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Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Fan Fiction by Ilovetoreadandwrite
Are You A Spy? - A Wrong Number Asta N. Shalazar
What will happen when Peter Parker accidentally texts Natasha Romanoff? Will she figure out he's the vigilante Spider-Man? If so how will she respond? How long will it t...
Budapest by slr689
Budapestby slr689
Natasha Romanov, dangerous Russian assassin, otherwise known as Black Widow, sent in to kill an alleged money transferring scam artist. Clint Barton, bow wielding SHIEL...
Clintasha 5v1 by BeccaBartonRomanoff
Clintasha 5v1by BeccaBartonRomanoff
5 times the avengers suspected Nat and Clint were more than friends, plus one time they found out the truth. This is my first fanfic so please review and like! I am comp...
The Avengers : Truth or Dare?? by LokiLoveyPocky
The Avengers : Truth or Dare??by Loki J. Fell
Long story short, The Avengers had been given one of those days where heroes are free to chill and do whatever they wanted to do. Sadly they couldn't think of anything f...
You've got the wrong number by Frankie-the-great
You've got the wrong numberby Frankie :)
When Peter Parker accidentally texts the wrong number, he sends a text to an avenger. But something is off, there are slowly more and more hints, telling him he already...
Daughter of Assains (avengers fanfic) by wiggles99999
Daughter of Assains (avengers wiggles99999
Hi I'm Natalie. I'm the daughter of hawkeye and black widow. I know what your thinking, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they kinda still don't know about me. The only people wh...
The Little Things Tony Stark Notices by Iriel3000
The Little Things Tony Stark Iriel3000
It's the little things that Tony Stark notices about Clint and Natasha that make him suspicious. or Five Times Tony Tried to Prove Clint and Nat are Together and One Tim...
Stay With Me (Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Fanfiction) by true_secrets
Stay With Me (Marvel Agents Of true_secrets
May and Coulson fanfiction! Everybody thinks May and Coulson should get together but everybody knows it could go south. The way they look at each other and the way May...
Spiderson and Avengers Oneshots by hiddlestonnhemsworth
Spiderson and Avengers Oneshotsby tony stark
A mess of things you've definitely never seen before. I promise you that. [oneshots, requests always open] {NO STARKER WHAT SO EVER I SWEAR-}
Avengers Kids by multibabe243
Avengers Kidsby Stargirl3000
Just about the avengers kids
Natasha's Niece by eatsleepreaddance
Natasha's Nieceby eatsleepreaddance
When Annabeth's mortal family is murdered and Natasha thinks that she has finally her life together, how will fate pull the two women together and how will their two ver...
Avengers: Seven Minutes in Heaven by James_BuchananBarnes
Avengers: Seven Minutes in Heavenby Catherine R. Spade
It's another boring, rainy day up in Stark Tower in New York and none of The Avengers know what to do to pass the time... that is, until a certain someone has a brillian...
Avengers Chatroom by Fictionlover99
Avengers Chatroomby Fictionlover99
A peek into the insanity that is The Avengers tower
One Day by Marvel_nerd_person
One Dayby Nerd Person
How the rest of the team found out what happened in Budapest.
Clintasha: Dancing after death by gossip_girl015
Clintasha: Dancing after deathby gossip_girl015
Clint is so sad and depressed after Natasha's death. He joins forces with Wanda to bring Nat, other friends and relatives back to life.
Natasha's Biggest Mistake (Clintasha) by tonystarkmyfather
Natasha's Biggest Mistake ( tonystarkmyfather
Clintasha. Avengers. When Natasha thinks she makes the worst decision of her life, she has to tell Clint the truth- that she's pregnant with his baby. ALL CHARACTERS ARE...
Avengers: Truth or Dare by sugardragon678
Avengers: Truth or Dareby nat, my love
It's just a boring Saturday afternoon. No crime, no missions. Just the Avengers doing nothing at Stark Tower. Then...Tony comes up with an idea of something for them to...
The Proposition by starryeyed6
The Propositionby starryeyed6
A Clint and Natasha/Hawkeye and Black Widow Fan fiction. Set after the Avenger Initiative. Why don't you read to find out what happens?
Hush Little Child (Natasha And Daughter) by xxCharlieSPN
Hush Little Child (Natasha And Belle Jean Smith
Marvel Avengers Oneshot ish ^^Okay so nope, this turned into a story. Natasha goes radio silent during a mission, and no one on the team has any idea what happened. Tony...
Marvel Ships by _Marvelholic_
Marvel Shipsby ˗ˏˋ𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘃𝗲𝗹𝗴𝗶𝗿𝗹ˎˊ˗
Parts 2 and 3 are now on my profile!!! ..... Ship or Sink? ..... Here is an overview of marvel ships. Frequent such as Stony or Thorki, but also unexpected and absolutel...