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Adopted By Stony by HarrietSwan98
Adopted By Stonyby Harriet_Swan
A Little Two Year Old Girl wonders the streets of New York looking for a friend and one night she finds one. A Genius, Billionaire, Play boy, Philanthropist, Iron Man, y...
Avengers in a Chatroom! by 8JustEnjoyLife8
Avengers in a Chatroom!by Jane
What happens when all of the Avengers talk on a chat web site? Laughs, drama, fighting, evil laughter, and fun is in store!
Natasha's Niece by eatsleepreaddance
Natasha's Nieceby eatsleepreaddance
When Annabeth's mortal family is murdered and Natasha thinks that she has finally her life together, how will fate pull the two women together and how will their two ver...
Spiderman/Avengers oneshots by whateverittakes827
Spiderman/Avengers oneshotsby EB
Peter is Tony's kid unless otherwise stated. Taking requests. Characters are from SpiderMan Homecoming! Don't own any of the characters. PETER WILL NOT AT ANY POINT BE D...
Daughter of Assains (avengers fanfic) by wiggles99999
Daughter of Assains (avengers wiggles99999
Hi I'm Natalie. I'm the daughter of hawkeye and black widow. I know what your thinking, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they kinda still don't know about me. The only people wh...
Avengers Parent Preferences ⭐️ by galaxybarnes
Avengers Parent Preferences ⭐️by Sarah ✨🥀
Different scenarios for being the daughter of an Avenger! I'm taking requests in the comments, so ask away! The characters I do are: •Steve Rogers •Bruce Banner •Peppero...
Spider-mans trip home (Peter Parker X reader) by dontreaditstrash
Spider-mans trip home (Peter dontreaditstrash
Peter stark (Peter parker) has to go on a trip to his house the avengers take no time to make his life hell they first start by sending his girlfriend (Y/N) Barton to be...
Natasha's Biggest Mistake (Clintasha) by tonystarkmyfather
Natasha's Biggest Mistake ( tonystarkmyfather
Clintasha. Avengers. When Natasha thinks she makes the worst decision of her life, she has to tell Clint the truth- that she's pregnant with his baby. ALL CHARACTERS ARE...
Romanoff-Barton one shots by evendeadiamtheher0
Romanoff-Barton one shotsby merveille
One shots with Clint, Natasha, and their twins.
avengers → one shots by RAVNCLAWW
avengers → one shotsby s.
includes: → tony stark → steve rogers → clint barton → bucky barnes → bruce banner → pietro maximoff → sam wilson → loki → thor → vision
Spiderson and Avengers Oneshots by hiddlestonnhemsworth
Spiderson and Avengers Oneshotsby Winter loves Tony
A mess of things you've definitely never seen before. I promise you that. [oneshots, requests always open] {NO STARKER WHAT SO EVER I SWEAR-}
Shipping Dictionary - Marvel Edition by fantarayss
Shipping Dictionary - Marvel 𝐭𝐣
Shipping, ships; a part of today's society. Want to know what the ship name is? Why people ship them? My opinions on them: you've come to the right place! You can reques...
Clintasha One Shots by puny_god
Clintasha One Shotsby puny_god
It's Sam! Hey! I uploaded this book years ago, and I have to say, my more recent one shots are much better and worth reading, so I would recommend reading those instead...
Clint and Gretal by sillycaro
Clint and Gretalby sillycaro
Clint Barton is actually Hansel. When Gretal turns up at the Avengers tower his world is flipped upside down. With Gretal falling in love with a team mate and witches at...
Cascade - Female Percy and the Avengers by TigerWarrior6785
Cascade - Female Percy and the Zoë
Percy has a secret. A secret she's kept from camp half blood for years. It's about her heritage. No. Not the godly side. Her mothers side. Sally was never truly a Jackso...
Suicidal Peter by MarvelFanGurl228
Suicidal Peterby Bailey Adams
Tony takes the suit back, and Peter starts cutting himself. Ned neglects him, and Flash bullies him more and more. One day he see's Nat walking around. He try's to hide...
Hush Little Child (Natasha And Daughter) by xxCharlieSPN
Hush Little Child (Natasha And Belle Jean Smith
Marvel Avengers Oneshot ish ^^Okay so nope, this turned into a story. Natasha goes radio silent during a mission, and no one on the team has any idea what happened. Tony...
Clintasha One-shots by bonfireofice
Clintasha One-shotsby Nicodemus
Several one shots in every context that cosses my mind. Sometimes with the other Avengers. Feel free to suggest a theme.
You're the guy my dad never shut up about? | S. Rogers [1] by -mxrlin
You're the guy my dad never shut alisson
"Why aren't you worshipping me, mortal?" "Not interested. Thanks" ------------ Superpowers acquired after a horri...
Marvel Ships by _Marvelholic_
Marvel Shipsby ˗ˏˋ𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘃𝗲𝗹𝗴𝗶𝗿𝗹ˎˊ˗
Ship or shit? ..... Here is an overview of all marvel ships. Frequent, but also unexpected and absolutely strange ships, invented by Marvel fans. ..... Don't forget to...