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pashmina dhago se bandhi ye zindagi. (A Royal Saga)😍😍 by whisperedaura
pashmina dhago se bandhi ye whispered aura
story about children of royal families ,how they miss love,care,pampering from their families . They have everything name,fame,luxury except their family.their family l...
My Prey~ by THOTSlayer101
My Prey~by THOTSlayer101
Huntress x Reader. Yes a Dead By Daylight Story So expect blood, gore, and yes maybe lemon. I thought this was a story I truly will enjoy than any of my others. I felt l...
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki Fanfiction) by Royalr_5
[OLD] God or Goddess? (Lady Loki Royal
Loki normally presents as male. But after joining the Avengers, they are met, one day, with a beautiful woman sitting on the couch instead. (Genderfluid!Loki and Avenge...
My Dad's Mistress🤷 (Sidnaaz) by whisperedaura
My Dad's Mistress🤷 (Sidnaaz)by whispered aura
It is a short story and I am trying to cover it in short,I hope you like it.
Khudgarz... by whisperedaura
#5 whispered aura
City of love - kehte hain yahan par pyar ki nishani humesha zinda rehti hai, Is it truth, In my case probably not. Jhooth fareb ki duniya hai sahab, Pyarr sirf kitabon m...
the blight siblings shenanigans by SomeoneUwU2
the blight siblings shenanigansby Amity oh cramity! -luz 2020
Emira, Amity, AND EDRIC THE BIGHT SISTERS edric: hey im not a girl author-chan: stfu edric edric:*pouty face*
Ghost love by sidnaaz_mera_pyaar
Ghost loveby sidnaazshine_13
due to some glitches profile pe book show nhi ho rahi hain mein link attach hain book ki It's a story about our beloved sidnaaz jisme humari cutie sana is a...
Assorted Hermitcraft, Hermittpad, and Wattpad Shenanigans With Saph by Casuallyy
Assorted Hermitcraft, Saph
All of the content that doesn't fit into my main oneshots book. Lots of shippy Hermitcraft drabbles, some tags here and there, a little bit of AU brainstorming, and all...
Attracting Trouble by wallxflowxer
Attracting Troubleby Haley
Jessa Ackerman knows her life is a mess. She's had her heart broken, a best friend she doesn't deserve, a mom who thinks she knows who Jessa is, and two sisters who seem...
"Harmless" Adventures with the Bad Batch by Belle5555
"Harmless" Adventures with the Belle5555
What if the Bad Batch met a bounty hunter and she joined their team? Meet Abby Haywood. Just a bounty hunter, doing odd jobs to keep a roof over her head. However, he...
3 AM || SunaOsa by _iamlosingit_
3 AM || SunaOsaby bleEh
Ghost Suna Rintarou AU - The Miya twins found a ghost in their room at 3 in the morning. Chaos was bound to happen, apparently. While the ghost just wanted to know how h...
The Real World (BNHA x Reader) by WhiteStar_16
The Real World (BNHA x Reader)by WhiteStar_16
You come home from work to find a surprise in your yard. A villain's quirk leaves four boys stranded in your world and you decide to help them get home. Shenanigans ensu...
Sidnaaz Bebasi by sidnaazmyworld
Sidnaaz Bebasiby sidnaazmyworld
It is a story about how your lave face challenges and overcome that but it also shows the suffering that you have to undergo to achieve your love Another story in sidna...
Off to a Great Start by Shadow7567
Off to a Great Startby Shadow7567
While sitting in my room, vibin', I'm suddenly launched into the Clone Wars universe and find myself on a world in the Outer Rim. Salt ensues, but I soon realize I have...
Cosplay Shenanigans by Tara676
Cosplay Shenanigansby tara
Ever since young, Abel Eastwood was a huge fan of cosplaying characters from video games, movies and TV shows. He considered himself a rookie, as he was reputable in the...
Don't Play With Fire by mangedesmuffins
Don't Play With Fireby mangedesmuffins
This will be a gender benderSokka story. Sokka gets magically turned into a girl and decides to take advantage of it to spy on Zuko. This will be T rated here but if you...
αѕк ѕнυяι  ♡ ⚛️ by BubblyMikey24
αѕк ѕнυяι ♡ ⚛️by ❄️#𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕠𝕝𝕕 𝕟𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣...
тιтℓє ѕαуѕ ιт αℓℓ. αѕк ѕнυяι αωαу! Updates every weekly.Enjoy my fabulous readers❗️Enter the realm of Ultimate Shuri Takeover❗️Wakanda Forever❗️ Requests will be reopen...
Fate Brought Us Together (LEVIHAN) by YumakiSpring254
Fate Brought Us Together (LEVIHAN)by YumakiSpring
Since Levi met Hanji, he'd thought many things that supposed to be out of the way while he journeyed all through his life. Verge of dreams have got him cautious all alon...
To Light By Darkness by SheForbidden
To Light By Darknessby Valerie England
After a recurrence of childhood cancer leaves him blind, Jesse finds solace in his best friend Jasmine and their geek squad. It's summer and all he wants to think about...