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Two Worlds Apart || Ghost by country_dawg
Two Worlds Apart || Ghostby 🤘🏻🤠🤘🏻
Caroline's a school teacher with no one left in her life. Ghost is a lieutenant of Task Force 141 who is cold to everyone. When they meet, they may have realized that th...
Sea of Temptation ; Simon Riley. by xypvnther
Sea of Temptation ; Simon 𝐑𝐘𝐒.
Simon Ghost Riley x Fem OC. ❝I am rotten. How can you see the good in me?❞ 𝑺𝒄𝒚𝒍𝒍𝒂 𝑾𝒊𝒍𝒔𝒐𝒏, a tough and cold SAS soldier, haunted by the dark past and her demo...
Daisy | Simon Riley by Steve_Writes
Daisy | Simon Rileyby Steve
With a threat growing in the shadows, Lieutenant Drew "Daisy" Farrell is sought out for TF141, an elite squad of soldiers trained to deal with the world's most...
The Haunting (Or: Ghost Is Literally A Ghost) by peachyyykid
The Haunting (Or: Ghost Is peachyyykid
You inherited your aunts old house ten years ago, and now it was finally time to move in. A decade of abandonment clearly shows, but there is more to these walls than yo...
Unusual Saviors by c4rp3_n0ctem
Unusual Saviorsby c4rp3_n0ctem
It was supposed to be a quick job. Shouldn't take Ghost longer than a week. Abducting the wife of a known gambler who took a loan from the wrong people. If the guy paid...
Me and the Devil [ Ghost Fanfiction ] by IloveMaskedMen127
Me and the Devil [ Ghost IloveMaskedMen127
Top of her class, Lucy (the siren) was sent to work with the very well-known 141 Task Force. Lucy is a very independent girl, she knows how to handle herself she never o...
You're in love with Ghost - COD fanfic (y/n) by gh0stlvrtt
You're in love with Ghost - COD gh0stlvrtt
You've had a long term crush on Ghost and planned to confess to him later one evening, however what you stumble across shatters you completely..
Ghost/König x reader oneshots by Hail_Bibble
Ghost/König x reader oneshotsby Zero
Probably mostly/all smut cuz I need Jesus and so do u🙏🙏 AFAB reader Enjoy u sinners 🫶
killshot | simon riley ✓ by _Rosier_
killshot | simon riley ✓by 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚘𝚜
Rora Wells was one hell of a woman. A woman who left havoc and chaos wherever she went, and laughed Death in the face. That was until she met Simon Riley, who was like...
Oh, Dilute Me, Gentle Angel  by ghostsmask
Oh, Dilute Me, Gentle Angel by Kit
Ghost and Soap have feelings for each other, but Ghost hasn't been able to admit it. He keeps Soap at arm's length, until suddenly he's almost taken from him in combat...
A Ghosts daughter (COD) by rainbowmoon2649
A Ghosts daughter (COD)by rainbowmoon2649
What happens when someone new comes to task force 141's base only for Ghost to realise why she is there and why she has to stay. The team is shocked as much as Ghost him...
Siren | A Ghost x Reader x König Call of Duty Fanfiction by feyreforgotten
Siren | A Ghost x Reader x König feyreforgotten
A slow burn enemies to lovers Ghost x Reader x König COD Fanfiction What happens when a blast from the past is the reason I get reassigned to Task Force 141? I was very...
Temptation (Simon Riley x OC reader) by senpaiistired
Temptation (Simon Riley x OC Senpai
Slow burn, enemies to lovers fanfic. "You're a bitch." "You love a bitch" Ghost smirked, shaking his head as if in disbelief for falling in love wit...
Junebug by banyanyapie
Junebugby Virgil Caine
A college student signs up to be a Virtual Reality tester at their campus' tech lab. But what happens when the system corrupts and they get stuck inside this "video...
Cold heart (SIMON GHOST RILEY x FEM!READER) by s_x118
Cold heart (SIMON GHOST RILEY x .gh0stM
You've been with Task Force 141 for a few years but never really met Ghost, you knew about him being cold and wearing a mask. Never showing his face, you fell for him ev...
Early Birds by soobamooba
Early Birdsby Sooba Mooba
The 141 being snowed under with intel and digital tech they can't decipher, ask Laswell to send them a Digital Specialist to assist them. She is not what Ghost expects a...
A ghost tale by imaginemoree
A ghost taleby imaginemoree
Y/n is an ex-nurse. She gets transferred to a new base and she got in as an operator instead of a nurse .at your old base you were stalked by your mom's killer. Your mom...
Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader [one-shots]  by nackrosor
Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader [ Svarta Näckros
A book for my Simon 'Ghost' Riley stories. Might add König or other cod men, later. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT 🔞⚠️
The One I Trust | Ghost x Soap by Gshooaspt
The One I Trust | Ghost x Soapby Gshooaspt
Soap is sent to assist Ghost on what was meant to be a simple "in and out" mission. They must now get to the bottom of a betrayal within another task force. Be...
SoapGhost Fluff Story!!! by sephtisisbored13
SoapGhost Fluff Story!!!by sephtisisbored13
These two make me very happy so I decided to write a story about them, I don't know everything about the game so please don't come after me when I get something wrong 😭...