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Depth by hameda026
Depthby Sheldoraptor
Short Story written years ago for an Italian "spooky" creative writing contest. Translated to English by me but unedited. The contest rules were: - choose from...
Spookys Wife? (BOOK TWO) by JustImagine700
Spookys Wife? (BOOK TWO)by Just Imagine
"Will you Y/n L/n...."
On My Block Imagines/Preferences by ohdamnwrite
On My Block Imagines/Preferencesby tīred
Imagines for the characters of On My Block! I will write about all characters, but most stories I write end up involving Oscar :) Requests are open, I need as many idea...
Party With The Devil by Spookygalz
Party With The Devilby Spookygalz
Set in 1989, on Halloween night during a party at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch someone accidentally summons a demon which unleashes a whole lot of hell "liter...
A clueless young lady searching for non-existence happiness character and place name inspired by: Harry Potter note: i'll make it longer when my assignments are all done...
Whumptober 2020 by Angsty_Cheez-it
Whumptober 2020by Angsty_Cheez-it
Each day of October has a different writing prompt. I will do my best to do it everyday. Any possible warnings will be added! Some fandoms may be included.
Halloween Vault 3D by YA
Halloween Vault 3Dby Young Adult
Wattpad's third annual Halloween Vault is here! Did you love the first? Do you still miss the second? This year, the Halloween Vault 3D is returning in full force! 59 E...
The terrors at Harpinglake Estate by mavis2303
The terrors at Harpinglake Estateby Meher K.
A single day's job; and a high pay. But there's a catch-the house you were called at has had a century of legendary horror stories; some hearsay, but most very true. A...
Crossing Over by KatherineCosette
Crossing Overby Katherine Cosette
The house on Pinewood Drive has been vacant for years now. Local legend tells of an unexplained death and the strange occurrences that started on the property soon afte...
Trick-or-Treat by HKSilver
Trick-or-Treatby H.K. Silver
Happy Halloween? Taylor gets a haunting visit on Halloween night from an unexpected guest.
A Court of Twisted Shadows by JIR1994
A Court of Twisted Shadowsby JIR1994
Power glitters, making greedy even the strongest saints. The Court of Twisted Shadows wants Capital City and they will have it, by any means necessary. They call into th...
No. 1 Villain. Villain Deku.  by kiwitter
No. 1 Villain. Villain Deku. by kiwitter
this story talks about izuku midoryia a qurikless kid in a world full of quriks who got his dreamed crushed by everyone around him and was bullied for most of his life...
the book that you should not read  by mimiF4
the book that you should not read by mimi F.
nah just avery random book with very random pages about very random stuff
Season of Scares: A 61 Day Drabble Challenge by halfbloodlycan
Season of Scares: A 61 Day Drabble...by halfbloodlycan
A daily drabble challenge for the season by @dcompbooks. Thanks to @tlbodine for bringing it to my attention. 61 days, 100 words. #SeasonOfScares
Out of the Darkness by Jessie_SnC97
Out of the Darknessby SamnColby_Solby
Sam and Colby are urban explorers with a very popular duo YouTube channel. Sometimes they explored abandoned places, sometimes places that were said to have secret treas...
In Our Imaginations by theonewhowins
In Our Imaginationsby Sven McSinclairson von Arbies...
A strange toy in the school seems to have a following among the students. They claim it teaches them things. Things they shouldn't know. That as long as they love it, it...
Death University  by shipper1011
Death University by J.R Arquiza
"Death University" A Pefect name for those whose curiosity overflow. Death University was also know as "The Royale University" where Kings, Queens, L...
CREEPY HELL  by starrocksss155
CREEPY HELL by Hazma Razak🌟
Meloni Logan and her step sisters moves to a new home brought on a budget by her stepmother Mrs.Shopita Logan.Everyone takes Mel as a heavy lid on their head because of...
Troop 410 by riddlememiss
Troop 410by riddlememiss
A team of mobsters hiding out after a successful bank heist encounter what remains of a deceased girl scout troop.
Within Four Walls We Vowed by sihle0659094245
Within Four Walls We Vowedby Zanele
The story is about a young woman with a very disturbing upbringing and later in life she finds herself in a very difficult situation whereby she kills her father at age...