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Bfb Oneshots, Headcanons, and images ♡ by 2Sweetforyou
Bfb Oneshots, Headcanons, and 𝒮𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝐿𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇
꘎♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡꘎ *I do not own Bfb nor it's characters ꘎♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡꘎
Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stories by MeeyersPrezz
Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Coochie?
This book was a mistake. Really Hecking Terrible BFDI Stories is just your average "crackbook" filled with poorly made Microsoft Paint comics and chapters that...
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book One by TheDemiEnbyPop
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book Call me Demi!
Hi friends! This is my book of BFB oneshots! You can request Character x Reader, but most oneshots will be Character x Character. Feel free to request anything, within m...
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker (BFDI sci-fi au) by elderthing107
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker ( elderthing107
In a twisted alternate universe, the BFDI contestants are no longer colorful individuals living freely in an island, simply participating in a weird game show full of za...
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
(TW ⚠️: Gore. And death. Y'all know the deal but this story will involve death and bloody scenes, so do read at your own risk.) A celebration in dedication for the Battl...
Object Show OneShots, With Requests! by 253NobodyNod253
Object Show OneShots, With 253NobodyNod253
This is my first and probably my only piece of fanfiction. Please don't judge too harshly and I hope you enjoy! Also, if you want to request you can request a oneshot on...
Object Shows x Reader Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) (REQUESTS: CLOSED) by rustycaik
Object Shows x Reader Oneshots ( jolly guh
I make x reader oneshots of objects. requests are CLOSED. i am beginner writer. like said in title, slow updates. 6/19/23 - #1 in battlefordreamisland 9/29/23 - #2 in ob...
BFB & TPOT Groupchats/Texting by YolkyCrescent
BFB & TPOT Groupchats/Textingby Yolkster XD
Another one of those BFB group chats but with TPOT (well TPOT is mostly implied) I don't have a set schedule for updates Also, keep in mind that the objects might be ou...
Firey's Reign by bemorediya
Firey's Reignby bemorediya
When Four and X mysteriously disappear, it is up to Firey to lead his fellow contestants to find Dream Island. When finally finding Dream Island, Firey becomes the king...
I Leaf You (F:Reader x Tree) by Anonymousman61
I Leaf You (F:Reader x Tree)by Awsomo_Possumo
"Let's play a game!" "Don't you wanna battle to win a prize?" Those were the words that started a whole competition with a creature only known as &qu...
Four x Reader [BFB] by Verastophilis
Four x Reader [BFB]by Vera
After the events of BFB 16, Four finds himself transported to a different dimension. Tired, confused, and with his magic substantially weakened, they find themselves str...
Epidemic || BFB au  by leafymybeloved
Epidemic || BFB au by leafymybeloved
⚠️TW: gore, vomit, death, claustrophobia⚠️ Four never meant for this to happen, they truly didn't. They only wanted a nice, innocent contest. But what happens when the c...
Ask or Dare for a BFDI by InrealDude-
Ask or Dare for a BFDIby Inreal
The Ask or Dare to end all Ask or Dares After one year of no updates since BFB 12, Four announces that they're restarting the series, the contestants shall battle again...
Brought together by Music : Fireafy (REWRITTEN) by EpicBigmeemer
Brought together by Music : Cinny
"Ah! Fire Boy!" Firey is a Senior in Object High. All his life he's been the semi popular kid. This changed once he started dating Puffball, as his popularity...
reckless - BFB Fanfiction by phantoastt
reckless - BFB Fanfictionby owen
B.F.D. High by Silverlyte
B.F.D. Highby Silverlyte
A oneshot collection of BFDI(A)/BFB/TPOT fanfics with a timeline, where the characters are reimagined as human high school students. (Mostly Humor/Romance) What do you g...
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Reader) by SlideGrocery
An unfamiliar world (BFB x Male Mazeo
You've heard rumors about there being some old ruins deep within the forest of your hometown. You decided to investigate to see if the rumors are true or not. Inspired o...
Battle for Aloha Island (BFB AU) by Marlb_72
Battle for Aloha Island (BFB AU)by Marlb
SLOW UPDATES!! Leafy leaves bfb to start her own show and travels on a boat to an island that she calls Aloha Island! Story cover made by: me I don't own bfb
✨My Art ✨ by IceMintFreeze
✨My Art ✨by IceMintFreeze
HI I DRAW yeah........i draw...and it's fun... Sometimes it's all good, sometimes its just. Doodles But I made this cause I wanted to show you guys some. Art. I draw obj...
Crazy for you..~ [Fireafy fanfic] by Luke_z0
Crazy for you..~ [Fireafy fanfic]by Azu
uh uh hi welcome to the book uh uh the book will be an angst, but it'll also have a few of fluff hehe [Update] Haven't updated this book in a while. But I'm rewriting it...