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Sweet Chemistry by ChaoticPansexualBard
Sweet Chemistryby Alec
Peter had been a pretty smart kid, powering his way through high school, and he even got a scholarship to go the college of his choice. He was now working on his scienc...
Doll [sᴛᴀʀᴋᴇʀ] by SippinOnTaee
Doll [sᴛᴀʀᴋᴇʀ]by INeedSleep
disclaimer: I do not own marvel or any of its characters. This is just a piece of sloppy fanfic so no intended resemblance to anything or anyone. Contains OCs so you hav...
gangsta (starker ) by lightdilema
gangsta (starker )by lightdilemma
peter wished hadn't taken that route , he wished he never met tony stark , because he was a rutheless , brutal , heartless monster. so why was he following in love with...
 Your Blood Starker(Tony X Peter) by AngelicaDowney
Your Blood Starker(Tony X Peter)by Angelica Downey
Tony is a vampire and the only one he listens to is Peter! My heart loves you,not my mind. My mind sees you,not my eyes. My eyes feel you,not my hands. My hands call you...
Stark Raving Hazelnut | MARVEL/RANDOM by aboutablake
Stark Raving Hazelnut | MARVEL/ blake
Basically a place for me to put all the Marvel Tumblr things that I find on Tumblr instead of placing them all in my random book, and cluttering that up. Please read th...
Temptation by ThePancakesofLoki
Temptationby ThePancakesofLoki
*WARNING* This talks about eating disorders, mental health, child abuse, and drug addiction. If you are triggered by this things it is advised that you should not read t...
Wrong Number by EZM2016
Wrong Numberby EZM2016
Co Author Kat🥰 Peter really shouldn't have been tinkering with his phone without the right tools because when he went to message Ned someone entirely different responde...
other side of the mirror  by lightdilema
other side of the mirror by lightdilemma
'warm , so warm , a gentle sun . I have finally found it again but this time I won't let it eclipse . I won't share it , I'll protect it from filth and darkness . this l...
Field Trip Mishap by Starshine626796
Field Trip Mishapby Starshine626796
Peter Parker is Spiderman and a friend of the advengers. What happens when he goes on a field trip to the home of his second family for a school field trip?
Peter Parker fluff part one by katiemadison2002
Peter Parker fluff part oneby Kitty kitty
Starker fluff and a field trip all in one
starker one-shots ♡ (tony stark x peter parker)  by iamironman19
starker one-shots ♡ (tony stark ♡ a.k. ♡
Just a bunch of fluffy one-shots about Tony and Peter. Peter is eighteen. Also, there will be no smut in any of these. Will include relationship and father figure type...
sub peter parker (young avenger) by lightdilema
sub peter parker (young avenger)by lightdilemma
"i get lost inside my own head and its scary , it gets hard to breathe but I feel grounded and safe whenever I'm with other avengers ." that moment solidified...
Captain America's Mission(boy x boy smut) by FikyX60
Captain America's Mission(boy x FikyX60
Steve is tired of being known as a blushing virgin in the Avengers Compound. So he decides to change that, by getting as much from the other Avengers as he can. *Warni...
Adopted ~ Iron-Dad § Spider-Son by Foxlily_522
Adopted ~ Iron-Dad § Spider-Sonby Fox Lily
Tony Stark is asked to care for little Peter while his Aunt May went on vacation, but what happens when she passes away while gone?
Starker: A Yaoi story by TodoDekuIsARealShip
Starker: A Yaoi storyby Writer/Artist
Though they are partners, can they be good in what they want to happen between them? This is just a fanfic, so the characters aren't mine!!!
 gangsta -2 (starker ) Regret And Redemption . by lightdilema
gangsta -2 (starker ) Regret lightdilemma
"you still love her?" the love on his face was enough to make Peter wail in agony . it felt like he was stabbed again but this time it was heart . "you do...
I'll Do My Best Not To Be My Worst (Starker eventually Tony, Peter, Steve) by hamiltontrash5430
I'll Do My Best Not To Be My hamiltontrash5430
A warning, this is an incredibly dark fic and isn't pretty.. There may or may not be a happy ending, that all depends on how my year goes. Peter Parker is a journalist w...
Starker one shots  by PandaBear2803
Starker one shots by PandaBear2803
one shots that I publish whenever I get done writing them. Will do: Smut (but I'm bad at it), Fluff :3, Angst (but I've never done it before), Incest, Possessiveness, Je...
After many months of their rocky relationship, things between Pepper Pots and Tony Stark end without anyone knowing the reason. And just when Stark thinks he can't take...
Starker Smut  by PHAN2K17
Starker Smut by DanReadsStuff
Peter goes to visit Tony, but what would happen if it all went wrong? PLEASE NOTE: THIS FAN FICTION DEALS WITH HEAVY SUBJECTS SUCH AS RAPE, UNDERAGE SEX, ALCOHOLISM AND...