDee
My second installment in the Crossover Collision series, this time with Mario and Sonic! I'm putting Starfox & Sonic: Crossover Collision on hold for now, but I'll pick...
Female Sonic.exe Characters x Male Reader  Lemon Oneshots by DarkliteWriter99
Female Sonic.exe Characters x LemonWriterBasically
Come one, come all! This book is for all your lemon needs! Revolved around Female Sonic.exe characters!
Second Chance ( One-Shot edition ) by MelGamingPlays
Second Chance ( One-Shot edition )by Melissa
'Everyone deserved a second chance. Why not give him one' took place after Sonic X metarex arc. Will be a little sonadow fluff and a fluff with a secret character! Read...
Sonic Idea Book by MikkiMausu
Sonic Idea Bookby MikkiMausu
Story ideas for sonic fandom books I want to write. This is to help me not to forget and get these ideas out of head. Read it if you want. They maybe more story ideas of...