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Shadamy: Opposites Attract by blazey_waffle
Shadamy: Opposites Attractby Blazed™
"Opposites attract" said no one ever. Amy rose is a happy and excited girl that chases Sonic on the daily. Unlike Shadow, who is a quiet guy, able to find da...
Invisible by BibleBubba20
Invisibleby Austin Tucker
Sonic is infatuated with Sally Acorn, the most popular, down to earth girl at school. His best friend, Amy, on the other hand is madly in love with Sonic, but he is comp...
{Sonic} Campus Life by _Sarahkins_
{Sonic} Campus Lifeby SonicxAmylover
Oh you know the story. The new girl comes to a new high school and befriends a group of people, while slowly gaining a crush on the popular boy who messes with her...Tha...
Im broken (A sonamy story) by Sonamylover236
Im broken (A sonamy story)by XxDCRxX
As amy decides to spy on Sonic after a freedom fighters meeting, she finds out that Sonic and Sally are dating! She feels heartbroken but forgives him anyway and she con...
Sonic Boom:A Sweet Secret(Sonamy FanFic) by XxBoom_LoverxX
Sonic Boom:A Sweet Secret(Sonamy ~Boomy~
An accident kept as a secret.He claims it was an accidental kiss and she swears to keep it as a secret.But this secret gets harder to keep when their friendship evolves...
sonamy by MariaNuez890
sonamyby kittyzn07
Después de que sonic le rompiera el corazón a Amy ella decide viajar para poder olvidar a sonic y de todo el sufrimiento causado por el , ella promete no volver a...
Sonamy Siblings by Freedthebutterfly401
Sonamy Siblingsby Freed x Slade
Amy was an adoptive sister and the same age as the hedgehog triplets, but when Sonic met Amy he develop feelings for her, when Amy and Sonic were little they've always p...
SonAmy: Werehog's Roommate by GothNebula
SonAmy: Werehog's Roommateby GothNebula
In a city known as Monster City is a place where all types of monsters live. Sonic the Werehog is not excited to have a new roommate. But what he doesn't realize is that...
Wonder (Sonamy Story) by sonamyLover05205
Wonder (Sonamy Story)by Penelope_Rosette25
A girl that isnt like us. A girl that has been through pain since her birth. A girl that wants to be like any other teenager. A girl full of dreams. A girl without Love...
Beautiful Pink Rose (Sonamy Story BOOK 1)  by lebi02
Beautiful Pink Rose (Sonamy lebi02
Once upon a time her name is Princess Amelia Lynn Rosetta or everyone calls her Amy Rose. At months later the princess someone kidnapped the robot Metal Sonic. Someone r...
[Sonamy FF] Laced With Love ||Completed|| by SophieOrScarlet
[Sonamy FF] Laced With Love || 소피아
- Sonic x Amy - Sonic is causally walking around in the town to save the day as he has been developed feelings for a certain pink woman. Meanwhile Amy is trying to hel...
[Sonic Boom] The Interest of My Wound by kaiofzm
[Sonic Boom] The Interest of My ✧・゚* 𝕜𝕒𝕚𝕠 *・゚✧
When Amy gets injured in a battle and takes the time to heal, her friends try to show her that they're there for her. Her crush is no exception. ~ AO3 Link: https://arch...
Sonic Boom: Curse of the Vampire Ruby by GothNebula
Sonic Boom: Curse of the Vampire GothNebula
Sonic finds a strange ruby pendant but when he wears it, it changes him to become a vampire.
The Criminal And His Rose by flamyblue
The Criminal And His Roseby 🌹Lovely Sanity🌹
Sonic was born to be a villain, he who was trained to fight , but to also break the laws. Since, his childhood he's had a dark past including some secrets that are not a...
After So Long by shadamyyy
After So Longby shadamyyy
After Amy Rose moves in with Shadow the Hedgehog to train for combat for 6 years, her friends are overjoyed to find her back in Station Square with a new look, new skill...
Sonamy: Mating Season by NikkiDollie
Sonamy: Mating Seasonby NikkiDollie
.... kinda self-explanatory with that title eh? *WARNING* Lemons/Smut Cussing Vulgar/Sensitive topics (rape DISCUSSED briefly, not done)
SonAmy Boom/EXE: I Can Help With That by NOVATheHedgehog14
SonAmy Boom/EXE: I Can Help With NOVA T. Hedgie
Sonic EXE can't escape Sonics mind again...not yet anyways. Yet, Sonic feels his sanity slipping away again. The truth has to come out. Everyone must know of the past no...
My Love For Him (SonAmy) by Yumchi_writes
My Love For Him (SonAmy)by Yumchi the dragon-wolf
Amy was a new student in Mobius high. When she lays eyes on the most popular kid in the school known as Sonic, she began to fall for him badly. When Sonic saw the new st...
A Sonamy Story by bulletsxoxobishesjk
A Sonamy Storyby bulletsxoxobishesjk
Amy is sick of Sonic always leaving and ignoring her always, now she's done with him but it's to bad she didn't think of that before she got into a accident involving hi...
Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Story) by sonamyLover05205
Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Penelope_Rosette25
Amy Rose, a girl that was secretly in love with the hero of mobius Sonic the hedgehog and a freedome fighter, hears accidently that everyone in the freedome fighter team...