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The Rule Of BloodClan- Book 1 by FreyaGunning
The Rule Of BloodClan- Book 1by ON HIATUS
See what would happen if BloodClan won the battle of BloodClan Vs LionClan. This is a fan made story. I have taken this battle from the warrior cats series so if you...
(Requests Open!) Warrior cats x reader (one-shots) by _GoldStar_3411_
(Requests Open!) Warrior cats x GoldStar
I'm deciding to create a one shot book for warrior cats, I will take requests and maybe even lemons. Cover art isn't mine but some art in this book is. is 2nd #Scourge
Warrior Cats x Reader by -bunzie-
Warrior Cats x Readerby Bunzie
This book is completed, but feel free to check out the chapters I have written in it! Do be warned though that when this was made and first starting out, the writing was...
Sonic crew X reader chat room (+ some oneshots/scenarios) by SpiritTheSingingWolf
Sonic crew X reader chat room (+ 3Authors, main-Spirit, second...
The Sonic Crew, such as Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Rouge, Blaze, and more are placed randomly into different chatroom scenarios; But YOU are with them! Or an OC whichev...
Sonic Boyfriend Scenarios by SavannahG12
Sonic Boyfriend Scenariosby Savannah Grace
Something I also wrote on Quotev, hahaha. Enjoy!!!!
sonic one―shots by mysticmindss
sonic one―shotsby mystic .
a collection of sonic - based oneshots. note, all of these ships are platonic and / or based around fluff, because we are all wholesome bois around these parts. feel fre...
Black Arms 101 by Shades365
Black Arms 101by Shades365
Follow Sonic, a Black Arms Submissive as he travels to the mating grounds of his kind. There, he will meet both old and new faces and also fall in love. His life afterwa...
Sonadow One-Shots by WolfyTheWolfz
Sonadow One-Shotsby Shadow Wolfz
The title says it all.
Bloody Love ( Scourge x Cinderpelt )  by FireLeaf75
Bloody Love ( Scourge x FireLeaf75
Left for dead, Scourge, former leader of the infamous BloodClan, is taken pity upon by none other than Cinderpelt, the gentle and caring medicine cat of ThunderClan. Car...
Sleepover_Romance~ by realgvc1
Sleepover_Romance~by realgvc1
Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are planning on having a sleepover at his and his best friends house. When all his friends arrive, including his long time rival, Shad...
Sonic Boyfriend Scenarios by ashiiebab
Sonic Boyfriend Scenariosby ×〇dollface boy〇×
-Warning-This Contains: A chili dog lover, A gun shooter, An ivory soap, A two tailed fox, A mysterious talker with no mouth, An Australian green thing, And a shifter~!
Prison Love (Scourge The hedgehog X Reader)  by PokemonFan1999
Prison Love (Scourge The PokemonFan1999
(Y/n) the (a/s) would always got sick very easily, almost everyday. She even got arrested for stealing medicine supplies because she had no more money and she lived alon...
Tortured(Completed) by ROOKIEmistake456
Tortured(Completed)by DarkBlueEvil Lost
Rouge goes to Sonic for help, hoping he could help her. She reports how Shadow goes missing days at a time, sometimes with unexplainable injuries. But recently he's gone...
Daily Life of The Ukes by MephyChan
Daily Life of The Ukesby Liya
Sequel to "Do You Like Me? its just going to be a one shot stories. but basically about the Ukes (Sonic, Silver, Scourge & Gadget). i might do a story that continue...
Tinyclaw's New Path by Scarclaw
Tinyclaw's New Pathby Scarclaw
What if Tigerpaw and Thistleclaw were never sent on the kittypet patrol with Bluefur? Instead, in this story, Rosetail and Thrushpelt are sent out with Bluefur. They ru...
King and Knight by WolfyTheWolfz
King and Knightby Shadow Wolfz
Shadow is king. He mostly trust his knights Percival and Gawain. But, when a masked knight comes claiming that they have the ability to wield the legendary sword of Exca...
Forbidden Friends (Scourge x Ashfur) by Weeping_Williows
Forbidden Friends (Scourge x Weeping_Williows
(CONTAINS YAOI BOY X BOY) This is an AU of if Ashfur left the clans behind because he was so angry at Squirrelflight that she chose Brambleclaw over him. He just felt li...
Broken by WolfyTheWolfz
Brokenby Shadow Wolfz
"I was left behind..."
Shadow's Son by iluvsonic24
Shadow's Sonby woomy
Is parenthood really all it's cracked up to be? Can Shadow, the Ultimate lifeform, be able to care for not only one, but two children? ...looks like you'll have to read...