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War Technicalities by Mrs_Splinter
War Technicalitiesby Wife_To_A_Master
Caesar x Human!OC. [Warning: violent/graphic content ahead! I personally don't think it's a lot, but you never know, it may be too much for you.] They say "curiosit...
Peraya Conversation Snippets by rikta0601
Peraya Conversation Snippetsby Rikta Mehta
Very short snippets of text, phone call or face to face conversations between Krist and Singto. Just random stuff that my overactive mind comes up with. The photos and...
Sasusaku Snippets by shachiyie
Sasusaku Snippetsby shachie
Made by yours truly ✨ SS snippets that can range from Genin to Boruto era 🌸🍅 Most would be canon-compliant! Because I like those- Enjoy~
Top Wing Snippets by trunotwen
Top Wing Snippetsby trutru
Basically some short straight to the point "stories". I get a lot of ideas, but not all are long story material. So I thought I'd do a little snippet book.
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Uchiha Family [] Dead Sakura AU [] Snippets by shachiyie
Uchiha Family [] Dead Sakura AU [] shachie
AU: • Canon divergent - My AU starts after the fight of Naruto & Sasuke vs. Isshiki (Boruto Manga) Some information: • Sasuke never got his rinnegan recovered s...
Genshin Impact Snippets by NaokiIchigo
Genshin Impact Snippetsby NaokiIchigo
Just a few little fanfiction snippets for various characters and ships. 1. ZhongLumi 2. XiaoLumi 3. XiaoLumi 4. Keqing x Lumine 5. Diluc x female!Zhongli 6. ChiLi / Tart...
Death is a Troll Snippet Dump by Mother0fMischief
Death is a Troll Snippet Dumpby Mother0fMischief
as the Tin says, I am having trouble picking a story to write next and need some help. Pairings will vary and Death will sometimes be his charming self or some other gen...
Choosing The Villian by uneey2008
Choosing The Villianby uneey2008
Have you ever had to make a choice? One that you knew would hurt not only you but so many others you loved, that it would never be forgiven? Not so long ago I did just t...
4 Things Fics For July 2021 by Bobbiejelly
4 Things Fics For July 2021by bobbiejelly
A one-shot a day for July 2021, for Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Told in 4 Things each time.
Pregnancy - A Fairytale by rini_stella
Pregnancy - A Fairytaleby Rini_RSR
What makes a woman feel complete. When she bears her future legacy in her womb and gives birth to it. The presence of a child is so important in a couple's life that wi...
Sherbet Skies | ✓ by COOLFUZZY1O1
Sherbet Skies | ✓by half a braincell
shared snippets between a boy and a girl who keep finding themselves trailing back to the playground they first ever met at. ↠extended summary inside copyright © 2021 C...
Snippets by SammyDAdams
Snippetsby ~D~
Short bits that don't fit anywhere else. New characters and side characters in quick, delicious bite-sized pieces.
TaeTee: Multiple Snippets by lilgrandmama
TaeTee: Multiple Snippetsby ICE
Just multiple very short scenarios about TaeTee
BTS Dating Doors by angybear
BTS Dating Doorsby Noona_Bear
I'll show 7 pictures. You pick one. On the next page, you take that number and find out which member you get :) Highest Ranking: #2 in Dating Doors #6 in Snippets
LOVE TALK , short snippets by softsapphics
LOVE TALK , short snippetsby 𝐀.
short snippets of stories i will never fully write.
Bookstore | ✓ by StoryWriterMeg
Bookstore | ✓by meg ★彡
They say finding love in a bookstore may be a little cliche, but cliche or not, I will remember my romantic encounter for a long while. Copyrig...
Another Shelby by KieTPerry
Another Shelbyby K.T. Perry
Lilah Morgan had not wanted to go home after her time as a field nurse in The Great War. Not to Canada and all her old memories. And definitely not back to the nunnery t...
I've never felt so alive ...until I met you by bisexual_slytherin
I've never felt so alive A
Random oneshots about Wolfstar(occasionally Jily) based on pictures. The one shot might not directly be about the picture it could be about a feeling the picture creates...
Snippets of Us (Itaewon Class) by itslumile
Snippets of Us (Itaewon Class)by itslumile
Short stories about Park Saeroyi and Jo Yi Seo living, loving and embracing life together. [Oneshot collection. From longing and denying to established relationship. No...
As Gio Scribbles by GionaLebraco
As Gio Scribblesby o.
As Gio scribbles, she flies. As Gio scribbles, she cries. As Gio scribbles, she at least, tries. People are secret poetries and only a few know that. This is how I...